1. Thanks for sharing! This is my band. I do the Bass, Guitars, and Keys. We did this song with David Bottrill. Really proud of it. Lots of loving nods to Rush in it.

  2. Awesome to see you here! I've listened to this song at least once a day since it came out. The overture is so perfect, I can't stop listening after... I'm loving every single Rush nod (and Context nod too!). I have no idea how y'all will pull this off live, but I'm sure it'll work.

  3. I'd encourage you to go listen to Part I first, as some of the themes are repeated in Part II:

  4. Metallica have this inability to edit their own material down.

  5. I have to agree, their later albums are so long, they're hard for me to get into.

  6. I still see it available on Spotify and Apple Music

  7. I'm in Canada, maybe that's why? It was on Apple Music for the longest time.

  8. Did Kevin Hearn do the art of this? This looks similar to the Snack Time cover art.

  9. Je sais que c'est une joke mais je suis offusqué à fond par les unités mal exprimées; il s'agit de kWh ou bien kW·h. Merci.

  10. Oui mais ce ne sont pas des Watt, ça prendrait un W majuscule. w minuscule, je ne sais même pas si ça représente de quoi...

  11. I've always found the song title to be a letdown. The song has a lot less groove than I thought. Or maybe I'm just expecting "Such a Groovy Guy" by Weird Al.

  12. I've tried to introduce prog to my wife and she likes mid-period Genesis, specifically Trick of the Tail through Duke. She does like Peter Gabriel but as a solo act, in particular So, Us and Up and a few selected tunes from the first four LPs.

  13. A Trick of the Tail and Wind and Wuthering are a good introduction if you're strategic about which songs you pick. It really depends on what she likes, but these albums have a lot of pretty songs with progressive elements, but still quite accessible. I may be sauntering into stereotyping here, but I can see them being appealing to an girl.

  14. “echos with the sounds… of salesmen” always cracks me up. :)

  15. And the trees were all made equal! With hatchet... axe...

  16. Aucune idée si Côté faisait référence à ça (ça m'étonnerait), mais il y a une région du Cameroun qui est une ancienne colonie britannique et où le français est pas mal moins parlé que dans le reste du pays.

  17. En plus, il y a (ou a eu, je n'ai pas trop suivi les nouvelles dernièrement) une guerre civile dans les régions anglo. Ça fend le cœur.

  18. 2x4 is Fuckin riff city. King Nothing slaps, and Ain’t My Bitch is a dope album opener

  19. I heard it at a hockey game and was overjoyed because I thought no one else remembered. Sure, it's basically Walk II, but the live version in particular straight up grooves.

  20. Well it is now,did they add it because of my comment or did I just miss it before?

  21. I think it was already a flair, but now I'm second guessing myself

  22. I (well, my dad) had one of those. Apart from being an import, pretty accurate. I'd say a Cavalier personally.

  23. Seek out "Context: Fearless pt. I" and "Starlifter: Fearless pt. II" (just dropped this week). It's their tribute to Cygnus X-1 books I and II.

  24. Not heard the name FM for decades. Nash the Slash!

  25. Lucky you're here to explain it to us non-understanders

  26. I, like OP, have no ducks to give because I'm not a duck farmer.

  27. There are mild Norm Macdonald vibes to the guy. Very mild, but they're there.

  28. I also picked up YesSongs the previous time I went to this record store. It was either $6 or $9 CAD for YesSongs, can't remember for YesShows but I think it was more (in better shape).

  29. You should check Return To Analog website , they have reissued almost every Morse code albums and they also reissued a lot of amazing Quebec prog bands like Sloche and Pollen. If you are in Canada they are really cheap and definitely worth it

  30. Very interesting, thanks for the heads-up! I now have their Francophone trilogy + greatest hits on used vinyl, and it appears they only have the trilogy + MCT I. I'll keep an eye out for anything else in the future.

  31. Comme l'usage de la cigarette est en baisse constante depuis des années, on peut voir la corrélation directe entre l'augmentation des incendies et le rejet du tabagisme.

  32. Don’t learn to “code”. Learn to solve problems with code. If you look at it that way, AI can only be good for you in your career.

  33. I think that’s only in the web version and isn’t visible in the current client, right?

  34. Wouldn't surprise me if the Mac version is the web client in an Electron wrapper.

  35. To me, it begs the question of "why aren't you still there?"

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