1. I'd ask for proof of consent. Better safe than sorry, you know? Even if only for your own comfort.

  2. Yes definitely! Thank you so much. Do you think a good way to get proof of consent would be a picture of the friend holding up a paper saying they consent to the painting with it signed and dated? Or find a consent form online and just have them sign and date it?

  3. Sweet, again thank you so much for the advice. I really appreciate it!

  4. That’s so pretty! Also I wanna ask has anyone ever told you that you look like Drew Barrymore?

  5. Thank you!! It's happened right here in the comment section already! and a handful of times in real life as well 😊

  6. Ah sorry! I didn’t see other comments saying that πŸ˜…

  7. No worries! I haven't gotten that comparison in awhile, it's nice! She's gorgeous πŸ₯°

  8. Love the details of the lightsaber. Not to mention your skin is absolutely glowing- flawless!

  9. Thank you so much!! I used it very lightly in the clouds I wanted them to be a bit more pink 🩷 but if you look through my previous post I use them a lot if you're looking for more inspiration!

  10. Bummer. Then I'll paraphrase my comment from the original post.

  11. Thank you so much 😊 I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go until I was done drawing the bodies and by then they fell outa the borders so it was an accident but I really enjoyed how it turned out

  12. wow, this is really well done. is that a lighter gel pen or did you just do really insanely fine outlines?!?

  13. Thank you! I just did insanely fine outlines haha it took forever but I wanted it to be the same color as the page. Happy cake day by the way!

  14. This is cool! Looks like blotter art!

  15. That is soo cute! You did a great job recreating the pattern!

  16. Thank you so much! I was talking to my friend so the lines aren't the straightest but I was really happy with how it matched up 😊

  17. Did you ever figure this out? I just got the 8550 and have been really disappointed with the faded/unsaturated colors. I've tried Epson matte paper and Xerox silk/gloss paper.

  18. Unfortunately I didn't... I cleaned it multiple times and did the deep clean and I still felt like the color was faded. I'm going to try editing it before printing to see if that does any good.

  19. I've tried cleaning the print heads, selecting different types of paper, I've gone to the Epson photo+ and selected quality (that's the super saturated tomato featured in the photos). I'm printing from a Mac and I'm not selecting grayscale

  20. I'd be so sad if I had to wash that masterpiece off at the end of the day 😭

  21. Thank you so much πŸ₯Ήβ€οΈ it definitely makes me sad, I always tty to think of places I could go but I usually just stay home or go to the grocery store haha I also realized I didn't take any photos of this look with the dress I had to grab a screenshot from a video I took 😭

  22. That must have been so long and tedious to do! Luckily it looks good.

  23. Almost every time I'm doing one of these looks there's always a point when I just don't think it's going to look good and then in the end it always seems to pull through! Although there are some looks I've spent some time on that I don't love but often it's a good learning experience! But I'm a half glass full kind of person haha

  24. This is beautiful! What brush did you use for the detail work?

  25. Happy cake day!! I use a watercolor brush (bought specifically for my eyes)

  26. Omg thats so coooool you have skills girl, I love it

  27. Thank youuu!! I always think of making one after I'm already done haha but this is really encouraging me to record it before 😊😊

  28. your wings look great but as a fellow hooded eyed person, i think you’d really benefit from thinning out the line as it reaches towards ur inner eye. the way i do it is i make the wing first and then taper it so that by 1/3 to 1/2 of the distance across my eyelid, it is blending in to my lash line. this method makes it look neater and also makes your lashes appear thicker. Where as the liner style you do now completely hides your lashes from the front and can make ur eyes look a little droopy

  29. I second this! Going thinner near your inner eye will make it look so good!

  30. I love the expression, also one detail that i LOVE is how everything is painted with warm color but then there are some little cold touches to it.

  31. Thank you so much! I was planning on just using warm colors and then changed my mind in the middle of painting and added the cooler colors

  32. Whenever I get out of therapy I have the biggest sweat rings under my boobs haha

  33. Oh god yes. Swamp boobies is the first sign that I'm nervous or anxious. Always using some product to try and get ahead of it.

  34. Smart! I just tuck my shirt under them and then put it in the laundry when I'm done haha

  35. This is really unique, at least to me. Love it!

  36. Thank you so much!! I paint people with flower heads regularly and then I saw someone make a 3D flower bookmark (with just a stem and not a body). I immediately realized I could make my flower people into some really wonderful bookmarks πŸ’• I made a handful and intend to make even more cause I love em so much!

  37. Oh my god. This reminds me of a date I went on and I wore this top that was long sleeved and off the shoulders. Well because it was off the shoulders whenever I would move my arms a bit it would roll up so I pulled them down every time it happened. We ended up fooling around a few dates later and he said "I knew you wanted to foul around because you kept pulling down your shirt on our first date" πŸ’€ I laughed so hard.

  38. The detailed work on your upper eyelid is stunning! It looks good close up and far away

  39. Thank you! I searched up Holiday wall paper and tried to replicate it best I could

  40. Ahhh you look like a Yule tide work of art! I love it πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ’•

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