1. Surprise surprise! There's now a link for the wool socks!! So now she can make money off of your child's illness if you want to give it a shot!

  2. Selfish. Bullies. Hateful. Arrogant. What's not to love!?! I hate them. This family code they live by needs to change.

  3. These Q&A things are just a way for her to advertise or try to get sponsors. Some of the questions are obviously her asking the questions herself. They all do it! I think the big one they are currently going for is Kubota.LOL.

  4. Yes! I'm losing my mind over this one!! She is a child. CHILD. This not time to make a feminist statement and a women's right to choose. EastEnders is failing on this.. it's straight up disturbing.

  5. He's awful! I turn it on eager to watch and then his miserable bully ass appears and I turn it off!! He's just cruel and arrogant and incredibly disrespectful! And the way he treats Amy really drives me crazy!!

  6. Thanks. That's kind of strange. Kills the momentum.

  7. I signed up for the same reason! Will be interesting to see if they drop the final 2 after those 2 months..

  8. Shhh!! I'm in Raleigh! I'm hoping people haven't figured out it's there yet! LOL!! They can all keep going to Crabtree!!

  9. Bahahaha! Is it always this legit? I live so much closer to Smithfield and the others near me suck butt.

  10. I think it opened just a couple of months ago. My sister went there for candle day and she said it was loaded! My favorite location in Cary lost their staff and the store kinda went down hill so I decided to make this my go to location because I despise the mall!! I've been a few times and have been super happy. Hopefully they keep it up!

  11. Yes! I need a break from Chad and he looks pathetic chasing after Steph.. which I think is a bad match anyway!! He needs to be quiet and calm down!!

  12. The Dingles need their own mistakes rammed up their stinking gaping fuckholes too.

  13. Thank you!!! I hate the Dingles!!! I thought I was the only one not falling for their shit!!

  14. Oh man it's going to be difficult seeing Victor back in the day! Gosh time flies. And is anyone else having trouble posting in the episode discussion? I was able to post this here but when I try to post in the episode discussion I'm unable to.

  15. This movie was terrible!!! Let's lie to people on social media and cash in!?! And if Hallmark makes it cutesy it's okay!?! It's not cute Hallmark. It was just bad. For anyone who hasn't watched do not waste your time!!! And yes she told the truth in the end but not for right reasons. Cringe. Cringe. Cringe.

  16. But I mean, it’s literally the most realistic thing honestly, because people lie all the time on social media. One guy lied about being in the army and getting a tick from falling while in Afghanistan. one lady adopted a child and then gave him up because she claimed that the baby attacked another one of the kids when that actually didn’t happen his down syndrome was just too much for her. The couple from Food Network pretended to be happily married when they were on the verge of divorced before they even started their show. That one couple from HGTV with the wife who was sleeping with the contractor behind her husband’s back in the house that her husband was paying the guy to help flipped.

  17. I think 99% of social media is a lie but my point was Hallmark embracing this behavior and creating a story out of this behavior is ridiculous. And making it cutesy to make this behavior acceptable just didn't work for me. I know anything goes these days and that's fine but now lying is okay!?! That's what I took away from this movie. Not for me.

  18. She's absolutely missing the point!! And she did Photoshop!! And I feel sorry for her kids! And this is why I'ma mom group dropout because of cluelessness parents like her! And I feel bad for her kids..yes you want them to dream and support their goals but this public pressure and exploitation can also be very dangerous if you're not careful.

  19. All of the people on this show past and present need to quit having babies hoping it will keep them on this show or getting their own show!! 3 under 3🙄 included!

  20. The hate for this movie is strong in this thread! Marlo's face work is distracting but I actually really liked this movie! The conflict between Mom and daughter was well done and I liked how quirky Mom was! Cracked me up!

  21. Gosh I love her but not a fan of him..and the movie was meh. But again I love her!!!

  22. I can't believe this movie is happening!! All of my favorites and Campbell and Sustad writing... I 👏 can't 👏wait!!!!

  23. I love this movie! It's creative and funny! Love both of the actors and their characters. Look forward to watching it every year! Whoever wrote the clues and created the cards is super talented! So cute!

  24. Okay so Morgan didn't win so now dump on these two!?! No. Stop it. Calm down.

  25. The look of defeat from Morgan was pretty sad. And I feel like that cheapens the award for Luke. He knows he didn’t win it fair and square.

  26. Yes! Not even a Morgan fan but I was feeling that hurt!!! Seems like the voters are sending him a message and that's some serious BS!!!

  27. She's acting like such a baby! I feel so bad for Rodney she's dragging him through this drama for attention. Horrible.

  28. Why did they change Samson's character in to such an a*hole!?! Remember when he was doing Amelia's hair and being a total sweety?? His current attitude and behavior is like an evil twin. Why the turnaround? Noah is now the hero!?! Not a fan.

  29. I have big kids in the house, and old people. They will inevitably walk in the room when anything "interesting " is on which is why I watch TV when I'm up alone.

  30. Thank you for saying this!! I agree 100%!! I appreciate Days is trying to modernize but is it necessary to show it? I don't think so.

  31. I haven't seen the episode yet...but is Allie just doing this for Chanel or does she really want to do this!?! Is she feeling threatened about Chanel's attraction to Johnny?

  32. The screaming and the loud and her confessional behavior makes my ears bleed!!

  33. Yes! The light went out of her tonight I hope she can surround herself with people who can tell her she matters. My heart broke for her.

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