What's up with all the lawyers suddenly?

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SEC Alert! Chair Gary Gensler: "I am pleased to support the President’s FY 2024 request of $2.436 billion for the SEC, to put us on a better track for the future" "FY 2023 funding for the first time brought the agency’s staffing back above where we were seven years ago."

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  1. The transfer agent knows how many shares are registered to Cede & Co. But only Cede & Co knows the full tangled web of (multiple) ownership of each share.

  2. A bunch of lawyers trying to reassure us that, no, the change in language is completely benign and that there is nothing nefarious going on.

  3. Dang, here comes the dip again. Raining on our heads like a chance to buy. Raining on our heads like another chance to buy low.

  4. Each share held at DTCC could very well have multiple owners due to short selling, so even though the float may be “locked” there would still be some sells from those multiply-owned shares at DTCC.

  5. That’s it I’m investing in p0rnhub now that viewership is going to go through the roof with the SEC’s new budget!

  6. Hey, it's hard to keep track of subs when one is an ape with very little brain ʕ •́؈•̀)

  7. Watch my metaphorical middle finger carefully: fuck you, pay me. I’m not leaving.

  8. lets be real, neither of you know what's happening

  9. If you only had to file SEC reports for direct registered stock, no one would have to make reports. Institutions aren't going to be directly registered as it would extremely hamper their ability to loan out their shares and do general institution things.

  10. I took an ancestry DNA test about 3 years ago and it connected me with everyone who shared 50% of my DNA. One of them reached out to me and told me everything and invited me to the group chat!

  11. My only “problem” is they look right on the driver side but they look goofy like they’re going the wrong way on the passenger side.

  12. Is Gabe still selling that hp printer? After he jacked the hornets from MJ.

  13. Thank you. I’ve been debating learning Python and hoping to get a job doing something in tech. Would be great to work from home or anywhere really.

  14. You have to take a two-pronged approach. Tech can pay handsomely (but keep in mind a lot of tech companies have laid off a lot of their workers — there will be a lot of talents flooding the market making this process slow and painful).

  15. Honestly for now, swallow your pride and work in service industry. I know it sucks but at least it pays and with decent tips from well-heeled areas you could do well. My kids make about $25-30/hour with tips waiting at a Thai restaurant. Long hours.

  16. BRICS Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. Many other countries are already on board with them, and yep it will be an asset backed currency. PetroDollar is already dead. Dollar will hit hyperinflation really quickly when things start to move, and then the dollar's replacement will come (cum) to save the day.... I'm seeing some pushback on US CBDC, but i doubt it will be enough.

  17. Dystopian cyberpunks … we have been training all our lives for this shit 🤣

  18. Get fiat currency and turn it into land quickly. Land and time are the real assets. Those are the things they aren’t making more of.

  19. Defend that land like it’s gold … actually better than gold because you can’t eat gold but you can eat most things that grow on said land.

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