1. Nothing wrong with this photo. Don't get me wrong but the fact she won't let Micheal on social media but can show her breast on social media is just backwards to me

  2. What's wrong with this picture? Don't get me wrong, she's Pura Basura for how she treats Michael, but his dumb ass allows it, so I can no longer feel bad for him!

  3. Love how she's running her mouth about Usman scamming Kim when she's been being scammed the whole time. SHES IN DENIAL

  4. imagine her being up in your face with that cigarette breath lol I can smell it as I'm typing this I swear to God

  5. Libbys facial expressions are still killing it

  6. Why did the woman stay with him??🤡

  7. It’s so weird the way she was “gaining confidence” talking to her grandchildren. So messed up

  8. Agreed, and she needs to quit calling Michael "papa michael" to them

  9. I legit said out loud WTF when she was dancing in front of the mirror. She’s on drugs. You don’t act like that at her age. She is on several things. She has sheltered herself from comments online and being around the real world who would put her in her place/ she legit thinks she is hot chit. She is an miserable old lady who would struggle to keep any man in any country . She has to smell so bad when she gets close to you

  10. I lost it when she was trying to twerk in the street the morning of😅

  11. Grow up the only one who is making it about race is you.

  12. I don't agree that you should be messing around with someone who's ultimate goal is to settle down and yours is not.

  13. New to 90 days and binge watching. Is it just me or did Kimberly raise the only “normal” person on 90 days? Her son Jamall seems like a nice guy, with patience and smarts!

  14. Wouldn't he get sued if he did try to launch an American career under that name? The spelling isn't different enough.

  15. I fully believe he would be sued, even just for the same sounding name lol

  16. I thought Big Ed posts weren't allowed lol

  17. Andrei wasn’t angry with Elizabeth and she knows it He was angry frustrated or he was stressed out and worried. Wrong time for her to touch him.

  18. So the way he treated her after they came out is justifiable too? It is absolutely not, he treats her like this 24/7. Quit making excuses for a piece of shit

  19. I've been in a relationship with someone who acts this way and i can tell you it is nothing but anxiety. The abuse will escalate from verbal to physical, I wouldn't be surprised if it already has.

  20. Wonder how far they actually go while they are in there.

  21. When she left the elevator and walked towards him like she was on a run way,

  22. Lmaooo when he was like “oh no” after she said “don’t touch me” hahaha idk why I found that hilarious but it is. He handled this situation very well. Nutalie on the other hand… YIKES

  23. Cause you gotta treat her like a little kid lmao

  24. Im still struggling to understand the smoking in the bathroom scene. Do they think they are being cool? Im a smoker and I have also had some 12 hour flights, it sucks, but i can still wait until i get outside! Also, a lot of international airports have smoking lounges, they are gross, but so is smoking while someone is taking a shit next to you!

  25. Notice on next week’s preview, when he goes off on her looks like the old hag FINALLY has nothing to say. It’s like record scratch lol. Hopefully her abusive, bullying ass gets a good comeuppance & he sends that trash back to Hazlehurst for good🤞

  26. Ugh yes, im curious to see whats going to happen tbh. When there was 5 minutes left I was like there's no way I have to wait till next week to see the whole scene lol

  27. I thought she had (previously) said she paid for his car.

  28. i meant ranting not renting, my bad

  29. Tim just needs his own boyfriend and he too would be happy.- Armando & Kenny

  30. Tim sure did seem to enjoy looking at that picture of Justin...

  31. He said he had nice abs so you aren't wrong hehe

  32. I couldn’t look directly at the tv during it 😂

  33. When she was doing the warmups I was dying💀😅

  34. This dude gives me the weirdest vibes. She’s always so on-guard with him too but still wants him. I don’t get how you can attracted to someone you have zero trust with

  35. Its the new episode. I have Discovery Plus so new episodes are all uploaded Sunday mornings

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