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  1. "We don't solicit donations"?!?! I guess not, since they don't see tithing as a donation - they literally see it as their money that you better fork over if you know what's good for you, bitch.

  2. Thanks so much for putting this together. I'm sure it will be a valuable resource going forward.

  3. I like the way you think. It's easier to look at flaws in somebody else's religion and beliefs and then in our own.

  4. "We can't just get revelations for everything. God said to first survey it out in your congregations, and then ask him for help."

  5. I've been that husband, and my wife has been that wife (in broad strokes). I wasn't as mean as she makes her husband sound, nor verbally abusive. But I did have a very angry reaction to paying tithing on my income, and I demanded my wife stop doing it. That was money I earned to feed, clothe, and house my family, not to fill the coffers of a multi-hundred billion dollar corporation.

  6. I would have told Laman, Lemuel and anyone else that wanted to go back to Jerusalem to go, goodbye and good riddance.

  7. Yeah, Lehi and Nephi were pretty crappy prophets if they couldn't see that the Murmer Brothers were going to cause problems in the future. They said from the jump that they didn't want to leave Jerusalem, and they almost never let up (until Nephi zapped them).

  8. OMG, this slayed me! Yep, ol' Laban would have been pretty peeved that he was murdered for absolutely nothing.

  9. You should bring up John Dehlin's 2013 scientific survey that shows, in order of most to least common, the reasons people left the church. Then let these people know that if they are speculating about why people left instead of asking them or understanding the survey results, they're basically making up unkind stories to make themselves feel better.

  10. Yes. That is a good response. Lots of thoughts came to my mind. I chose to not respond. Just to hug her. Might be my last time with her.

  11. You did a kind thing by keeping silent, nothing wrong with that.

  12. Good. The temple ceremony deserves mockery.

  13. Joke's on everyone. The "cocktails" are dirty sodas like Swig sells.

  14. Yes. That thought also came to me since leaving the church. The whole idea of the atonement has become reprehensible to me as i am a father. And it takes away all accountability. For me to punish one of my kids for what the other did is insane.

  15. Especially when the other one did something wrong because you made them with that in their nature.

  16. So, if all of those Nephites we're supposed to read their scriptures, it must mean that the scriptures were mass-produced and widely distributed throughout their population. That would require an army of scribes working full time, along with production facilities for manufacturing paper.

  17. That's just pure disrespect of your time and prior plans, even if your plans were "sleeping in for one goddamn morning".

  18. Why does golden Joseph have a flower schlong?

  19. It's especially weird given that Satan's actions are logically essential to the Plan of Salvation. Without an actor willing to defy God, there could be no Fall, no progression. If Satan wanted the plan to fail, all he needed to do is, well, nothing.

  20. So either Satan is a willing participant in a plan that couldn't happen without him, or he's an unwilling participant and has no free will to choose otherwise in a plan, the entire point of which is that its participants must have free will. Sounds like a contradiction to me.

  21. Can someone go out in a limb for me and explain why the US gov loves/favors/defers to religion, esp Christianity? For example, why isn’t there a separation of church and state in this ad for the US Gov’s military?

  22. Darn right. I was in the military, and looking back it's so weird that some dude was getting a government paycheck to wear a uniform and provide religious services to other government employees.

  23. I thought it might be an overlay of the area affected by toxic dust from the (formerly) Great Salt Lake.

  24. Mind control and an unearned guilt complex at no extra charge.

  25. Nuh-uh! Anybody who does evil bad things obviously isn't a real Mormon. So simple, why don't people understand it? /s

  26. Years ago, it was late one evening, around bedtime, when I heard the very loud sound of a helicopter flying low and directly over my house. Seconds later, I heard a loud crash and knew instantly that it had crashed nearby. It had come apart mid-air and impacted in the back yard of a house just down the block. I went to see if there were any survivors, along with several of my neighbors, and made the mistake of looking in the wreckage.

  27. I liked him a lot better when I thought that he looked like Brent Spiner from Star Trek the Next Generation. Then I found out more about him and couldn't stand him.

  28. I don't know about the sex toys. It may be one of those unspoken taboos, but I've never heard anyone say anything about it at church.

  29. Here we go, looks like the shooter of the Club Q in Colorado Springs, Anderson Lee Aldrich is a Mormon. Mom was asking a LDS forum for help for her son who has mental issues

  30. Excuse me, sir, but who are these "Mormons" of which you speak? That mass shooting suspect is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Please use the correct name of our church.

  31. Exactly the same about wearing white dress shirts. I can't stand it anymore.

  32. Exactly the same about wearing white dress shirts. I can't stand it anymore.

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