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  1. I’ve only read Red Mars and Green Mars so far. Absolutely adore them. Really looking forward to Blue Mars. I’m thinking Shaman after that. Just seems so different

  2. Hugo Girl is a great one where 3 women read/listen to a Hugo winner each month and discuss it. A few other podcasts do this but this one is by far the most fun.

  3. I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

  4. The exact quote is “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!”

  5. The audiobooks of the mars series hold a very special place in my heart, I agree about the narrator being perfect. Listened to all of them in high school, I think they had a big impact on how I view society and the future.

  6. I’m impressed you listened to and appreciated them in high school! I’m in my late thirties and doubt I would have had the same appreciation for them even 10 years ago.

  7. Reading through the suggestions, I don’t think any of them fill the same niche. Vernor Vinge is probably the closest of those listed. I haven’t really found anyone that hits the same notes as them.

  8. I really love most of Orson Scott Card but recently read Pathfinder and really did not like it at all.

  9. I’ve never read it. The 3.31 rating on Goodreads isn’t encouraging, but the nominations for Nebula and Hugo Awards are more encouraging. It looks very different from the Xanth series.

  10. Chthon is bizarre in a good way. It also has a sequel Phthor that I enjoyed. Might be the only books of his I’m tempted to reread.

  11. I don't know if it's related but the Eve Motion Sensor I have in use does detect motion and trigger automations once. Unlike the Philips Hue Motion Sensor, it does not "continue" to register motion. In other words, if the automation "turn off" timeout is set to one or two minutes, the lights go off even though we are moving around right next to the Eve Motion. It seems like once it detects motion, it triggers the automation once and that's it. Only when the automation finished, i.e. lights went off, it re-triggers after another minute.

  12. Thanks for the response! The sensor is a door sensor. The issue with this one was actually resolved by unplugging and replugging my Apple HomePod.

  13. Gummy worms aren’t worms and hot dogs aren’t dogs. Chicken fried steak has nothing to do with chicken. Sometimes we used words to describe a thing that aren’t 100% exact but everyone understands.

  14. Isn't soy production also bad for the environment

  15. Most soy is used to feed livestock fwiw. So we would actually grow less of it if we switched to soy milk.

  16. I know they are decisive in the Trek Fandom for what they mean for Borg lore. I for one really liked them, for one am a sucker for a

  17. I think they aren’t the same thing. They are a much worse/corrupted version. It works that way for the same reason that rerouting something through the deflector shield fixes every problem The Enterprise encounters lol.

  18. I wish these were available on audio, but sadly not many Star Trek audiobooks existed before now. They’re starting to be made now, and a few abridged ones are available from before, but still. My favorite is Ship of the Line that follows up from that time loop episode with Frasier, but also the Q Continuum trilogy that reveals what happened to the Tkon Empire and how the two barriers (the one with the head and the one outside the galaxy) came to be.

  19. I saw that there are a few very abridged Trek books on audible. I think they are like really low budget graphic audio style. The books are all only a few hours long, which would be pretty majorly abridged.

  20. How come he didn’t keep going? Like obv he beat his opponents score but why not smash the record, and see how far he can go?

  21. It’s a record for highest combined score in live competition with two active players and the record for the highest losing score. Eric already had the world record for highest score at over 6 million which he got against Huff in the online Classic Tetris Monthly tournament, a player that made the top 8 in this tournament. In that game Eric continued playing for a VERY long time after his opponent had topped out. It would have taken literally an hour to beat that score. Also, the tournament had a rule that you aren’t allowed to keep playing after you’ve won the game. Otherwise the tournament would last a lot longer.

  22. I read the first one and remember it being a hell of a fun ride. Can’t remember one damn thing that havens in it though. I think maybe it has portals?

  23. Anything by Kim Stanley Robinson is a good bet, to the point that a lot of the technical details go over my head. His Mars trilogy is particularly famous, set across centuries of detailed development of a terraformed, post-capitalist society on Mars. They are pretty hefty reads though, and even though this is true of pretty much all his books, his standalone works might be better to get into his style of writing, see if you like it. Aurora and 2312 both explore elements of realistic (though highly advanced) space travel, with the latter also featuring inter-planetary societies populated by quantum AI and genetically engineered human subcultures. New York 2140 and The Ministry for the Future are about the future political and social consequences of climate change, the latter in particular starting essentially in present day and detailing a future history.

  24. I actually think the characters in Ted Mars are the most realistic characters I’ve encountered in sci-fi. Not necessarily the most interesting but the most realistic.

  25. Hugo Girl is a group of three friends reading through Hugo winners. It’s a ton of fun!

  26. If you read Kim Stanley Robinson there is a podcast all about the Mars series and then some of his other works.

  27. Project Hail Mary is targeted at readers who read maybe one book a year so they can get online and say it was the best thing they read this year.

  28. I read dozens of books a year and loved it fwiw. It’s a hell of a fun ride and the relationship between the two main characters is endearing. It’s not gonna crack my top ten of all time but I really enjoyed it. YMMV

  29. I really enjoyed first half because it's basically outbreak horror. Second half felt aimless to me.

  30. I think just locally. But would need to reread the ending to be sure.

  31. Hey, the promised Blood Music review! Nice. I find this an interesting one to talk about because of its two halves, the outbreak thriller (reminds me of this one story I can never remember from a fifties Galaxy issue) and the Childhoods End part. I've found that a lot more authors thematically return to Clarke than just about any other author in the field...

  32. Yea. Really enjoy bookpilled. We have really similar tastes. He also has the only book haul videos I actually enjoy.

  33. I started with Revelation Space and I didn’t like it. It really put me off of reading more of him. I finally got around to reading Pushing Ice which I liked a lot! Now I’ll be reading a lot more of him in the future.

  34. I pay $500 for a standard size bedroom. No private bathroom, but it is right outside my door. The house is 2 story and has a pool. I have know the owner for 40 years, so maybe I am getting a break in the rent.

  35. The only competition would be the more expensive health grocer chains ie Trader Joe's, Sprouts, Whole Foods, Natural Grocers. Not quite a monopoly but damn close.

  36. I remember thinking this one felt like it had a ton inspiration coming from Dune. Definitely felt like early Card full of Weird vibes. His collection Unaccompanied Sonata is really good in this way. It's too bad he fell off HARD in the late 90's. To the point where I started to wonder if everything with his name on it is actually ghostwritten.

  37. I still like Card's newer works. But I agree they fall pretty flat compared to his earlier stuff.

  38. I just got this at a library sale a couple months ago and put it on the 'I'll get to it someday' pile. Of course I like Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead, and the other Ender books I've read, but I also just read Seventh Son and got a kick out of it. I'll have to move this up on my list! Also, I like seeing review content like this here, so if you've got any other reviews in the future, I encourage you to post em!

  39. Glad you liked the review. I've posted a few in this forum before too. I find writing the reviews helps me formulate my own thoughts about the books better. I'll likely post some more. Just finished Blood Music and will probably write up something about that soon.

  40. Ooh how many punches on the vegan card did all that get ya?

  41. So in a situation where option 1 is an improbable cultural revolution where everyone realizes they were wrong and option 2 is a world with lab grown meat where fewer animals are killed why do you still prefer option 1? Lab grown meet IS coming. It’s not improbable, it just a matter of how many years it takes for it to reach economies of scale. It is going to meaningfully impact the world in a positive direction. Sometimes you’re at a train station and there isn’t a train going directly to your final destination so you take the one that gets you closer to where you want to be you don’t stand screaming at everyone in the station just hoping that the screaming will make the tracks go exactly where you want them to.

  42. Wild. Just talking to a wall at this point. Doesn't matter what you say this person has all the angst necessary to argue against their own cause ad nauseam. Veganism is cool, growing cells is little different than eating vegetables, the whole corpse thing is dumb beyond actual repulsion at animal slaughter. Incremental improvement is something, and honestly good for them to convince others to eat less meat.

  43. Fair. Was just a pretty different viewpoint than I’ve come across in the wild. Wanted to hash it out a bit. Probably could have quit 10 posts earlier tho. 😅

  44. I’ll eat it for sure. Been vegan for 5 years but all legumes wreak havoc on my digestive system. Soy, beans, peas. All of them. Rules out a lot of foods for me. I’m already using vegan whey protein powder made by California Performance Co using Perfect Day milk proteins. It’s expensive so I mix it with rice protein powder. Lab grown chicken or beef or fish would help me a lot.

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