1. Wrapping off car is harder then on unless you can brace the part stretching and pulling will be an absolute pain.

  2. Yeppp, I attempted it, haha. I did off the car because it was a new hood and I could do it inside where it was warm. I watched a video again and saw hiw much he pulls on it and saw it was easier to do on the car. However the hood I got has some scratches and a dimple. So I contacted Z1 and waiting to see what they do.about it

  3. Don’t get frustrated if things don’t go well right away. It looks way easier on video than it actually is in real life. Hoods aren’t too bad but I would get someone to else to help you lay it down well first. Do yourself a favor and really take your time getting everything set up on the panel initially. It’s way easier to finish off a good initial set up than it is to try and work out every wrinkle and crease afterwards. I don’t think ISO alcohol will be an issue if the panel is already unpainted. Even if you take the wrap off it still needs to be painted so no loss really. Post heating is done on the edges to make sure they don’t lift. Just make sure you don’t stretch over a corner because it will be prone to lift.

  4. gotcha, thanks for the info! I also have noticed they do try and make sure it has minimal wrinkles before starting, and then even squeegee some and then re-lift the wrap. I also noticed CK wrap doesnt really use a heatgun much unless at certain spots. however other people doing wraps (mostly randoms that I dont think do it for a job) use it a lot. Is there a reason to try and not heat it? I emailed Vvivid about the after heat. I am pretty sure I am suppose to. Thanks for the reply!

  5. Do a thing or two before you worry about changing barrels, first check gas block alignment. If that’s ok, then measure your gas port hole. If it’s undersized you can drill it out and it will alleviate the issue if you’re under gassed. A drill bit is way cheaper than a new barrel. I had an 18” PSA barrel that was drilled .072” and was under gassed, opened it up to .092” and runs like a champ now.

  6. I did realign the gas block and it didnt fix it. When the gas port is "undersized" does that mean the manufacturer messed up? Or the gun just wants more? I figured a new barrel would/should have tje correct size hole. I didnt want to mess with drilling a new hole and that is why I never did it.

  7. Not that the mfg messed up necessarily but some of them are known to undersize their ports and others are know to oversized them (bear creek) call around to local machine shops. A lot of them can drill it out for you at a fraction of the cost of a new barrel and some may even do it free of charge. The only other thing it could be is a gas key issue on your BCG and the gas rings on the bolt itself. Have you checked those two as well?

  8. Drilled the hole bigger and it works now :D

  9. I started off as strictly 3M for prints and color change, it turns out, most people do not know or care. Now I only avoid some brands, like teckwrap and vivid. There's still major shortages of vinyl, so being open to other brands is more important now than ever. Your customers are going to be disappointed when half of the options from 3M are on backorder and they have no other choices. I've never used a disclaimer, but, my clients are mostly local businesses with a few retail color changes thrown in.

  10. I just bought vivid wrap.... this is my first attempt though and didnt want to spend a lot of money to just fail at installing it

  11. Number is a big factor here: if you have one people calling the toxic player out, they got their attention, as you said

  12. It functions yes. I can shot the gun suppressed and it worked fine. Just not enough power to push the bolt back all the way without a supressor.

  13. Never mind I a found what you said about 125gr. I would buy some 168gr ammo and I bet that will fix you problems the lightest I would go is 149-150ish the light ammo like 110gr is better left for bolt action

  14. Just gunna ignore the failed card(s) in 2032?

  15. Engo fits the bill. 1.5x the weight of your vehicle plus a synthetic line is my recommendation. And dedicate a few hours reading about winch safety.

  16. Why synthetic? Just curious. I figured cable would be the best for weathered conditions and incase it rubs against stuff.

  17. I would look at what the cost of everything new is and subtract some since it is used.

  18. Into my bank account, let me know when you are ready to transfer

  19. If you want to download anything sketchy. You can put the file in "virus total" its a website that checks. If you feel like you have something or just want to check after a download. Download "AVG free" and "Malware bytes". 1 does viruses, other does malware. Just run them both a bunch of times. (They both give 30 day free.) I heard some viruses wont always be active and can hide. So I run a bunch of scans. Then once I am done with them. I uninstall them. I am able to install them later and still get 30days free. Just might need to make a new account

  20. I never had an issue getting rid of it

  21. You don’t need offset when you have a welded diff lol

  22. My welded diff still has spacer. Your front wheels also dont have a diff

  23. It'd be worth checking with the organizations you plan on participating with to see what their safety requirements are. You don't want to go through the trouble of purchasing and installing something only to show up to tech inspection and find out you can run.

  24. I did, they said if I have a cage, I need a harness. No cage, stock seatbelt is fine. So I can use the racing seat with a stock seatbelt. I didnt know that was a thing, but apparently it is

  25. While rolling over is rare, stock belts are not made to work with a bucket seat, and a fixed position bucket seat wasn’t made to work without roll protection.

  26. Correct. That is why I wont use a harness without a cage. I was told that the race seats work with a stock seat belt and that is what the holes are for

  27. You can just replace them with cheap cats. I bought a cat off ebay for $100 and it worked

  28. Do you like red dot over iron sights? Or vise versa?

  29. Put it this way, if I have the ability to run a dot I will. That said I’m pretty good with both and I’ll encourage any new shooter to master irons, there’s more shooting fundamentals involved with using them.

  30. My first.(and only pistol) came with a red dot, but I want to try irons. I feel like it might be nicer until I get steadier at holding the gun

  31. I bought a 510c for my AR, and I also bought a 510c with magnifer for my 300 blackout. It was the first and only red dot I bought though. I like they are fairly big with glass so you dont see a small frame... but I am also a pretty new to guns

  32. Which way should I push the bullet out? Or does it not matter?

  33. I already used a brass rod 👀. I am not sure how to tell if anything got fked up, or what is considered bad

  34. Can't post a video, but engine sounds like knocking when hot, I really feel like it's either a spark plug or coil packs

  35. If you have a missfire, unplug a coil pack while it idles and see if it changes sound. Do one at a time, then plug back in. (Unless code tells you the cylinder). I would just swap the coil pack that is missfire with another cylinder that is good and see if the missfire changes to that cylinder then. Then if that doesnt work, try spark plug. It doesnt sound like a missfire though. Did you check the codes?

  36. Because if you dont, they wont fit right and feel shitty, duhhhh

  37. No, you can ride without knee protection and still have the ability to shift and brake efficiently. Did it for years before I got smart and bought some knee pads.

  38. I have tech 7s. The boots felt loose and shitty without knee pads. They were designed for knee pads. I dont remember how shifting was, but it helps a ton to have knee bads with them

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