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  1. What is the legality to towing and repo men? I mean it’s a private company essentially stealing a car. Even if you are delinquent on your note it seems that they would have to take you to court and have a legal ruling to repossesses. What would happen if you caught someone repoing your car or even towing it and you pulled a gun on them?

  2. Legally there might be some ground to stand on, if you’re a Repo Man. You’re contracted by the owner which I will assume is the finance company (until the car is payed off). Maybe, I never read the fine print of my contract.

  3. I mean if you fall behind on your rent or mortgage the landlord and bank can’t just go and throw your stuff out and change the locks. It’s a long process, and I believe eventually the sheriff will come evict someone. I wonder why it would be different with a car?

  4. You’re probably right, I really don’t know too much about property rights. I just have this feeling that banks have tremendous upperhand leverage on everything and everyone. Like I wouldn’t be surprised if there are deep written fine print laws about banks having the authority to just come take your shit in a situation like this one with the van. Sadly this is capitalism, friend

  5. Start at the beginning. And keep going. When you get the end, stop.

  6. Kind of like Wednesday?! Another one that is not spelled how it sounds or is pronounced. English is a stupid language. HAHA

  7. I read it as Wed-nes-day, but say Wensday

  8. Ha! I knew I wasn’t the only one who saw this too

  9. If you're fucking me in the ass by hanging underneath the sex swing and then you fall is your penis pushed or pulled from my asshole?

  10. Each and every single time. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Love it. Keep going.

  11. I really liked the “idiot” part at the end lol

  12. Cook that shit and find out and then tell us

  13. I can tell you payed attention in science class 👍🏽

  14. Ngl you’re cute either way but kinda like the no bangs look a little more.

  15. If my company simply paid for my fuel expenses I’d be fine with that too

  16. Because we have too much traffic everyday and we can’t be late for work

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