1. I had someone say nice shot and I thought it was genuine until he typed JK. Idk why but this one got to me so good lmaoo

  2. Very likely me! Sorry, but also, it’s funny to me. I’ve been doing this since 2017 and say without a doubt this was original to me. It’s been my go-to. There has only been one time I‘ve seen it done to me in my 7 years of playing, I was so proud.

  3. In any country like this you can't fire pregnant woman or woman shortly postpartum.

  4. You’re right - You can’t fire pregnant woman FOR being pregnant.

  5. What? This is absolutely not what I'm saying. In most EU countries you can't fire a pregnant woman, period. In Germany and other German speaking countries it's called Mutterschutz.


  7. if - and it’s a big if - howie pulls that off we’re probably living in a madden game.

  8. My parents had me in their late 30s. As a kid, I never got to play any sports with them because they didn't have the physique. When I became a teenager, I had to be careful to not be rough with them. On the other hand, they did have money. People tend to get wealthier as they get older. I grew up in a nice house in the suburbs and had lots of cool stuff.

  9. What type of sports exactly? You couldn’t have a baseball catch with your dad?

  10. I learned Python. I had tried it through other methods, YouTube was the best.

  11. While I think that's true, it's also true that there's a subset of Philly fans that are quite toxic with this. Both because we're Philly & because Embiid hasn't won an MVP yet (and the way the discussion last season and where this season had been trending towards was "It's kind of close, but Jokic is the clear MVP").

  12. I believe last dog was also first dog, if you watch closely he pulled a fast one on the dumpling guy.

  13. No no - the golden dog with the yellow lemon in his mouth stole his dumpling so he went and got a new one

  14. I’m honestly just impressed they actually know what’s in it. When I was in college, people just handed you a drink and called it “jungle juice.” Still have no idea what was in it. It’s a miracle I made it out alive.

  15. Jungle juice for us always had a bunch of grain alcohol (everclear)

  16. And he had to repeat it twice in the title lol

  17. I think you’re reading it wrong, funding a movie means to invest into a movie so it gets made. Every movie has investors, they are expensive. The money the investor used to fund the movie was earned through financial crimes, he was indicted on a billion dollar laundering case.

  18. Learn to use proper grammar and punctuation then.

  19. There are no grammar or punctuation issues.

  20. I played at the top most level in my sport. Won two national championships. The most successful kids always had fathers like this, that wouldn’t let their son quit when they saw the talent in them.

  21. For every one harsh parent that drives their kid to become a mega success, there's thousands of dickheads that screw up their kids by pushing too hard for something exceedingly unlikely. It's not worth it. I'm glad you seem to have a good relationship with your dad and I'm not going to slam him or you or pretend I know anything about your situation other than what you've said here, but if I had to guess, playing a game on a broken ankle when you were 8 probably wasn't the sole difference in you making it to the top level in your sport. In that case, it was entirely unnecessary and carried way more risks than benefits.

  22. To be clear, I agree - If it’s unlikely, it’s not worth it. This is long but read it.

  23. holy shit most of the comments already went over how fucked it is for the sisters, so I just wanna mention that oop is just 24?? and he has to take care of 2 young adults and have them fully under his responsibility and take care of them, that just seems incredible, I could never

  24. He’s 26 - says it up top. Still you g

  25. Here is the full write up if you subscribe to Baseball Prospectus

  26. I don’t subscribe, can you share the write up

  27. I have trouble believing this is a scam, rather than them believing you broke the conditions.

  28. Online crypto casino doesn’t sound like a scam to you?

  29. The vet still holds legendary status among fans and I know a few people who have seats from the vet in their houses. One guy I know has a sign for the men's bathroom.

  30. Do you use any banking apps or finance apps where you connected your bank account to?

  31. Hey! How do you like Lewis Steele? I’m considering signing and could really use your insight! Do you like it there?

  32. Love it so far. You can’t beat the location. Coming from our old building, the small things like quality of windows and doors are meaningful to us. In terms of issues, we had a leak, but that’s because there was construction on the roof on top of us. I haven’t really used the office or rooftop yet.

  33. I still maintain that introducing the budget cap and new regulations at the same time was a mistake. It's going to be so hard for teams to catch up within the current constraints.

  34. But the new regulations give lower teams more development time than top teams. Only the top teams were hitting the cap, so it limits the big constructors more than the smaller teams. How would this hurt bottom teams?

  35. Don’t upvote this, we don’t need another talking head Ja post. Let’s talk basketball.

  36. No but you see the thing is I went along with the popular opinion at that time so now that the popular opinion is the opposite I'm going along with that and I am pretending that I always had this opinion because I'm a stupid ass redditor (sorry imdrunkh

  37. If agree with you, assuming other people agree with you too - if not, then I disagree

  38. I think my brain is rotted because I read this as Al Horford first

  39. I’m a 31 year old man, not a big kardashian person. But, the Kardashians don’t share a single maid, they have a team of maids. I don’t believe this.

  40. To show I’m not a 16 year old kardashian fan girl who is defending them out of bias

  41. When I was in middle school in the 90s, my dad wanted to get a pitching machine for our yard. And he heard that Jugs made good machines. So me, my two younger brothers, and my folks all gathered around the AOL dial up screen and watched as my dad went to Jugs . com.

  42. My Latin teacher (very old, almost senile), Google image searched Lesbos. This was in the good days of google when they showed porn. He was trying to teach us about island of lesbos.

  43. That great, do you mind sharing your info I can look around and see if I like it!?

  44. Thing is, I can still almost guarantee it’s not going to Increase the popularity of the sport. I hope it does, I want it to, but it almost certainly won’t. Slightly faster games won’t make baseball haters love baseball

  45. There isn’t some magic answer, you have to start somewhere and reduce speed over time.

  46. I see this argument a lot, but the stats show that about 21ish minutes (somewhere in that range anyway) is saved per game on average. Pretty close to zero people who think baseball is too slow and too long are now going to start tuning in because it went from 3 hours to 2 hours and 39 minutes. You’re not gaining anything, putting barely a dent in the supposed slowness/length problem, and annoying or even alienating diehards. If you don’t like baseball, you don’t like baseball. If you do like baseball, this is changing it fundamentally. A lot of current fans are happy about this fundamental change, and that’s fine, but I think the argument that it’s somehow making it more accessible to new fans is a fallacy.

  47. You can’t cut an 30 minutes from the game if you don’t start with cutting 20.

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