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  1. You did what you could in response to HIS poor decision to not anchor furthest to windward.

  2. You're not going to. However don't assume they stole it, your friend may have dropped it. And the finder isn't likely to take it with them if they were going out.

  3. This seems like a couple of good ideas without putting yourselves in danger

  4. They are called metal bits - often found in lost widget shops but usually hand crafted by workshop tinkerers.

  5. It’s stunning. great work. Tell me more: where is it? What’s it going to be used for/where? Does it have an engine? What are those ‘wings’ on the side for?

  6. Looks to be based on traditional Dutch sailing barge, the ‘wings’ are called leeboards and are used in the same way as a centerboard or a keel - to improve directional stability and reduce sidewise ‘leeway’ or ‘drift’ in simplified terms.

  7. Fwiw - go for the best quality you can afford. Also, with this in mind, also consider the future, particularly if you are going cordless - I made a choice to go with one cordless manufacturer so that all my batteries and chargers are the same.

  8. The women look like blokes and the blokes look like women.

  9. Try backing off the crimp all the way and just seat the projectile. Once you have them seated correctly without a case buckle then go back and crimp them. If you only use the barest minimum flare you shouldn’t really need to crimp per se as you don’t have a canellure.

  10. Sorry to hijack the question but does any other country in the world schedule a dog show on prime time tv?

  11. I hate to say this but I actually applaud him for saying this; not least because he is 100% correct.

  12. I don’t need wholesome, steaming, poo waves when I read the comments in this thread - nothing like a sneaky chuckle to start the morning

  13. Whoa! Fantastic - loads of very hard work paying off right there! Glad you managed to get the paint off the trim! Did you use an amber shellac or go darker?

  14. Getting the woodwork right was a bit of a saga. The downstairs had a lot of woodwork that wasn't painted over, so I was doing my best to match that color with the wood. Stain and clear shellac got the best results that looked as close to the original as possible. Some pieces didn't take the stain as well though, so I used amber shellac on those.

  15. Well the room looks fantastic! You can look at that with pride.

  16. I wonder what would happen if just one company decided to screw with the system and mandate that all customer service calls would be answered within 30mins and resolved within 45mins?

  17. Why do you have to remove it? Just disconnect, wrap up the ends, and leave it alone. They pulled the stuff that was easy to pull and left the rest in the wall.

  18. Because I if you disconnect the wires and leave them in place you have to replace them with new wires. I will need to cut holes in the walls to fish new wiring through ergo I can use same holes to remove old wiring.

  19. I think you're underestimating the difficulty in pulling the old wiring out from inside the wall. But go for it. Just remember that leaving it in place is an option.

  20. This is BX cable inside very tight holes - I know what I am talking about.

  21. I keep reaching for whatever I have which will do the job quickest, but what I have is limited to what I know. Looking at YouTube it just looks enjoyable working with fine tools and the more I try them the more I enjoy it. For example, since getting my Japanese pull saw, I love cutting and don't miss the jig/circular saw. Don't even get me started on my Jack plane :p. Once I feel I have a good repertoire and can get most jobs done by hand, then I'll start picking the tool for the job by gut feeling I guess. All that and... getting a (minor) acut for my angle grinder was good incentive.

  22. I hear you. When I did traditional boat building 30 odd years ago it was really satisfying learning to use hand tools properly, but then once I had learned how to sharpen them properly then things really came alive.

  23. We have an enelx juicebox for my wife's ID.4.

  24. Good to know, thanks! We will probably be following the same route and here in CT the Juiceboxes and the Chargepoint CPH50 have good rebates on them from our utility.

  25. Look at your local utilities. I opted with the ChargePoint Home Flex and my electric company sent me a $500 check.

  26. Good call, thanks, I will. Did you have to change your electric plan/tariff to account for greater consumption?

  27. eBay every time - not cheap these days but that’s what comes with old houses - good luck!

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