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  1. This has a nicer interior, a tune that makes more power, and the option for XDrive. The M2 has a shorter wheelbase and doesn’t cost as much. The rest is what you prefer for looks IMO. IIRC, the performance components are all the same.

  2. can I store my car in my unheated garage with cup 2s? Will get down to -15C / 5 F.

  3. I'm super excited! This will be my long time dream come true, got my deposit down and m2 specced in the order bank, #1 at dealer. Just waiting for allocations!

  4. pretty sure benzo's are a restricted class which would make it difficult or not possible for a pharmacy to offer - not 100% sure though.

  5. I know looks are subjective, but apparently there will never be a visually appealing M car again too

  6. No one at BMW will be smiling when the sales numbers start rolling in.

  7. Honestly I think these will sell like hotcakes no matter what people think about how it looks

  8. Solving auto thefts doesn't generate revenue like ticketing people for going 130 in a 100 at 2 am

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