1. I have this issue with some of the edibles, like the tins for the Camino gummies. The container works fine the first few times you open it but after awhile it gets stuck or off track somehow?? I tried EVERYTHING to get into one during a pain spell one day, my husband too- eventually had to take a drill to the damn thing! So ridiculous.

  2. I had the same experience with a Camino gummies container. I crushed it in a vice to bend and pop it open. Haha!

  3. Butterfly Effect Infused Honey, Buckeye Relief Infused Honey, Cocoh Infused Honey, Certified Drinks.

  4. I like this question. I would go with Blackjack, but they are both great. I just prefer more of an up feeling these days.

  5. I like the Klutch ones. They were not overwhelming as I expected, but much better that distillate gummies, IMO.

  6. Thanks! Hopefully will be back at Terrasana soon too.

  7. I really like it. This was one of those strains I "took a chance" on and it really paid off. I hope I can get more when it is on sale. I agree, it's atrong and tasty.

  8. I almost picked some up today. I went with the Skunky Jack instead and I am happy. Not super skunky smell or taste but oldschool for sure. Enjoy the Amarelo!

  9. I Loved them both but the SLH is in my top 5 Ohio medical strains. Enjoy!

  10. I like the flavor. Don't expect SUPERSKUNKY scent/taste but it has great oldschool flavor. It is surprisingly hard hitting too. POW has been a 50/50 good or bad for me but I have found a new favorite strain!

  11. I wish I had the opportunity to try OCL up here.

  12. Nice haul! I Love that Orange 43 myself, but they all look great. Enjoy!

  13. Thank you! All Of that is in check If I just donโ€™t put at bag on and put my hand over it. It is barely blowing

  14. I have noticed this before I knew how to clean the filling chamber. The inside can get so clogged, almost no air comes out. A good cleaning and a new bag should make all the difference.

  15. I got 2 jars from the same batch...amazing terps!

  16. I think I know what you are saying. You mean is it a 50%Indica/50%Sativa or 70%/30% or whatever. I find each strain acts differently on me and this is only a rough and often (unintentionally) misleading. I think we need less of this on packaging and more terp info, etc..

  17. I tried it last week at 18percent THC. Very mild all around, Not bad, but if you have a high tolerance, I would suggest something else, especially if you need a strong Indica effect. The effects were very nice but mild, good for someone new to the program, maybe, but not for me. I don't have pics but my 10th looked better too.

  18. These look amazing but whatever became of my favorite ROBOTS?

  19. I use iso on the plastic, I just donโ€™t soak any of the plastic parts in iso

  20. Yes, this is what I meant to say in my post. I use 91% ISO on plastic but never soak plastic parts in it.

  21. Don't put the plastic pieces in alcohol. I soak them in hot water with a little dishwashing soap. Not as easy to clean as with alcohol, but it works and the plastic will not degrade as quickly. Good luck. I Love my Volcano and this subreddit! Good luck!

  22. Either I have been lucky or my dispensary has some computer fail safe to keep it from happening. I go to Terrasana Cleveland (Garfield Hts.) and usually order online in the middle of the night to reserve what I want. Hope that never happens to you again.

  23. Thanks I have been curious about that strain. It has been on the shelves at my dispensary forever, through multiple Klutch discounts. Or maybe they keep it in stock. Either way, it looks and sounds great!

  24. I tried it for the first time within the last month. I have no idea why I never tried it. Solid BR flower. To be honest, I like most of their strains.

  25. That looks great! Sounds amazing too but I never see it up here in the Cleveland area. Enjoy!

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