Lost my cat today due to a mistake at the vet

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  1. That Ba$tard akshat Srivastava recommend some stock like that and I bought few and enned up losing 10 lakhs

  2. Still holding since IPO 🤡🤡

  3. look for another cheaper university. Don;t sell land. ASU is very costly and not worth it.

  4. Maybe an unpopular opinion - how about exploring bit less expensive options like Europe. I did mine for less than 30K INR for a semester. And unlike USA, you can work part time or even full times while studying, so you end up making money instead of spending. Just a suggestion.

  5. but Europe is going crisis and the job market is not that much giving than US . The cost of living I’ve heard from people living in England said very high

  6. But finding the next opportunity won't hurt. As long as you don't revenge trade.

  7. the so called “next opportunity” is actually a revenge trade if not planned ..

  8. Yes, yesterday morning i had some stop loss hit,i closed pc and went to sleep , though could have made some profit during afternoon I don't regret it

  9. I like that “ You can’t decide whether you will go long or short” Let Market decide that

  10. No no, if I wake up late, chances are I won’t feel like sleeping at night. So I pop one at 10 pm if I wake up late ( my usual is 6:30 am, so if I wake up at say 9, I make sure to take melatonin that night )

  11. Yup, totally. Your pineal gland produces it naturally. To make sure your pineal gland keeps producing it at the right time, you gotta get morning sunlight. (Take a 5 min walk outside right as you wake up and your sleep schedule will stay intact)

  12. A contract if marriage doesn't work then what should be exchange and how much and no alimony like those stuff

  13. Not a common practice in middle and lower class but if u have big money in account then it should be

  14. A trade happens when the seller matches the buyer's price or buyer matches the seller's price. When the former happens more, prices move down. When the latter happens more, prices move up. In a day where demand out paces supply by a lot because of whatever reason, sellers would move their prices up or sell less qty at lower prices. This could cause prices to move up significantly without much volume being traded (buyers are hesitant to buy at heightened ask prices).

  15. If the office is in Malad, you should definitely check out the Malad-Kandivali-Borivali areas, they are heavily residential.

  16. Out of context , I’ve used the app it’s good . Can you help me to build an app like that ? Could you point out some resources , please

  17. After sale service is not good if you are not hailing from teir1 city. Parts are expensive and running cost too. Tires are not tubeless, so, If you get flat tyre you have to find a bike repairing shop and pay hefty money to fix it. Road side puncture guys will instantly decline you. Easily rustling metallic parts, mostly exhaust pipes. You will love riding it for sure but when something go wrong in the bike it will become nightmare to get it fixed even by Royal Enfield service centre.

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