Tennessee police officer fired his stun gun at a food delivery man who began recording his traffic stop, saying he was feeling unsafe

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  1. Somebody reported my instagram to the FBI for hashtagging "Vote from the rooftops" lmao

  2. Printing with brim turned on when slicing can help but without images of your 1st layer or of the fails it's a case of running over the basics over and over.

  3. Yeah I guess I'm just going to have to keep messing with it. Surely SOMETHING has to work. In the morning I'm going to do three separate leveling methods. If that doesn't do it, I'm just going to sell it. I've wasted too much time and money on this.

  4. You ain't a dumbass, I would have thought the same thing if I didn't try out wrestling when I was younger.

  5. Bet officer porky wouldn't like that gun turned around on him

  6. When I looked at the render the actual grip looked like a brick. Is it actually comfortable?

  7. About as comfortable as a brick can be haha it honestly isn't THAT bad but it's not nearly as comfortable as an AR, AK, or pistol grip.

  8. I'm very interested to see how you solve the trigger on this. I didn't think it was viable to weld to the trigger bar.

  9. My initial thought was to print the trigger bar and then take the printed part to a local machine shop to see if they could replicate the bar and the pins out of metal. We will see.

  10. Haha it totally looks like something that would be "California compliant"

  11. If this was capitalism, the farmers would be able to grow and sell their potatoes and Pepsi would have to rely on either having a better product or a better price. This isn't capitalism.

  12. He wants to be a victim of a hate crime sooooo bad

  13. Just because he had Jewish ancestry does not mean he is Jewish...

  14. Also, if your grandfather was from Mexico, would it be fair to say you're hispanic?

  15. Officer Christensen straight up admitted that he's no stronger than an 11 year old girl. So why is he considered qualified to handle threats at a school?

  16. I was about to start learning ECM rifling. I'm definitely interested in knowing your method and would attempt it myself if you released your files!

  17. Other than the hate symbol, the cake looks like it smacks.

  18. Reliability and trigger are no longer there and it's fucking plastic so I don't see the point. Those are the 3 main points as to why I carry 1911 style Firearms.

  19. I was never even remotely interested in 1911s until this gun was developed. Now its the only gun I want at the moment. I also don't see how it being plastic is a bad thing. Something tells me this is really just you projecting your own insecurities about not being able to put together a functioning firearm.

  20. Huh? I have a safe full of ARs that I have assembled. Before Nighthawk and Wilson came around, we had to modify our Colts to get them accurate which took taking parts and filing them down to fit... not hitting fucking Print on a computer. I'm sure with your small hands, a 1911 has never been something you wanted nor needed. I have man hands. A big chunk of steel is what I desire and require...

  21. Easily the cringiest comment i've read of Reddit so far. Congrats, big man.

  22. You designed all these different jigs to make your own Glock parts like the EZ rails and the trigger bar jig. Also I've been wanting to make a 3011 for a hot minute now and the only real limiter is the lack of rails. Your ideas brings the average Joe so much closer to being able to DIY these parts by ourselves.

  23. That's whole idea. However, if you look at my post history I designed my most ambitious idea yet. Let me know if you like it! And yes, it works. Just I don't know the extent of results yet.

  24. It could be any one of these projects. From the G90 to the .22 barrel to the barrel drilling jig, these are all too good to be true lmao

  25. Carry a pistol on you if you're going to be driving a Ferrari around LA

  26. Lol thats my little frt carbine. The newest version will be tested soon followed by release once I'm happy with all the new changes!

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