1. Clair Saffitz is my fave. Every recipe I've tried from her is a winner. I highly reccomend trying her challah/babka recipe.

  2. I’ve got the tartine ones and the Richard Bertiet ones but I spend most of my time in the Forkish one. It really gives you the why of the methods and I like tweaking the recipes. Once you have made them a few times you kinda know how they are supposed to feel and can adjust them if you add seeds or some wholemeal flour ect and still get a decent result.

  3. Forkish was my intro to baking breads and its kinda set my bar high on content I want to dive into. The why. That mattera so incredibly much to me. I did just find the chainbaker on youtube which seems equivalent honestly.

  4. It’s underproofed. It might be a weak starter, temperature, or other reason.

  5. Man temps have had me thwarts these past 2 weeks. It was in the 90s. Now 40s. I even did a little hotspot levain.. Now im spending much more time

  6. Do you have a light in your oven? You can put your dough in there to proof to keep it at a warm controlled temperature.

  7. AP is a great place to start. Bread flour will give you a better result sometimes. Whole wheat and other grains make things harder.

  8. Wow that shilling is one of the older coins ive seen here in awhile. So crisp too... Impressed. And green with envy. Happy birthday, heres to many more filled with cheer.

  9. A couple of things might help. First that’s too much starter. Preferment (I’m assuming this is a 100% levain, not raw starter) has less structure and will result in less final structure as well. Second, Consider adding a lamination fold or two to improve the gluten network. Overall you shouldn’t really need more than 4 folds maximum. Third, don’t let it sit on the counter and warm up before baking. Just go straight in with cold dough, which is better at holding shape. Fourth, we don’t know your shaping technique, but that can really do a lot to improve the final shape after cold retard. And finally, make sure you don’t overproof, but natural yeast is so slow that it’s hard to do that without high temperatures.

  10. The high temperature you mention in the last few words of your comment. What temp would that be, For learning purposes.

  11. Like between 80 and 90 degrees F. Yeast would be going crazy at that range.

  12. Im in the gulf and have had fun running some hot spot levain projects. Just set it outside in the shade :P

  13. Odd question but can I ask your general location. Im in the gulf and dont know a ton about fishing just that id be interested in learning to be decent at it.

  14. I’m in northern New York State. Probably an unreasonably long drive from where you are.

  15. I had to ask because Ive only ever seen a single fish with nearly that much beauty. Little rainbow trout i caught when I was a kid. No other fish has ever shined so bright. But this one in your hand thats a damn lovely fish. Really great catch.

  16. This is very, very good! Take the concept and scale it up 10, 20 times and I gahrahntee you could sell it as commercial art for a large downtown lobby.

  17. Omg..i love your idea...but scale it 10 times bigger than that and imagine the side of a building in like maine near the water . unsure why that imagery in my head but yea this piece is A++

  18. oh no! well, if you're using the right yeast then maybe play with the hydration. I think depending on your location you might need more or less moisture. I got great advice from the bread side of reddit to familiarize yourself with the look of a well hydrated dough, keep an eye on your bread during the kneading process, and experiment with moisture levels as you see fit. I usually add a TBSP or two of water very slowly until it "looks right" 😅

  19. I add a smidge of water as well when need but be careful with a full tablespoon or more. 2 tablespoons is like 30ish grams... Thats a lot of hydration change.

  20. that's not perfection.. you're discarding flour for no reason.. or are you using the discard? perfection is dialing in an effective small batch. 20-30g is plenty lol . Doesn't matter though. you'll get to this conclusion in a couple of years yourself. have fun! i've got mine proofing right now and cant decide if i want bread or pizza dough.

  21. Oh good. Thought day 3 means it’s a brand new starter so you’re not using it yet

  22. Totally normal. I fluctuate what flours I use as well sometimes. Unbleached AP does well. Whole wheat is active as a mofo expect to feed twice a day not once. Rye flour makes for an insanely sticky starter lol I was cackling at my mess lol.

  23. Well its pretty but its not exactly what my aim is for at all..how the hell does this work rofl

  24. Idk.....ive seen folks not know hamburger was beef..which they were surprised to learn was cow....

  25. That looks pretty good to me. Just a little mayo on the fingers, not like some other weirdos on this sub.

  26. There's this instagram-super-open-crumb thing where people make super high hydration bread just for the crumb shot. I like to joke that people are going to get mayo on their fingers.

  27. Bahaha that is actually kinda funny. I only use reddit so thats a bit beyond me. I appreciate the compliment :)

  28. Interesting, the R, C and final A of AMERICA are machine doubled, directly opposite the break.

  29. So technically it isn’t a coin as it is not currency. I know certain silver rounds carry premiums for collectors but I don’t really have any expertise on which ones are worth more than their silver content. I would try asking on a silver subreddit like

  30. I think it's a die crack, if you mean the blob by Iowa.

  31. I'm not sure I understand the question right, but a die crack is when the die, the part that stamps the coin, has a crack. This allows some extra metal to flow through.

  32. Mean* I swear I type better than this my phone auto corrects things that just dont even make sense.

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