1. Seeing lots of warmth compared to a summer season which is the most cool. I think the dark autumn colors look best! Some of the winter colors are nice too! The last drape with the grey is a favorite but solid black & white overwhelm you a bit which is why I can’t definitively say winter.

  2. You are very cool toned, actually. Without makeup on -which is what we need to type you with accurately- and basing it off of the skin tone on your neck, minus eyebrow & eye makeup you look like a soft summer. Your foundation here is warm toned, but it doesn’t match you when looking at your neck. Please consider sharing photos completely without makeup & doing some various draping for a more accurate reading.

  3. I’m also wearing neutral foundation. I deliberately buy the ones with “N” in the title, not C or W.

  4. If you’re wearing a neutral foundation and it looks this warm on you that’s indicative of having very cool undertones as well. On your neck where there is no foundation you can see a difference where your skin tone becomes cool pinkish/blue on the left. Would like to add I’m a professional makeup artist of 14 years & this is my job. A lot of people with cool skin tones, especially who are fair, prefer the way they look with a warmer toned foundation but it isn’t always their natural undertone. Many think the same thing, that cool tones make them look bad, but it’s usually just a bias because we are taught to think these tones aren’t as desirable as a glowing tan. There are also cases where people who are fair & cool toned use warmer foundations to cancel out redness, but that still doesn’t make them neutral or warm. Just trying to help.

  5. You can place grass in villager houses too.. I won't be responsible for what you're going to do with that information tho

  6. Darker hair, more cool toned brown versus golden brown & different haircut

  7. We need to know your natural hair color to decide. You have too much warmth to be a soft summer imo, but it’s coming from your hair color. I think light spring based on these.

  8. I really liked her till the point Caleb enters the story, he is by far the character I hate the most in the show, even over Paige.

  9. Thought of another and smaller one, but after carrie and Berger hook up for the first time and they’re on the phone he’s holding post its in his hand. This was called out in the dvd commentary too. 😛

  10. Yep, terrible! She can act depressed fairly well- as seen in the 1st SATC movie- but crying on cue is not her forte.

  11. The film soup trend is probably responsible. Some people are dropping their rolls off at a lab after doing this & aren’t letting the lab know beforehand, which compromises the chemicals used for other customers film.

  12. so are there any HBO Max shows left other than Euphoria, GOT, TLOU?

  13. Those aren’t HBO Max shows, those are just HBO.

  14. I thought a lot of the fashion was lent to the production as a form of product placement. But I could be wrong about that.

  15. You are correct. The wardrobe being expensive is definitely not a thing. Brands give free clothes as product placements to shows like this, similar to how Emily in Paris is such a cash cow for Netflix. I’m suprised Hbo Max axed GG 2.0 for that reason alone, if they played their cards right they could have been making a decent profit off of product placements.

  16. Nothing can be interpreted on the few images shown. An entire set of images is needed for any opinion.

  17. I’ve been having digestive & some other unexplainable issues over the last few years. I had a colonoscopy last year, polyps were removed. Shortly after that I developed SIBO which I have struggled to cure. I’ve also been experiencing panic attacks, skin rashes, sudden onset of rosacea in my 30’s, very heavy periods, muscle spasms, pain in my back left shoulder blade and in my chest to the left usually followed by diarrhea & being unable to regulate my body temperature (getting very cold & shivering uncontrollably). I also have palpitations in my chest but my cardiologist says my heart is fine. Past blood work has shown low platelet count, somewhat low vitamin d & low potassium. My thyroid panels have come back normal twice.

  18. Sounds like maybe the concealer itself just doesn’t have enough coverage.

  19. Ooof, and let’s not forget the vulvas 😂😭 the art was always such a miss on this show.

  20. Yeah this is one area they consistently flub, IMHO. The sketchy drawing of a waistcoat in Big's apartment, Carrie's terrible ceramic witch shoes on her shelving in Season 1, Samantha's gift, the big green painting Miranda has in her place they bring to Brooklyn. It's not like...offensively bad it's just so jarring and off.

  21. But realistically when you think of most men’s apartments… him only having a couch makes sense 😂

  22. It has gotten better! I noticed it especially improving after I started taking papaya enzymes after my meals. If I eat anything I’m not suppose to though (onions, garlic, tomato sauce) it usually gets pretty bad again- but nowhere near as bad as it used to be.

  23. Still on low fodmap yes, I do eat carbs though. Mostly just brown rice and occasionally bread.

  24. She had a brief YouTube career doing makeup & hair tutorials back around 2012-2013 but then disappeared again. She was married back then, very likely she is married with kids. Definitely not dead, can confirm that because a mutual friend of ours has been close with her for years & I would have heard about that. She’s brittanyxo on IG, but her account is private.

  25. There was barely any marketing for it. The trailers were so vague that most people probably skipped it because they had no idea what the movie was about.

  26. The marketing was horrible! Unless you’re a film buff or work in the industry (which is obviously not most people) this film wouldn’t have even been on your radar. They failed massively at marketing it to the general public, which is tragic because it is a beautiful film.

  27. You have to forgive me You have to forgive me You HAVE to forgive me You have to forgive me You have to forgive me

  28. Until the writers decide to go absolutely feral & his ghost starts leaving voicemails 😭 I wouldn’t put anything past them at this point lmfao

  29. I miss when season one started she wore flannel with leggings and her hair had natural waves rather than the wig look she's progressed to. I also really don't like how they give her updos that make her look way older; however I absolutely love her bangs in season three as it makes her look her age. The outfits have increased in extravagance and sometimes it works but largely she just reminds me of a walking billboard and everything the French would hate.

  30. Omg that season 2 wig was a crime against humanity 🫠

  31. None of the offenders in question are French. I think there is supposed to be a stark contrast between them. Also, keep in mind that saying French people only dress one way is a generalization— what you are describing is a mainstream & classic French wardrobe, but not all (especially young) Parisians adhere to this. The youth experiment with fashion just like anywhere else.

  32. -as a photographer who is also looking for wedding photographers for my own wedding- I’m assuming that she followed you on there because she’s already considering you, if I had to guess. I followed everyone I’ve been considering.

  33. You might have a condition such as SIBO if this is happening to you. Have you been tested for SIBO?

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