1. When i did it i had to do it for 11 different friends not the same ones

  2. Watch tanya begars video on youtube she walks u through it

  3. I actually did but they updated the app (I think) and now her way doesn’t seem to work anymore. Did it one time tho and made about 30 billion

  4. Yeah :/ they seemed to cap how many foundries you can open

  5. https://youtu.be/SUlvFf3g3jc

  6. You can still do it the app just glitches sometimes it did it to me for a week and now its back working

  7. It automatically fixed for me when i did the first business update so i cant help much sorry :’)

  8. All of it, do you need th job packs to do it?

  9. Yeah i think you do need it as its in the special careers tab, also for the weed truck one you need to live in a country where weed is legal like usa or netherlands

  10. The products were past expiry date

  11. The planes next to it also seem to have been diverted after already arriving at reykjavik

  12. Yeah Saturday’s when unseen bits is on

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