1. I personally really enjoyed the BBQ nachos from Vaca Gordo at Avanti Highlands.

  2. It’s a pull up bar if you mount it.

  3. I can’t wait until this group gets 42,069 members. Namaste.

  4. I find it easier to think thru stuff when I’m high alone

  5. I’m wrapping up a 5 week break next week. The amount of money of saved alone made it worth it.

  6. Simply do nothing with it. Let it exist as it is. Enjoy it.

  7. Ya godda grind b for yairs and yairs just to get one minute of material.

  8. As someone who is not a drummer, what does this mean? He’s just switching drum brands? This might sound dumb but is that a big deal?

  9. Guitarists can get away with bringing various Fenders, Gibsons, Gretsches, Rickenbackers, etc to the same gig (and don’t even get me started on pedals), but for whatever reason, drummers take endorsements very seriously. It’s sacrilegious to mix and match cymbal brands. So it’s not a big deal to most listeners, but I’m sure there’s a guy on a drum forum somewhere claiming he’ll never go to another RHCP show because he hates how Paistes sound. 🤦‍♀️

  10. Thanks! This makes more sense now.

  11. Love this take. They make music for the love of the game. It’s amazing.

  12. Chad is the type of guy who can sleep anywhere, anytime, no problem.

  13. Listening to this it’s so obvious Bert really doesn’t know who this guy is Lmaoo

  14. For real, it’s wild that he got worse. Like he really did. It’s been several years and all that we got is 25 mins of worse garbage.

  15. Oh bubba you work for yairs and yairs only to get gadooshed by bappa because he’s jealous of your baggflip. Just axe Jay sometimes the grim reeper comes a noggin.

  16. This obscure RHCP reference is why I love this sub.

  17. Chad comes off as so grounded. I love AK, John, and Flea to death, but there’s no denying they’re batshit. Sounds like Chad has a vastly different lifestyle than the others, and i can’t blame him for preferring the sidelines

  18. This. I always was under the impression Chad is a regular dude who also happens to be a legend on the drums. I’ve read that even when they first toured together, he’d go off after shows and grab drinks around town on his own.

  19. Never give up on your dreams. Just keep doing it. No madder what.

  20. People have gave advice. I have over a dozen vapes and I will still use the Pax 3 at least twice a month.

  21. What’s your vape of choice under $200?

  22. Got it, thanks for this breakdown. I was between pax 2 and dynavap but got pax 2 on sale in the end. The thing that looks annoying w dynavap is that you have to blowtorch it, right?

  23. Bryan looks like if the streets called to Jimmy Kimmel.

  24. Hey reel quigg b? You see the big cats at the zoo w a swollen face? Same lanes.

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