1. L’artisan Patchouli Patch. 80% straight patchouli mellowed out the rest of the way.

  2. I’d go with coal chute too but it could be to vent the basement in the summer. Typically the cover on these going outside is decorative but who knows. If it is make sure to use it. Old homes often have them filled in and mold becomes a problem

  3. Replace weed with alcohol and it is the ‟I can not smoke weed anymore” starterpack

  4. This rings true for weed laws. I know several people who smoked and rarely drank for years. Got a job that drug test. Started drinking more. Became raging alcoholics and either had to quit everything or are that rock bottom person now. Fuck man. Let people get high. Alcohol is one of the worst drugs put there.

  5. If the ceiling is drywall I’m going with someone forgot to tape it. Easy fix. If not then something settled. Keep an eye on it and see if it gets worse.

  6. In my state they can evict if you hold the rent even if stuff isn’t being fixed. You have to escrow the rent to show you’re paying but they can’t get it until they fix stuff.

  7. Not sure what’s near you but I lived close to a local saw mill. I will say I got in with the guys and did a lot of business with them. They would custom mold pieces for me for pretty cheap. I used them for a number of jobs on an old house I had. They did go out of business so….may have been a bit under priced. But I could take a profile of whatever and they’d make it in whatever wood I wanted.

  8. That looks like pine. Last time I was at Lowe’s they had live edge slabs for like $100.

  9. I’m thinking there might not even be tape under it. This looks like exactly why you use tape. Otherwise a nice long straight crack. Judging by the mud bubbles whoever did it did it bad.

  10. Is the house brick? Old brick would be double thick with no wood on the inside. They plastered right onto the brick. Brad guns will usually go through plaster walls on lathe but not on brick.

  11. Dump in bleach. Let sit in there until it’s gone. Flush.

  12. Beats fit pro. I got these recently to workout. I can violently shake my head and they don’t budge. Super comfortable. And uses the same tech as iPod pros

  13. Insulating the walls has way more upside then any minute to nothing issue with the house breathing. Don’t use the spray foam but blowing in loose insulation won’t hurt it. I’m insulated walls are seriously one of the worst energy killers out there. Insulate and make sure those storm windows seal well. Then the furnace is a matter of whether to spend the money or wait till it breaks.

  14. Here's something that possibly happened, though it's tough to tell without full knowledge of your situation:

  15. I don’t see newer caulking on that corner. It looks like it just cracked. Honestly if a foundation crew is working on this and it causes the cracks they’re likely liable. If they’re truly professionals they would anti this and let you know. That wall has settled significantly.

  16. Tempo edp. I love it. But I tried because a friend of mine got a sample and did not like it. So proceed with caution

  17. I have heard about this great place that accepts donated fragrances. It super secret so just send them to me and I’ll take care of it.

  18. Tom ford urban musk. I think discontinued. It smelled almost like manure but in a weirdly good way. The musk was dirty as hell. A strange fragrance. Had a large decant. I loved it.

  19. As said before find a good broker. They can see what’s important and what options are out there. A lot of the time it comes down to replacement cost. Old homes to replace as is is an astronomical amount. Often multiple times more than the value. And if there’s a total loss they’re not gonna rebuild with the exact materials. Some places and banks allow a lower coverage cost based on value. Which can lower the insurance.

  20. Idk where they were looking but I just bought a used copy on eBay for $8.00.

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