1. Sophie Dee was already plastic, but she perfected it. And then she ruined her face.

  2. I have never been rich enough or poor enough for healthcare. Therefore, I simply do not go.

  3. And what circumstances place you in the 9% of Americans who lack insurance coverage?

  4. Pilots are crazy. Happens more often than anyone would like to think. Could be relationship issues, gambling debts or general depression. All these have been previously documented cases of pilots taking down commercial aircraft intentionally.

  5. I did, doesn't change anything, only shows my milestones.

  6. There's a few YouTube videos out there. Seems cool but I don't know wtf I would do with it. Not sure an arms dealer is my future.

  7. I only want it to make some grips and other stuff like that. I don’t plan on building guns out of them

  8. From my understanding you can make about anything on them with a template. I think they are even making them steel compatible.

  9. Ah legit. I was thinking he got his hands on a cities skylines 2 demo. Farming simulator is in the wish list I need to join the club.

  10. I'd be happy if the US just made a 40 hour work week a liveable wage. The only thing a 32 hour workweek would do right now, is allow more people to get a second job.

  11. Depends on where you live. In some places, $15 an hour is livable. In others, $20-25. Others still, you need to make 6 figures just to survive (looking at you San Francisco.)

  12. Which is why a national minimum wage, or livable wage, or basic income is all nonsense. 25$ in hours is nothing in San Francisco but Doctor money in Ada OK.

  13. You describe the male version of the stereotype of complaining catty old women complaining about their men as they take care of the kids and make dinner. So you’re saying you’re a whiny bitchy man that gossips with his bitchy friends while you do “man” things? Ha! Okay, enjoy being a bitch.

  14. Tips flamboyant top hat as he skips into the sunset

  15. I'll just get back to cranking it to fox News while I build my ghost guns in my garage. Utterly defeated.

  16. Keanu is always the answer. Replace Brenden Fraser with anyone else and the answer is Keanu. Except Morgan Freeman. Dudes a damn treasure.

  17. Drugs keep my wife from slowly and agonizingly dying in a month from not having any thyroid hormone.

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