1. I know camera quality has shot up since then but it’s wild to me how videos and media from 2008 actually look….old 😐

  2. I was watching a game show from 2012 on TV recently and it looked noticeably less crisp/clear than what you’d expect now. I was surprised.

  3. Lol it’s funny you say that bc I was watching some Family Feud clips from around that time as well. I vividly rmemeber watching them my first year of college (2013) and them looking recent. And now they look kind of old 😂So cool/wild.

  4. I definitely don’t take it the same way most people on this sub do… my siblings and I physically fought a lot.

  5. This. I also fought with my siblings and personally don't see it as a huge deal, but I won't shame Gwen for not feeling the same way as I do.

  6. No, he hasn’t. According to him, she still only hates him because she’s “a man-hater”.

  7. I have to agree with you that they all are becoming insufferable and I’m really tired of all the love perfect Christine gets on here. I’ve watched the show since the beginning, and I totally don’t see why she literally has fans declaring their love for her all the time…. did I watch a completely different show? Don’t get me wrong…,I’m NOT a Robin or Kody fan at all but it seems like Christine can never do any wrong and is this wonderful, perfect, kind soul when that’s not what I watched.

  8. Personally I liked (and still like) Christine bc she seemed to be the most open and direct with her feelings & emotions. She was also super funny and had me LOLing the most out of the Browns.

  9. Yepp. I feel like we’re just at that age where anything past young adulthood doesn’t quite appeal to us anymore. For example my mom is in her 50s and still listens to music from her late teens and 20s bc of the nostalgia.

  10. I have literally seen posts about Cody I haven't seen anyone stick up for Cody it's not an either or situation with those two

  11. I disagree. Though we can agree that both of them have been manipulative, I have seen waaay more posts straight up saying that Robyn is MORE manipulative and devious than Kody.

  12. You reading posts about Robin doesn't negate the posts about Cody or the comments about Cody and you feeling like the ratios are out of whack doesn't mean they are

  13. Lmao please don’t try to gaslight me. It’s not “a feeling”. There have been several polls done in both forums asking “Who’s worse/more manipulative?” A majority of them have ended with Robyn winning these polls.

  14. I hate to be that person, but a person looking “happy” and looking as if they’re thriving doesn’t automatically mean they’re happy. That’s not to say they’re ALL secretly miserable, but there are a TON of people who overuse the internet, appear to be happy in spite of it, yet are actually miserable.

  15. Kody and Meri have such chemistry in this clip! Even comparing his goodbye to Christine, you just see it. I don't believe that they weren't still very into each other at this point.

  16. I remember the morning of Kody and Sobyn’s wedding when Meri was fixing Kody’s tie or something and Meri started blushing and giggling. They asked her what was funny and she goes, “I wish it was my wedding day”. I thought it was so cute; they were clearly still in love at that point.

  17. I think Robyn is a conwoman. I think she is a master manipulator, and I think she purposefully turned Kody against his other wives to keep her "mark" fully under her control. I think Robyn convinced Kody that things the other wives did or said that were completely valid were proof that they were against her and that she had been a victim of their secret hate and torment of her. I think Kody was so blinded by the nasty things she did to his kidney sausage that he believed every word she said. Plus, this way he wasn't the problem, the other wives were, so with her fawning over him every chance she got his ego lapped all that up.

  18. I feel like this comment completely absolves Kody of any agency. He has stated multiple times throughout the show that “none of his wives control him”. If we are to take him at his word, all of the actions which includes prioritizing Robyn over the OG3’s are all on him.

  19. '96 here. I don't call myself a 2000s kid. Spiritually I feel like I associate far more with music, style, movies and culture from the 90's more than the 2000s. I also have older parents though, so I was raised on old movies and music

  20. That’s fair. Everybody is different but imo actually living out the decade differs vastly from simply liking the music, styles, and culture from said decade.

  21. I have so few memories of the 90s and the ones I do have are so blurry, I've always had a hard time identifying as a "90s kid". My peak coming-of-age years were the 00s, so therefore I consider myself a "00s kid".

  22. Same. The main things I truly “remember” from the 90s are the things associated with toddlers 😂

  23. 2011-2012 was such a fun time. The music was fun, the movies were fun, Youtube was fun, memes were hilarious, the economy was great.

  24. I definitely have a lot of nostalgia for early Adult Swim bumpers, back when they were swimming pool themed.

  25. I don’t remember the Tony Hawk game, but I do remember Cartoon Network Fridays :)

  26. Fridays were a fuckin event for me growing up! Haha, I'd get out of school and do little league practice then have dinner while sitting on the foot of my bed watching Fridays.

  27. This brings back so many memories 😂 I’m with you here.

  28. Being that the family has admitted to actively lying for the cameras to portray polygamy in a better light, I believe Christine was mean to Robyn off camera. Christine has even admitted to being mean to Robyn—that apology & hugging scene—but we, as viewers, have nothing to reference so I am assuming a lot of it happened off-camera.

  29. And in seeing what I've seen and knowing what we now can confirm from leaks and family revelations, etc. I'd be a mean ass bitch to Robyn as well and I wouldn't have apologized for it for love or money. It all started back in the courting lottery for Robyn's ass. It was sick on so many levels. The practice is weird and sets women up for a host of trauma, betrayal of emotions and a lifetime of insecurity. To be "Top Dog" such as Robyn was, was deplorable and abusive to the other wives. What's really sad and far more damaging than any mean words C could hurl, was the emotional dominance one woman had over another over a man that wasn't worth a thin dime.

  30. Yeah, but most ppl who are still single at that age are crazy ngl. I'm going to be starting my PhD and won't finish until around 29-30, and all the guys who are single at this point and interested at guys in their late 30s and up, who I'm not really attracted to. And many of them are already married and trying to cheat on their wives. So idk if I should just give up too. I want someone close in age, but many 94-00 guys (I'm 97) are taken

  31. What do your circles look like? Most guys my age and in my circles—I was born in 94—are only now finishing school (med school, dental school, residencies, upper degrees, etc.) and aren’t even thinking about marriage until they have a solid income. Usually that’s around 30-34 years old.

  32. You think it’s fine to have a first date at 28? Genuine question

  33. I don't really believe she was mean to her kids...a bit sarcastic and snarky but it never came off as bullying type especially since they gave back as good as they could. And even with her sarcastic and snarky comments she still had moments of great love for her kids.

  34. I know it’s just a show but it’s so wild to me how users try to downplay how mean and awful of a mom Gaby was. And Gaby (next to Bree) was my favorite character 💀

  35. When did she call them fat or tell them she didn't want them?

  36. She’d make little side comments to them or Carlos about needing to hide food from them. Little comments in general to them about how big they were like after Bree hit Juanita with her car. How they took after Carlos’s bigger side.

  37. I didn’t know hooded eyes were a bad thing. All the prettiest models and actresses I followed as a teen (Shay Mitchell, Chanel Iman) have hooded eyes.

  38. This outfit is so something that would be worn today (not red carpet, but casually) Eva was ahead of her time

  39. Christine is hilarious! She’s not perfect, but she’s 100% my favorite wife for that reason alone. She’s so witty and fun lmao

  40. For real. Did Robyn not feel weird about kissing a man with 3 wives and like 13 kids? Would it not feel like you’re breaking up a family or something? And of course after Christine says it upset her, she let him kiss her again. Kody is to blame as well, but Robyn totally enabled him and continued to hurt the other wives

  41. Yesterday I saw this video on Twitter of this WW going off about how WM are the worst demographic on earth…🙄baby the way I rolled my eyes… hunty u need to look in the mirror cause u and the collective of your alabaster sistren are the worst type of people to walk this universe. There are countless of BW who have horror stories about WW at the workplace and outside of it.

  42. I am not joking. And why mention dating WM when OP’s post and my comment has NOTHING to do with that? OP’s post and my comment does not come from a place of sexual competition and comes from personal experience.

  43. Sigh. I said I “sometimes” dislike these convos, not all the time. And I explicitly stated why I dislike these convos. I love how you overlooked that.

  44. It was definitely on purpose. You throw a “welcome home” party for a member of the family so it only makes sense that you invite every member of the family. And yet Meri was conveniently left out?

  45. Mykelti is sucking up to Kody because she is so desperate for a relationship with him for whatever reason. She reminds me of the big sister, Lisa Housman in Dirty Dancing. She’s so happy to be in her fathers good graces, she doesn’t care that it took her sister’s downfall to get her there. In this case, she doesn’t care about the way that Kody has treated her and her mother for years (decades), she’s just delighted to be getting any kind of attention from him.

  46. Why do ppl keep acting like Mykelti can’t love and support her dad AND love and support her mom? Christine has stated multiple times that she doesn’t want her kids to malign Kody bc of their divorce. As most parents wouldn’t. Idk why users keep implying that Mykelti’s relationship with Kody is a slight towards Christine.

  47. She absolutely can love and support him, he’s just done nothing to earn it. His love and attention are conditional on how the person treats Robyn.

  48. I agree with this. Kodys love is conditional and he’s a shitty father. With that being said I don’t think it’s fair for ppl to shit on Mykelti for still wanting that love from him.

  49. Lol what are you guys smoking? Gabby is the kind of mother who prepares her kids for REALITY and doesn’t sugarcoat it. Her children are independent and can take of themselves at a young age. Compared to Lynette’s kids and MJ who are totally incapable of peeing by themselves without mommy helping. Gabby loves her children but she’s not their friend, she’s their mother!

  50. Lmao noooo. You can prepare your kids for the world without fat-shaming them, reminding them of how much you didn’t want them, and hiding them away bc they’re not as special and talented as other kids lmao. Gabby was a horrible mom; even her daughter pretty much said so.

  51. Right, I'm 28 and I really like Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish and it feels weird because they're like 8 years younger than me. On the other hand, Taylor Swift is my favorite artist of all time, she's 33, 5 years older than me, and people still seem to think she's just for kids. Her music has matured a lot, she curses quite a bit now and her music has much more mature themes. Of course some of her music can still appeal to kids as well, but there's nothing wrong with people in their 20s and 30s enjoying her, we grew up with her

  52. Lol Im the same age and I definitely agree that it can feel weird, but we like what we like lol

  53. I without a doubt would assume every new mom in polygamy would want extra time after having a new baby. Not only did Robyn get that extra time after having Sol. But weeks after having Truley Kody and Robyn went on an 11day honeymoon. 11 days when Truely was a new born. When Christine asked, “ was it necessary” Robyn said “it was”. This is actually the perfect example of Robyn taking, so thank you for bringing it up. Why could Robyn not wait a few months? Couple everywhere wait to take honeymoons. She took a honeymoon, because she can, not because she has too.

  54. Ok but all the wives have discussed asking for things the same way Robyn did and being shot down by Kody. What was stopping Kody from saying “no” to Robyn’s requests the same way he said “no” to Christine, Janelle, and Meri’s requests?

  55. I disagree. It was up to both Robyn and Kody to set boundaries. Both people in the marriage need to understand what does and does not work.

  56. How was it up to both Robyn and Kody when their religion explicitly states that it’s up to the man, Kody, to set those boundaries? To “head the household”?

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