My kids haven’t cleaned their bathroom like they were supposed to. I decided to leave a note under a rag they left on the floor. Let’s see if they find it. It’s been a week already.

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  1. This beauty of a man can alter anything of mine he wants and I’d still ask him “Tomorrow good for you?”

  2. She looks like she just let a loud, wet fart and he’s both horrified and a little turned on. 😆

  3. I have always loved how he shows by example how to be male without toxic masculinity. He’s a wonderful human and his wife may have hit the Wife Lotto For Life with him. Also: that beard totally works for me.

  4. Wow you made this! It’s excellent! Terrifying, yes, but excellent all the same.

  5. Today I learned that different coloured peppers are not different plants, but one plant at different times.

  6. I went to the Valentines one last year and it was absolutely the most fun I’d had in several years!

  7. This is a great idea! Get them used to middle management passive aggression early so it hurts less when they start losing pieces of their souls to dead end jobs later in life! /s

  8. I want them both to shove their meat in me at the same time like I'm a turducken.

  9. I spit coffee out and then immediately choked on it so suddenly that I woke my sleeping dog and now she’s freaking out and I can’t breathe. Thank you. I Will be laughing about this randomly for the rest of the week.

  10. When Tess said “I don’t ask you to feel what I feel” was she referring to her loving him?

  11. I was very, very happy with this line and the further implications of their dynamic. I’ll be honest I was not very happy with the first episode showing Joel and Tess in what seemed to be an emotional relationship rather than just “two people surviving together” because the caring relationship that Joel and Ellie eventually foster means so much more when you realise that Joel has not allowed himself to care for anyone since Sarah. With episode two showing that Joel didn’t have the same feelings for Tess it elevates the Joel/Ellie relationship later by avoiding showing Joel as just some gruff/grumpy guy that eventually cares for Ellie (a trope that has been way overdone) but still cares for people so of course he’d eventually care for Ellie. But with episode two it’s more - This guy doesn’t care for anyone but his brother - I am so excited for the payoff later!

  12. This is the No Game Spoilers thread. I am only discussing the show episodes. What am I spoiling?

  13. This is how I feel all the infected are working out to be screen ready.

  14. I will say the one thing I really miss from that moment between Joel and Tess is when in the game Joel actually sees the bite he steps back and just says "Oh Jesus..." and his composure completely comes apart and all his hostility immediately evaporates. Easily a highlight of Troy Baker's performance for me, shame it didn't make it in.

  15. I loved Pedro’s acting in this scene. Tess shows her bite and when she moves towards him he’s immediately slightly defensive, as if automatically reaches for his gun. It’s only a second, but it’s there. That is the moment you can see Tess goes from friend to foe in his mind because that’s what surviving is - not just recognising danger, but reacting fast enough to danger. Scene was on point.

  16. Your hair is powerful enough to take over the world and I am here for it! Also, fantastic skills with that eye makeup

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