This group of people cosplayed as the goth group from south park

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

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Russian soldiers are surrendering en masse

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SNL stole Joel's video idea

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  1. Altkleider Container ist Betrug. Lieber direkt an einen bedürftigen heim abgeben

  2. The same people that will call you a pedo groomer for defending LGBT+ defend every sexualization of children they can justify to their weirdo fash friends online

  3. You can't make this shit up. But hey valuable discussion subreddit according to the CEO of this site

  4. 3rd one is great. it doubles copper input wherever you have iron. which is pretty much anywhere on the map.

  5. I took the plutonium one to get better rid of the nuclear waste

  6. is that using non-fissile urainium or is that non-fissile plutoinium. it looks pretty blu and the encase pellets look a lot like plutoinium fuel rods

  7. Mate. If you can't handle other people's remarks or opinions or whatever individual stuff they give from them maybe the internet aren't for you

  8. You already said that five comments ago and yet you were still replying to me. Believe me. Learn to let get things past you, it makes your online experience much better

  9. No cynical hate but of boy I can't wait for the disappointment of fans once they will see the finale of bleach. Like bro...... I wish I wouldn't have read the manga so I could experience it with the anime

  10. Lmao they should have done this already after what happened with their consul in Russia

  11. Lmao such a Nintendo thing to do. A direct for a movie. Like they fear so much that the movie would fail they see no other way as to bring it as close as possible to the consumer.

  12. It was founded by christian white supremacists and well... everything else is a result of that

  13. Like for some reason after the abolishing of the abortion rights since summer the amounts of bad news from corruption to nature problems only increased. Like I think the only good news I hear is the support for Ukraine but nothing beyond that. It's baffling to me how much damage the Republican party has caused so far.

  14. No but generations after the WW2 have nothing to do with the sins of their ancestors also much less still live much of the survivors of the Holocaust so who is to benefit? Countries that were affected were already paid enough. When they still haven't accomplished a modern country how Germany self managed it after complete destruction then what point is there for money ? So that the corrupt leaders can stuff more private pockets full ?

  15. *around the world. Let country's be run by young people or at least not fossils

  16. Bitte entfernen, sonst werden rechtliche Schritte eingeleitet.

  17. Lol. Dann wird der Budé vor der Tür bei mir stehen ? Soll er doch nur

  18. Ahhhh I think they just have a different time schedule now. Because of lore and stuff.

  19. There's no way it'll still be in my inventory, right? I only get to keep stuff if I finish the mission, correct? :(

  20. Idk about ventures but only mission progress won't count but materials to weapons will stay when you leave the mission over menu. Idk about force shutting though

  21. Pretty bold to steal a idea form someone like Joel. Like he is the new 2020- wonder where like even boomers know of him.

  22. SNL isn't written by boomers, millenials mainly. And more likely a coincidence than intentional theft by a writer.

  23. Sure sure. Just after Joel video went popular. What a big coincidence. Also I wasn't speak about their writers but that Joel is so popular that even people who don't know how to use YouTube have heard of him

  24. Mate her whole phone is in Japanese and then YouTube comes in suddenly with English. Please fact check better next time

  25. This is edited. The original was something from Yakuza

  26. Don’t click on spoilers marked posts if you are an anime only my friend, stay off Reddit in general, there’s a lot of spoilers here, even not tagged as such

  27. What a POS adivce here. Maybe people should stop being egoistical aholes and start tagging rightfully and maybe be more considerate of other people

  28. If you can't handle how other people play, just do it solo

  29. Holy shit you guys have no other worries in life

  30. ikr? People posting "hahah I baited you" are pathetic. Like jesus christ

  31. I just love how nobody replies to this comment because they know no counter and instead just downvote it. The one I replied to seemed to be pretty talkative about his bait yet when a reasonable counter came in they know no more

  32. I just wasted my last hour on arena thinking I would get the top 10 faster there which I did but it didn't count......

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