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  1. It's not a "small" incident. I think we've all felt that fear that you had, usually when we're not sure if we're being chased (or harassed) or not. It's a feeling that a man will never have - he might feel worried, he might feel that somebody is after his wallet, but not that somebody is after him for himself.

  2. You're right, I was very emotional when I wrote this and I basically invalidated myself before anyone else could. I think I should definitely carry something similar, aiming hairspray at an attacker's eyes is a good idea!

  3. Please file a police report if you can! They may check the area out or put up cameras or something. This may not be the first time those creeps have done that.

  4. That's a great idea, I do think that area was completely unmonitored. I don't really have any resources on how I can do that, but I can contact someone at my university and they would help me out with it. Thank you so much, this was really nice of you to say <3 I agree that being able to do something about this will help a lot.

  5. Hey! Thank you so much for this post! I realise that this was posted some time ago but it would be realllly helpful if you could tell why you wouldn’t recommend wearing Qurez outdoors. I’ve been eyeing this sunscreen for quite some time, and recently bought it and it’s literally the first one I’ve tried that doesn’t leave a white cast

  6. Hey! Sooo the reason why I said I wouldn’t recommend it outdoors was more of a personal preference + paranoia about the sun for me haha. I was concerned about how much protection it would actually offer.

  7. i opened reddit today after a year because i am in need of water resistant sunscreen and remembered i had used a borderline waterproof sunscreen a year ago by someone's recommendation here, browsed nearly for an hour and here i am. Going for zoray APS again. thanking you again.😊

  8. I’m so glad my review helped you so much!!! Zoray is definitely a heavy duty sunscreen that I KNOW will give me the protection I need :’)

  9. OP, amazing review!! I feel the exact same way about both these sunscreens. I thought I was the only one who was so worried about the DHC sunscreen just vanishing, it’s literally my HG. I also got it during the same sale and I honestly would have shelled out full price for it, that’s how much I love it. And now it’s lost to the mists of time. I even messaged the brand on instagram about this and they seenzoned me 🫠

  10. Thank youu! And DHC Sunscreen is indeed a blessing which we don’t have anymore😞. What a coincidence, we got the same product on same sale😂.

  11. I’m saving the last few ml that I have left of the DHC sunscreen, I only use it on special occasions. Honestly I wish I had stocked up more in that sale. I put it off and now it’s gone lol 🥲

  12. Great review OP! I honestly feel like a lot of the dewier, moisturizing sunscreens have a similar problem on oilier skin types. They just don’t look good on our skin. I cannot try this sunscreen in particular (I’m allergic to avobenzone) but I have tried the Earth Rhythm sunscreen (also a bit skeptical about its spf claims tbh) and it looks exactly like you described on my face, a sticky and grimy mess. I agree about the filters too, a lot of the newer launches seem to be primarily using older filters? It’s definitely disappointing. I wish we had more options in the market that weren’t silicone based creams.

  13. Sure!! I have oily-combination skin, and the sunscreen has a comfortable, soft matte finish.

  14. No problem, you can also check out my post for the swatches of the sunscreen if you want to!

  15. This is such an amazing review! I really appreciate the effort you’ve put into this OP!! Also, I was considering getting the niacinamide one because it doesn’t have avobenzone in it but omg. It looks really unmanageable so nope. Thanks for saving me some money!

  16. I ordered this one too!! Glad to see it worked out well for you! What’s the finish like, is it dewy or more natural? And what’s your skin type?

  17. Natural - I have combination skin which is prone to acne flare ups around periods

  18. Oh that’s great! I definitely prefer natural finishes to dewy ones since my skin is oily. Thanks for the review OP!

  19. I've been wondering if I'm autistic for several years now but can't get tested because still dependent on my parents for money and they already have such a hard time with my ptsd :////

  20. Is there any lower limit to what you can afford? I have my assessment in a few weeks and I can send you the details of the organization. You could probably enquire if they could give you any financial aid?

  21. It's not as much a money thing as much it is a my-father-sucks-and-will-definitely-limit-my-independence-if-i-am-indeed-autistic thing. But seriously thank you so much for offering because it's super kind of you. Please send me the details though? I'd love to have them on hand when I can actually access an evaluation.

  22. Ah, I get you completely. I will send over the details, and hugs to you, you’re absolutely valid <3 You might also like

  23. Agree with you a 1000%. So many comments on here have made my brain hurt, but people like OP have restored my faith in humanity.

  24. There are women being forced to wear traditional Indian clothes, especially after marriage. What are your views on traditional Indian clothes like sarees, salwar kameez? Should we maybe enforce western clothing for the sake of women's empowerment?

  25. I agree, I have been trying to put into words why this whole thread makes me so uncomfortable and you said it perfectly.

  26. I wanted to consult a therapist and went to this somewhat legit seeming website with a team of therapists/counsellors. I wrote them a note, specifically asking for just information. I got a call from them and the lady was extremely pushy about booking me an appointment the very next day. I get really anxious in these unexpected calls so I didn’t say a lot, only answered some questions. I then get an email with my appointment and it’s with a masters student who’s barely out of school. This person isn’t mentioned on the website either. I call her back, tell her that I would really prefer to talk to someone with atleast a few years of experience and I don’t mind waiting a few days. She says this student actually has an year of experience, then it changes to one and a half years, and then she just says there isn’t anyone in their team with over 2 years of experience?! The whole conversation made me feel so sour, like this was just a cash grab. I got the appointment cancelled. How do you find a good therapist in India man like wtf.

  27. Yeah, in hindsight, I completely agree. The people on their website seemed to have pretty good credentials which is why I was dumb enough to give them a chance. I’m glad I didn’t pay them anything.

  28. Still living in a toxic household. It really gets too much sometimes. I was always made to think that I’m a failure and an embarrassment. It’s so difficult to unlearn patterns of thought that are just ingrained into you. And people around me, who grew up in relatively healthy households, completely dismiss my experiences. No one believes that my mother absolutely does not care what happens to me because “no mother could be like that!!!!” No one believes that my father is emotionally abusive because “he’s so charming!!!!”

  29. Omg girl why does this happen to us , I simply want to go for a night out this weekend and my parents straight up say ✨no✨ - which is why I've lied. There are still saying no. And goddamn I feel so guilty for just wanting to experience something which everyone right since their teens do , I'm an adult 😭

  30. I legit feel like I’m a teen right now when I’m literally approaching mid 20s like wtf. The cognitive dissonance is real 🥲And I have to lie about where exactly I’m going because if I go too far, my parents start BOMBARDING me with calls and I’m like let me live please. Seriously, all I can tell you is keep reminding yourself that you deserve fun, tbh you deserve a LOT more than just one measly night out, everyone deserves some joy in their life

  31. I know exactly how it feels to get in your head so much that things don’t make sense anymore! And it definitely helps to hear something from an outside perspective even if it’s something obvious. You go and have that fun night out girl, and keep reminding yourself that you absolutely deserve it!! <3

  32. This is so cute OP! Its so insane that your parents thought that makeup would distract you? Hope you’re able to let loose and be yourself from now!! You’ve picked some amazing products btw, the best for beginners! Have fun!

  33. HOW DID YOU GET IT TO BLEND SO WELL? 😭 I cannot for the life of me get my blush to look so seamless. Your makeup skills are god tier pls

  34. Do we all have the same dads lmao 😭😭

  35. Lmao patriarch dad gang rise up (except let’s all sit down, no need for any conflict 😔)

  36. Hey how did you got to know your undertones? It's very confusing for me so would appreciate an input!

  37. I actually have fit me 120 and it's a lil neutral on me, when I add ponds ivory bb cream to it, it seems to blend better, how do I know what am i

  38. So the 120 does seem sort of neutral in pictures, and the ivory bb cream seems to lean cool. When you mix the products and swatch it on your cheek, does it blend seamlessly? If they do, then I think you might be a neutral cool undertone! Undertones can be a bit complicated, and you might find that you usually don’t fit into one or the other perfectly. This video might help:

  39. My parents used to do this to me, till I started telling them I’m going out and not asking for permission. Even then they try every tactic they can to make me stay at home. I stand my ground but also I make sure they know where I am at every second. So like I share my location, share any cab trips I’m taking etc. And I always get back home at the exact time I told them I would. It’s kind of ridiculous that I have to jump through hoops like this just to relax but I’ve just accepted that this is what my parents are like now 🤷🏻‍♀️

  40. My mom took me aside and veryyy vaguely explained the concept to me. I still didn’t understand it completely, and it was a shock to experience it for the first time.

  41. Thanks for your insightful response! It was surprising to know that your grandmother took the initiative to explain to you about menstruation. Mostly mothers are the ones doing that.

  42. Yeahh, my grandmother has always been really progressive, she definitely helped me a lot in dealing with the confusion I experienced during this time as a kid!

  43. Okay OP, I know absolutely nothing about wedding planning but I do struggle with a lot of anxiety. I think the best thing you can do right now is schedule everything. Start from the first event, think of what you would like, what is possible and what you can get for sure. Take out a day or two, plan this all out. If you get stuck on that day being perfect you’ll end up being paralyzed by the anxiety. Trust me, I’m somewhat paralyzed by it myself at the moment. The goal is to put on a nice event, so keep that in focus. Can you ask your fiancé for help? Is he good at scheduling, or task assigning or anything that could make your life a bit easier? It’s his wedding too, right. And as for your parents, include them in all the planning you do so there’s no miscommunication. You can all sit down together and make the schedule, that way you won’t feel like you’re all alone in this.

  44. OP, you have the patience of a saint. I was getting more and more infuriated reading that person’s response and I just gave up at one point because I was getting too worked up. I cannot even begin to address how that person who was arguing with you expects the woman to hide a part of herself just to “avoid future arguments”. Not like this matters anymore right? When you enter a straight relationship as a bi person, your whole identity is erased and you get a clean, fresh hetero slate /s. And this is not the gasp WEST, where you can expect your partner to be even bigger gasp UNDERSTANDING?! Okay 👌

  45. THIS is the mini set on sephora that costs 1650 rupees?!!! Wtf, I thought the colours looked so pretty and wanted to get one of them :(

  46. Omgg, this is such an amazing post! I love how much detail you’ve gone into OP, and you’re so funnyyy

  47. Lol! You're so cute 😆 Thank you! And I didn't know reddit had a subscribe icon till you told! (still can't see it lol)

  48. Not having a great day/week/month, extremely stressed about work and future. The stress makes me unproductive and leads to more stress. Cried multiple times this week with no real trigger. I’m just so tired :(

  49. I relate to you so much. I hate my stupid job, I’m trying to study for myself to strengthen my application for masters and I’m SO exhausted. I’m this close 🤏 to having a complete meltdown. Idk what to do anymore. I’ve lost all of my motivation but l need to get out. If I keep working at that job I’ll lose my mind. I’m just so done with everything.

  50. Oof yeah, we really should be taking a break. If only I didnt feel so guilty whenever I’m not doing something “productive”. Wishing we get out of this funk soon. And good luck for your exam, hope you ace it!

  51. I’m breaking out after like a month of relatively good skin because I cannot stop stuffing my face with chocolate

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