1. So they removed Grasscutter's name reference from Inazuma but INCREASE the Egyptian reference in these new weapons

  2. Itto is quite an unfair comparison when he's not even present in the main archon quest and was released much later, which justifies them putting him as a 5* to sell his banner. This is the same with other 5*s who didn't even show up in their respective region's archon quests but was released much later after its conclusion, e.g. Eula, Shenhe, Hutao, Itto, Yelan.

  3. I think you can still compare 5stars that aren't relevant to the story - chances are they'd get hangouts eventually that serves a similar purpose.

  4. I guess people are lashing out since she's a 4 star and that never bodes well for any character nowadays. But it's kind of weird how it's mainly Nilou bearing the brunt of it. There's no real pattern to Genshin character rarities either.

  5. I don't think people dislike Nilou or are particularly mad at her being a 5-star, moreso that she's easier to contest the rarity of compared to Cyno, who's obviously incredibly relevant to Sumeru and the story.

  6. I feel like this is true for every player that ends up joining Raimon / IJ / Chrono Storm, and even OG Fire Dragon, ironically. But it makes sense, because other teams have 3 to 4 key players at best while the protag team has a dozen of them if not more. Even FD has to let Choi Sang Soo do tactics which limits their forwards compared to how they play when they are alone.

  7. I think this can be corroborated by Kidou playing with Teikoku to master Death Zone 2 and Fideo comparing IJ's soccer with Orpheus' - all the teams Endou is part of have a weird, dynamic play style that allows some to show their potential at specific instances, but not all the time

  8. It's weird seeing it in slow motion. It's a perfectly smooth animation that now seems oddly animated and lacking keyframes between moves at times ? Idk if anyone feels the same

  9. Yeah probably. I don't think it makes it any worse though, makes it appreciate the work done even more in my case.

  10. Self-proclaimed "Water is not wet because it isn't covered by water" free thinkers when I ask them what a molecule of water is covered(surrounded) by

  11. I think a better way to put it is to say something wet is saturated with water, moreso than covered with it. Since you cannot saturate an element with itself (you can saturate a liquid solution with salt but cannot saturate a pile of salt with more salt), it probably solves your problem with the water molecule.

  12. Wait, WHAT??? The Underground Mines in the Chasm connect to Sumeru?

  13. I was surprised by this too. I went to Sumeru through a tunnel in the overworld Chasm personally

  14. Isn't burning only bad because there's no fast, consistent dendro applier? I don't think Dehya could fix that

  15. Wouldn't it still be the same issue if they're good only with Nahida?

  16. Based on previous patterns, shouldn't Drip Marketing for 3.1 happened today ?

  17. This cool and all but damn-Oneplus has seen better days according to most of its fans

  18. Yeah, I had the 3T a few years ago, and man it was so good, my first and only phone from OnePlus. Now I am back to Apple…

  19. I know Google quality control is bad, but did you try Google Pixels ? iPhones are a rly good choice tho

  20. Has Eula even been jealous of anyone..? (for anything but being an outcast, at least)

  21. I don't think Hoyo even want rivalries between playable characters anyway, the only one I can think of is Itto and Sara and it's literally just a goofball being a goofball and her being annoyed by him, lol.

  22. Grand Master Varka, Titan of the Knights of Favonius

  23. So basically dendro supports use Deepwood Memories and DPS use Gilded Dreams, I'm gonna farm that dungeon for the next 3 months

  24. I feel like both supports and DPS could use either

  25. Still mad he got done so dirty in S3. Taiyou (Chrono Stone) kinda counts as well

  26. Yeah both done absolutely dirty. Taiyou could have a new solo/co-op (with Tenma?) in CS and showing Tenchi Raimei and Midorikawa could use Astro Gate and being in Big Bang.

  27. Sunshine Storm and Astro Gate being movie/game only is such a shame to me And of course tenchi raimei, idk what they were thinking

  28. All of them are amazing except for Shadow of Orion. One of the most terrible matches in the franchise because of the rushing and asspulls.

  29. I keep thinking about how different Orion could be if they had 10-20 extra episodes and more budget

  30. πŸ˜‚ You'll be fine Use some mouthwash if your worried 😊 Cat sneezes are the cutest πŸ˜‚πŸ™

  31. Thanku ! The sneeze was cute LOL it definitely caught me off guard though

  32. I'm positive the seed is coming from Hydro+ Dendro

  33. Reading this, I want Diluc, Ningguang, Ayato and Regrator to meet Just to see what'll happen (we all know Ayato and Diluc would try to beat up Regrator while Ningguang watches but I can dream of a civil conversation)

  34. Saw it, problem its the only good bow I have atm Otherwise its rust and that one is even worse. So what are better subsitutes for her? Because I might just use amo's for the passive.

  35. Favonius Warbow is free, gives extra particles if you Crit, which scales goes Ely well with Yelan's ascension, and has an ER Substat - and she'll likely need a lot of ER. It'll do very well for her.

  36. With all the gambling theories going around, I'd really like Kira Buckland to voice her totally not biased by her voicing Mary Saotome in Kagekurui dub

  37. I'm so happy she wasn't shelved AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  38. Rosaria exists, you know. Admittedly, you do need C2 to make the downtime of her ult about 2 seconds, including animation; but her Q snapshots and has no ICD, exactly like Xiangling's. Plus she has no issues with energy (6s E CD: fixed 3 particles) and she can buff her own crit rate and then share some with the team after ulting and leaving the field.

  39. I mostly meant off-field that stays around the active character, but Rosaria works too

  40. Hi ! First of all I'd like to thank all of you for helping out the community. Leaks helped me lots and allowed me to get the most bang for my primo, and I'm really grateful.

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