TIFU / My (20F) girlfriend of two years told me the music that I (25M) play during sex is weird and a major turn off

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Cute but creepy

  1. ?? I mean he spelled it out in an interview. Probably the same interview you got this from. Not being rude or anything, but you know what the acronym means and the two times he spoke thuglife out fully he spoke of what it meant. So what are you not understanding?

  2. I didn't get this from any interview. I got it from a book I am currently reading at school called The Hate U Give. I am just curious on how other people interpret it. Thanks for informing me about the interview though!

  3. they replaced you and they clearly don't seem to value the friendship u guys had. what you can do is find new friends

  4. How many relationships between a Junior and an 8th grader end in marriage till old age?

  5. probably not a lot. i don't think we can really determine if Romeo and Juliet's love could've lasted till old age since they did die. i am just wondering if their love was authentic or not.

  6. what do u consider mid and legendary

  7. NTA. What your teacher did is unacceptable and you did the right thing by telling your mom on how your teacher made you feel.

  8. NTA. I believe people can change and if you truly believe that your friend learnt her lesson then I don't think that's a big problem.

  9. PREVIOUS PARTNERS TOO? Those poor girls.

  10. I really dont care about looks because I cant tell the difference between someone who is "hot", "cute" or "ugly". Part of me thinks I have something wrong with me because everyone else can seem to tell the difference but I very literally can't.

  11. not weird at all, don't worry

  12. Is Victoria Secret bra sizing accurate?

  13. I am a teenager and I am at the age where I can get a navel piercing. I have heard that many people who get a navel piercing while they are young may regret it once they are an adult, because it gets stretched out and apparently looks weird. I really do want to get a navel piercing.

  14. Why are you worried that you are misinterpreting it if you know that she likes you too?

  15. I don't think he wants to see you less. It's just that he is going to be extremely busy.

  16. YTA. The girl was trying to leave the situation by walking away and it was unnecessary for you push her, drag her hair, and shitty of you to flip the story up.

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