Guide to getting cheapest Game Pass Ultimate (Conversion trick)

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  1. Hey, there is no physical damage to the mouse at all, externally is just perfect. I suppose the scroll wheel click mechanism inside broke with the impact.

  2. I need to make an update post my build but it basically goes like this (you can probably find the original post in my profile) I was running a 5600x and 3090 FE on my T1. My cooler was an EK 240 Basic with a slim and a standard fan. During summer the GPU would hit over 100C in the memory while power capped at ca 70% and with a pretty conservative curve. CPU temps around 70C-80C max with a slight undervolt.

  3. I would've liked to test how the single changes would affect the temps (for example, only the thermal pad replacement with the AIO, or the AXP90 without the pads replaced, or even the fan swap on the AXP90) but honestly I didn't have nor the time or the patience of rebuilding the entire case that many times ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  4. My dude this is way past a full time job. I admire you for loving a single class this much. Get some schedule or you'll burn out :cry:

  5. Iโ€™ve been smashing mpv screens since I moved to 4-spender entropy. You must learn how to play with only a 5-sec dash and no other movement skills.

  6. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5438678

  7. Well Iโ€™ll design it to the measurements of mine. Just let me know if it needs to be adjusted for any reason.

  8. Awesome! Keep me posted! Thanks

  9. Can Confirm that this still works as of 7pm PST Nov 28, 2022.. one caveat though... if you did it before (used the 1$ gamepass trial) like i did 3 years ago, then you will have to pay the full price for 1 month. However, it s still a great deal. Buy your gold cards at costco, they are 10$ cheaper there($59.99). so it works out that you end up paying total of $220.60 for 3 years of gamepass ultimate, as oppsed to $685.08 you're still saving a whopping $464.30

  10. Hey, you so you did the first 3 years with this 'trick'. Now you're renewing another 3 years by purchasing x4 gold cards ($60x4)? or how did you do it? the original post says ratios will be 1:3 after doing it the first time

  11. Does this work today? my 3 years of GamePass Ultimate will expire soon. If I understood correctly, I could either do the same, but this time it will be 1 month of gamepass every 3 of gold (1:3 ratio), OR I could create a new xbox account and take another 3 years 1:1 and of course giving up to achievements, progress, etc. Can anyone confirm?

  12. I'm a little unclear about your use of the term error propagation. Are there uncertainties in your measurements of x, or is x known precisely?

  13. Thanks for the reply. The task is not entirely clear to me either. I need to quantify the uncertainty of my regression coefficients (from which I have their standard errors). I use the regression to predict other values. What I've understood so far is that each of my predictions (y) have a Sy (sigma) which is related to the standard errors of my coefficients. I need to compute a sort of 'average' or percentual error that considers the all the uncertainties of all my predictions (a time series), and I think this is what they call error propagation. I'm not sure if this makes any sense?!

  14. Correct, I am using the regression coefficients to predict concentration from turbidity values in a time series that is 'external' to the regression procedure (if that is what you mean by future values). And yes, what I understood is that since I'm predicting over a time series I need to propagate the uncertainty.

  15. Thrist Reaper? I've heard it has insane mobility and super fast-paced gameplay

  16. I can barely tame the 3090 FE temps on the T1, can't imagine the 4090. I think there's just not enough air pull force to keep it decent temp levels without an aggressively power limit. I'm going Air cooled with the AXP90R so that I can install 2 25mm fans and there's enough space for circulation. Witn an AIO I need to undervolt and limit to about 75% power. Rip

  17. The 3080 is fine in this case, especially with a mild under lot. Donโ€™t worry too much about getting temps to some arbitrarily low limit. Modern parts are designed to throttle themselves into reasonable ranges.

  18. 3080 FE is fine, offsetting the PSU allows for some room behind the exhausting fan that can be pulled out. The problem is the behemoth 3-slot cards that won't allow for that extra little. Yes, you can push the temp limits as these stuff is usually design with a safety factor of up 1.4 (or more?), but it still just feels to me like I'm mistreating something that costed me so much

  19. I agree, this raid is not about damage, it's about mechanics. Yes, extra damage can be useful since you can jump from one mech to another avoiding stuff happening in between, but once you know the mechanics and the patterns is all about doing them. The biggest issue I've encountered are players trying to push dps instead of focusing on mechanics (ie. G3 flamethrower turret or gauge balls, preparing gauge for Mario, and so on).

  20. Do you need to use judg/convict with awakening 3 to keep the buff full time?

  21. No, with awakening 3 you don't need Conviction/Judgement to keep dominion up the entire time.

  22. I am 1650 spec with rc / cd / eso / awa / grudge 5x3 What is you combo to do 3x4 bubbles ? I Can only do 2x4 and 1x2 for fire dragon or i can go 4x3 but i lose my movements skill for something like this: nade - rc - ww-moonkick-bf-ssb-fire dragon

  23. Legendary wealth on Sky shattering blow with abundant resources (max pref); purple on Energy combustion and blue on Roar

  24. I'm going to be honest with you bud: you wasted all of your gold.

  25. I went from a 900 spec / rest on swift, 4x3+2+1 (Grudge, RC, Adrenaline, CD, Awakening, eso) to a full spec + swift neck, 5x3 (Grudge, RC, Adrenaline, Eso, Awakening), dominion set, 3-spender.

  26. Recently changed from a 2-spender 4x4 +2 +1 'classic' build to a 3-spender, full Spec, dominion, 5x3 (Grudge, RC, Adrenaline, Eso, Awakening).

  27. Oh btw, I just saw that both the 3-spender hallucination builds were tested with eso engraving lv1. When running 3-spender builds eso should be maxed, and with hallucination set engravings should be 5x3: Grudge, KBW, ESO, RC, CD/MI (preferably cursed doll since you no longer run max swiftness)

  28. Hey! Nice data and well presented! I would encourage you to try a couple more ESO builds that are rising in Korea, specially with the adjustments to the hallucination set (not yet live in the west but trixion is just fine)

  29. Got a similar build with a 5600x instead. I've decided to move to air cooling with an AXP90 with a 12mm fan and to replace the thermal pads on the 3090. Will actually do it during next week. I'll post the results

  30. I'm a 1480 Eso WD, played FI before. After learning legion raids I must say I do prefer FI playstyle for a couple reasons:

  31. Attspeed penalty of MI is something you can live with. I wouldn't spend the gold to change to Cursed Doll. As other said, with Awakening 2 you shouldn't run C+J anymore but it depends on how much swiftness you have (I currently have 1300 swiftness that results on a 7sec downtime that is ok for me)

  32. I've recently built my bluelancer alt 4x3 +2+1: Grudge, Barricade, Precise Dagger, Stabilized Status, Spirit absorption 2 and class 1.

  33. I just recently geared my main and was confused about the spec. Only got to 1588. Are there breakpoints in stat or does every 1 point matter? Kind of sucks if I am only short 12 spec to 1600 if there's a cutoff if so...

  34. No breakpoints, every single point matters. You can see your % damage increase when you hover over your spec stat

  35. This is the T1 on 2-slot GPU, right? for 3-slot AXP90-X47 should be the one

  36. Crafted once 3/100 Crafted twice 3/100 Hmm... maybe I'll try an upgrade before crafting again One tapped 98/100 Just spent my yearly stash of good rng ggwp

  37. I honestly can't see the problem. It's completely normal for people to try get argos bus after a Punika powerpass... where are your alts? How are you dealing with argos for your alt? What I do find a super @ss move is the people selling busses for 2k gold.

  38. Thank you all for replying, I'm leaning towards the AXP90-47 Black, now I've just found this T1 build where they're using an AXP90-47 FULL + 120mm fan. He has a 92 to 120mm fan bracket.

  39. I've been looking at the same coolers. Decided on the blackridge with noctua fan swap. Should be here today/tomorrow.

  40. What CPU/GPU do you have? can you let me know how are your temps? Thanks!

  41. Hey, any reason for swapping to the AXP-90 copper precisely? I'm considering also the black ridge.

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