Told my gf to trust me. over -60% of 10k in one month. It "was" her money. She doesn't know😩😩

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  1. If that happens to be the Strasburg, VA one I can relate. Have only hit it a couple times, but both were Sunday's when they are closed. Great view during the day, but definitely not a preferred stop.

  2. Wish I remembered where exactly. I remember that it was south of Richmond about 1 hour or so.

  3. Ah not Strasburg then, seems like South Hill might be the one:

  4. Wow! You are good! That’s the exact charger stop. No one around by some creepy wooded area and the restaurant closed. I got out of my car, walked up to the road and talked to then girlfriend on the phone. Military training kicked in and treated it like an ambush in the making. That sucked because I was planning on sleeping 40 min and continuing to drive!

  5. Obviously women problems. Men are out here non-existent

  6. It’s about control. They don’t trust you to be working if they can’t see you.

  7. That’s why I discourage anyone from joining the profession. Just tired of the kids not being accountable but the adults being beyond hyper accountable.

  8. In all probability, both students will receive long-term (rest of the year) suspension for fighting.

  9. A day or two in school. Not sure what you expect out of American education.

  10. Teachers I’ve worked with from other countries are shocked and appalled by student and parent behavior in the US. After working in schools outside the US I understand why. What we experience in this country is not the norm. Teachers are often a well respected profession in other countries as well

  11. That’s because other countries have not allowed excessive college liberalism into their educational systems the way we have in this country. The bastardization of IDEA and the elimination of consequences has resulted in a dying profession.

  12. If you can get the gen4 ecu, and "bundle of wires", you can complete the work yourself. Takes about a half hour.

  13. I have been rejected at two Tesla service centers. They won’t even sell the updated ecu port part on request.

  14. EVGO and their criminally priced 50kw chargers would like a word with you

  15. Oh my god, wild, yes. I read about half of it and was so determined to get through and I just couldn’t. It seemed like the same paragraphs over and over and over. May have been interesting if she had cut a lot of the unnecessary parts out and just gotten to the point.

  16. Agreed 100%. There are tons of phenomenal books that women wrote that were overlooked for those diatribes

  17. There was a kid in MCT that found out his gf back home was cheating on him so he "accidentally" shot himself not just in the leg, but through the top of the kneecap, blowing out the tibia and fibula, before demolishing his heel. All in an attempt to get sent home so he could deal with that situation. It was a night shoot and with the NVGs the depth perception was off because he was aiming at his foot... Long story short that kid may never walk on that leg again and his gf is still fucking someone else.

  18. Women cheat and when they do just best to end the relationship immediately. Because when women cheat it’s just beyond bad. His leadership failed him.

  19. Omg yes! I did this five years ago. Stop letting your basic life choices being dictated by your employer. If your in appropriate dress and not showing obvious drug paraphernalia who cares.

  20. This is what got me also. You have to make it a point to interact if even superficially with the world. Human interaction is essential!

  21. Can we trade? I have one that doesn’t listen to men.

  22. Their message is destructive. Seriously, the fact that one of them, Tate, has credible rape and human trafficking allegations against him, to the point that he fled the country, didn't tip you off that the type of "masculinity" he preaches isn't a good thing?

  23. Che Guevara was cold blooded mass murderer, a racist, homophobic, cheated on his wife, and hated Mexicans as well as Native Americans. But somehow he can be lionized on t-shirts? His mistakes can be ignored? Never said everything they do or say is right.

  24. Where did I say I support or admire Che Guevara? You're just trying to change the subject from the fact that you take tips on "masculinity" from someone who abuses women.

  25. Whatever makes you happy. I’m not changing your mind nor you mine.

  26. Bummer but your results are not typical. Going on 6 years Tesla ownership with mine with far fewer maintenance items compared to my Ford.

  27. The heck they aren’t. My 2021 model 3 less than a year of ownership and 20k miles along with its BMS 066 code resulting in a full battery replacement would like a word with you.

  28. Anecdotes don't equal evidence. You got an extreme outlier situation. If even 5% of Teslas sold had that issue, Tesla would be out of business. So your situation is far far far from typical.

  29. There are whole threads of similar issues you can bury your head on it. I have other things to do.

  30. Do the PCH way too much inland between Los Angeles and San Francisco

  31. Don’t worry. Liberals have fostered this nonsense on us in the push for “equality” while they rush to put their kids in wealthy and/or private school districts. Conservatives have their own failings but this “mainstreaming” of hyper disruptive children is a great way to undermine the education of kids that want to improve and learn. It guarantees a constant supply of beholden welfare recipients. The sooner and more vehemently we say enough to this nonsensical crap the faster we can empower all learners. Education is a privilege underwritten by society. If you don’t want it then you should be systematically dropped from publicly funded systems. My 2 cents.

  32. Teenagers are the least supportive group of people to transition around. I had a young lady who was put through some horrendous name calling and comments by peers. Witnessed it first hand and did my best to be an ally to her. It broke my heart to see her switch schools as a result. Suicide has many complex causes. Justifying prolonged and arduous medical treatment before even the brain has reached maturity may cause unforeseen and poorly understood consequences on development. If we’ll understood drugs and hormones have side effects that we are now beginning to grasp I can’t even fathom the things we don’t know about putting children through this. There’s also the fact that family courts are ill suited to address family disputes let alone ones connected to intense treatments that a parent may not be an agreement in. The permanent nature of these changes should also be at the sole discretion of the individual. Our laws are clear regarding age in regards to tattoos and other permanent changes to our bodies. You call it a “second puberty” I call it a right of passage. I appreciate your honest interest as I find that some of the most close minded people are on the left.

  33. I had a friend who was teaching math in a public high school in a computer lab. One of the students took a caster off a chair, and chucked it at another student. It hit and broke a computer monitor.

  34. I would have quietly quit right on the spot.

  35. This story is what’s wrong with our American educational system. People (overzealous liberals and sjw) act like IDEA, 504 or a BIP supersede laws. Not a political thing as I vote pro-dem religiously. What you just lived through is something no teacher should live through. For that matter neither do any of your students. It’s why I do the exact expectation. No loving flairs or things that mean something to me. Enjoy mentoring and teaching kids but refuse to be emotionally vulnerable to them.

  36. Immerse that in soda. Coca Cola etc for a half a day then use a bristle brush to scrub off.

  37. Exactly! Hold this company accountable. I heard stories about the “great” customer service and have been let down and disappointed more times than I can count in a single year of ownership than I can count at this point.

  38. I have been put to sleep twice (dental surgery and colonoscopy). That’s it. Just blank except you never return. Love every moment even the heartbreak. It’s all you will ever get. Love fully even if it hurts like hell.

  39. Get you on the narcissist, weed, and adhd stuff. Plus the amount of time (17 years here). The falling in love while divorcing (which im happy but cautious) and the way your breaking your assets that both concern me. Get therapy and a decent lawyer. You have a lot to process. Do not rush the process.

  40. No it’s tough going. But my story is different from the norm. Ymmv

  41. Did he preempt her fall and use his backpack both offensively and defensively to break the fall? I want to believe...

  42. Yes he did! That move was pre planned. He knew which way she would fall on the leg sweep. Textbook. I was genuinely worried as she had a knife and I wasn’t sure which hand was the knife hand while she was on the ground.

  43. Fight and endure. Even if you have nothing to fight with. A branch, a rock, do not stop until they have killed you. Till they have separated your soul from this earth. Fight with every atom of existence. I have been through a lot in my life. Extreme childhood poverty, divorce, depression, other countless, endless hardships. But that underlying realization that I am a Marine. That I share some connection to greatness keeps me going. I love every single one of you.

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