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  1. Was he wanted in Romania? And if so, why the hell was he there?

  2. I’m proud of you for making the joke. I know you wanted to. You knew we probably wouldn’t laugh at it, but you did it anyway and I think that’s great 😊

  3. Speaking of that, I’ve read about some species of duck where the male finishes in 0,65 second. How sad.

  4. I've seen a lot of penises in my life. No picture of a penis can disturb me anymore.

  5. Swam as long as I can swim so I need to get my hotspot on b4 I let it go now I'm in the deepest part of this lake where no other fin's have ever finna go afin!!!!!!!

  6. I caught my 9 year old sister watching a YouTube video about little girls getting kidnapped and sold for sec trafficking

  7. Girl just wants to know what's waiting for her out there...

  8. this happened yesterday. he's just a spoiled, rude, annoying, disobedient little snot

  9. Disobedient as heck - and despite you telling him to leave your laptop alone!

  10. Little Johnny: "Dad! I just had my first blowjob!"

  11. My theory is this is just being used as a scapegoat to subjugate people more harshly under the guise of being helpful since it's a virus. What better way to treat people more poorly and have people on your side if you're claiming it's because of their safety. This is the only thing that makes sense to me. You can freely round people up with little question.

  12. Have you been paying attention at all to just how "freely" they've been able to round folks up? Have you noticed with what "little question" people have rioted over this?

  13. Not true - that kind of spraying really helps a virus appreciate how good it's got it...

  14. I'd not be willing to exchange $50 for the dubious benefit of having a garbanzo bean placed on my face.

  15. What’s the difference between a garbanzo bean and a black eye pea? Costs more to have a black guy pee on my face.

  16. True Story : Gf and I were in Key West and were attracted to a crowd of celebrity gawkers at the opening of a Planet Hollywood restaurant. Behind us was this adorable ma, pa and their strapping 14 year old farm-boy son from Oklahoma, craning their necks to track the stars exiting limos and taking the block-long walk down the red carpet running down the middle of the street. \

  17. FYI FWIW That was a quote from the great US statesman from South Carolina.

  18. Thank you that’s exactly right. I live in the Midwest small town USA and every time I see the news or hop on some social media and see headlines I think “that’s not representative of me or my life in even a small way”

  19. Messages I highly doubt someone suffering a stroke ever had the ability to put together...

  20. this is what happens to your fridge when you store too much beer inside it

  21. Actually that's what happens when you store too little of all that beer inside the fridge...

  22. Well, you shouldn't believe random facts from strangers, do your own research. The alphabet was put together by a privileged group of cardinals and elitists YEARS after the unicorns died.

  23. Sloths and rhinos are pretty far from each other in the phylogeny of mammals

  24. But "s" and "r" are right next to each other in the alphabet, so...

  25. Something about someone's mother I think . . .

  26. Hey, lets be fair - I'm sure if they kept recording they'd have figured it out...

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