1. 84 is on the higher end but still in the ok range

  2. I’m not assuming anything about you, but I sure am from OP who is a new grower ordering an exhaust fan. So like I said, unless you’re one of the few out there with a dedicated 100% sealed room (which a single grow tent with an exhaust fan is not and what most indoor growers have, an open loop system) I’m talking about no windows, no gaps on doors (as in air tight). No air is extracted out to or drawn in from outside the sealed grow-space. To actually get the true benefit from CO2 you’re going to need closer to 1500 PPM, and those packets will not do anywhere close to that in an open loop system. Props to you if you do have an actual close loop system set up, but there’s no way a new grower does

  3. It also works in a semi sealed room but you do lose one or two 100ppm's depending on set up but still better than nothing at all.

  4. Cool thanks, this is my first grow doing defoliation on the heavier side so I don't want to fuck it up

  5. You're good look up schwazzing. It's the way to go!!!

  6. Do u have a tutorial on building that?

  7. What's the yield you get from those 4 bins and how often? Curious.

  8. Around 2-2.5lb average depending on strain type every 2 months or every month if I'm running both set ups.

  9. It can lead to a hay/grass smell for a bit and it can last if you dont jar cure it.

  10. Wet trim is the easiest way to go. You're getting a hay smell because you're not drying/curing the buds correctly regardless if it's a wet or dry trim.

  11. Ive tried both methods over the last 30 years of growing and buds after wet trimming are never the same as dry trimming. The smell and taste is way better after dry trimming. I also jar cure for a month after drying and trimming. I remember reading something one time about the clear fluid that leaks out of the leaf stem after wet trimming enhances the hay/grass smells.

  12. It's a matter of personal preference as I prefer wet trimming over dry (double the work) and I've never had any hay smell bud wet trimming like you claim. Hence you doing something wrong when you wet trim possibly your buds aren't dry enough or drying buds with a light on or not flushing properly before harvest. Drying in light and not flushing before harvest are the only times I've heard of weed smelling/tasting like hay/grass.

  13. A person after my own heart! You used wooden dowels and even office clips to train that lady. I love seeing stuff like this!

  14. Large paper clips are great super cheap training tools.

  15. I’ve used platinum seed bank as my source any time I’ve ran anything but It seems the bag seed was the only thing that made it through the morning I pissed my wife off and she poured chemicals over almost all of them except one

  16. Dammit man that sucks. You'd be surprised at how resilient the plants are. Might be too late now but I would've pulled them out of the soil and rinse the roots and repot it in uncontaminated soil. Sorry for your loss 😔

  17. Wife won’t let me dry things right so I’m tucked man she loves my failure 😣

  18. Man that really sucks bro. Sorry for your loss

  19. Temps are good but be cautious when it goes over 65°humidity

  20. I see a little heat stress with those leafs cupping like taco shell.

  21. It also can be genetics. Death Star leaves grow like that like they're praying.

  22. Throw a chlorine tablet in the pool from your balcony. That'll kill the mosquitoes

  23. I thought the fan leaves needed to come off because they were shading the bud kind of leaves below?

  24. You're correct it's a weed if you cut too much you might stunt it's growth for a week or two but it'll always recover. Do what you need to do with YOUR environment because every grow environment is different. Also a lot of people here will mislead you into their bro science methods. Good luck on your grow!!!

  25. Thrips will probably fall away once they get really stinky and sticky

  26. Get you fox farm trio, watch 1000 hours of youtube videos and ignore the crazy sounding stuff while following all the things that everyone repeats. This is called research and should be done before you dive in. The old f'ers didn't have internet and unlimited content and info, but you do! Let's not waste $ and get it right from the start. WTTGT (welcometothegrowtent) is a good youtube channel to start with. From there i am sure the suggestions will pile up on the side for other related content.

  27. Great advice 👍 research research research

  28. Lol me too and I see a ton of growers on YouTube do it so I’ve always kinda “monkey see monkey done it” but I’ve always had something in the back of head that questioned this whole ritual

  29. For me it's my bonding time with the girls lmao

  30. Hardest thing to do is to be patient but she does have a few more weeks to go from the pics.

  31. The garage pics almost look like model cars, nice spots

  32. Free lights that work are always good imo.

  33. I cut legit all the fan leaves and was told my nugs won’t continue growth because the plant will focus on creating leafs or something along those lines. I think it’s looking pretty good for such a big mess up

  34. You did good and it's not that big of a mess up. Look up schwazzing I usually chop most of my fan leaves but I do a SOG so I need to for lighting purposes.

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