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  1. are they though? democrats could have codified abortion into law during the obama administration, when they controlled both chambers, but they never did.

  2. No they couldn't stop this bullshit myth

  3. There's a number of courts that would see the case before SCOTUS.

  4. you dont get spammed by them other than (maybe) a single text to make sure the phone is real. Its to prevent smurf accounts and hacking... but honestly it doesnt work you can buy a sim card for like $5

  5. Nothing stops them from selling the number or losing it in yet another database breach. Fuck that.

  6. is it well worth it on ps5? I haven't been following their updates for the new gen

  7. The game was worth it when they added multiplayer like 3 years ago.

  8. Yes! I know! It’s the same old argument, disguised as one about freedom of worship! The right to abortion as a religious exemption is only an argument if you don’t believe a fetus = baby life. So the argument ends up being the same argument! Thank you, that’s my only point.

  9. A fetus isn't viable until 24 weeks so it shouldn't be considered a life before then.

  10. Lol how does that get applied? You're driving home with your three wives and get pulled over?

  11. Polygamy is only illegal in terms of taxes.

  12. Yeah I think the absolutely massive amount of older people moving there year over year has taken it far enough right that it's no longer a swing state IMO.

  13. Cubans overwhelmingly vote Republican too sadly.

  14. What was that resolution? And from how far away?

  15. Roughly 10cm = 1 pixel in the us spy satellite from 2011 that trump leaked.

  16. All this talk made me look this up, and my thinking was exactly what you said: Cheaper ingredients. However, according to

  17. Yea but they added more peanut so you taste that.

  18. It’s actually more peanut buttery in that it just tastes like peanuts now and doesn’t have that specific taste butterfingers had.

  19. It’d be useless to have taxpayer funded healthcare when Pharma companies have drug prices by the balls. They’d sell their treatments and services to the govt healthcare for the same price they are now if not a lot more. Imo they need to reform Pharma law first

  20. Lose your patent unless you have fair prices.

  21. So what you're saying is that the USA is the anime kid from school who gets beat up but jumps back up and says 'you haven't even seen my final form!'?

  22. Probably because the us assumed it could win with outdated technology.

  23. All endgame content can now be played coop. The only content that can't be played coop are challenge modes such as unholy cathedral. Void crusades are now co-op and so are Tarot missions

  24. So why do we all have the same ones then? Is that coming later or is it just glitchy right now. I dont play fighting games either

  25. Good. Hopefully the tech shortage is ending

  26. I think people on reddit just have the worst food places near them or kver exaggerate. I work in the road so I do get fast food or takeout quite a bit. My order has maybe been wrong 5 times in the last ten years.

  27. Get the spicy chicken sandwich, get your drinks from home

  28. California people are so fucking triggered to be considered a shithole like Texas lol

  29. Imagine being born between 1988 and 1996. Bunch of pieces of shit if you ask me.

  30. So wait this compares gen z to gen x or something ? Because those ages are literally millenials lol

  31. Keeping my hype guard up for now, but it does look interesting at least.

  32. No one wants Kalingrad. It was resettled and is ethnically and culturally Russian. Infrastructure is everything you'd expect from Russia and would be a major hassle to assimilate.

  33. I'll take a mag 2 especially if it's actually large scale like planetside 2 and not 4, 64 player games in different areas at once

  34. Nope because I can imagine Republicans trying to run on the "I will pardon trump " platform

  35. I suspect we’ll see more when the public hearings resume.

  36. They need to hurry up with midterms in November.

  37. I wonder what it is that he was willing to pay $44 billion to prevent from coming out at trial?

  38. Back in 2017 resident evil and need for speed were both in the same position established franchises that seem to on their way out then resident evil 7 released and need for speed is still floundering

  39. Nfs 2015 was considered a massive success so I don't see how nfs seemed on the way out in 2017 unless you specifically mean payback. Payback was a failure but 1 bad game won't kill a franchise despite reddit pretending it will

  40. Rivals was so bad that I haven't bought a NFS game since. I'll qait for reviews to roll in for whatever they've got up next.

  41. Damn dude rivals was fucking fun the really shit need for speed game was the run

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