1. I’m an idiot when it comes to this stuff… so if the information is correct how do we go about getting our money back from there?

  2. The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of The Wild Anyone who has beaten the game knows that Gannon’s final form could’ve been beaten by a goldfish… Ganon was supposed to be HIM, HIMMY TURNER, HIMMY NEUTRON

  3. Why is 2018 called Batman ninja when that is clearly a samurai?

  4. Nah I’m just kidding I thought it was kind of funny (Edit) oh you meant he’s being rude

  5. Okay I will admit that this is something that he probably should’ve checked for before he went and actually did it but I will give him a break because in the bio I do believe that it says it can be equipped by all races or some shit like that

  6. You keep doing them until he unlocks your potential (which nail will move out of the way of the door you walk inside and talk to guru)

  7. He fired raw ultimates that you could get out of by just simply dodging or reverse burst dashing. Also his combo game is severely lacking to say the least. He didn’t get a guard break first for any of them and he didn’t do a knockback/knockdown for them either. Granted Rosé Kamehameha doesn’t really necessarily NEED a knockback to land cause of the initial punch but if you want combos for Black I can provide lol

  8. Yeah, that’s what I wanna fix the most like after someone vanishes behind me I wanna be able to beat that. Also my bad on asking what he did wrong I didn’t see that there was more to the first message.

  9. Add emporoers blast to your move list. Its an awesome super to cover your rear end. And BTW you missed many..many chances at a light stamina break. P.s if you have an evasive that knocks an opponent away. You can follow it up with a guaranteed beam kn the face if its fast enough like the kiaoken Kamehameha.

  10. 🤣 yeah, I knew I could’ve went for the light STM break, but I like to do the heavy because it’s more satisfying but I’d appreciate it if you could teach me some stuff

  11. Can someone tell me why she said no cause I haven’t watch shit in years but I remember her being madly in love with him

  12. Dude why is your game so dark???

  13. I think it was a visual glitch because tilted has never looked like that in my game before

  14. People who can’t win so they resort to spamming skills or grab spamming/block mashing, people who use training wheels skills like Emperor’s Death Beam or anything else that’s unvanishable especially when they use it religiously, people who use baby tactics like Super Armor or a SS that heals you like “Thank you Dragon Balls” or keeps you alive like “I’m not gonna die until I defeat you”, People who Ki stun religiously, and all around people who have KFC routers hooked up to their console that gloat and act cocky when they win cause they were aided by their unfathomable amounts of LAG. People who can’t get down off their high horse when they get a win streak (I’m kind of a hypocrite for stating this one but I digress). Also Hit mains can eat a bag of dicks. Broly grab spammers too

  15. If you both agree to charge at the start but one of you breaks the other’s guard while they transform, the victim is now allowed to do whatever it takes to win that match because the enemy won’t fight fairly to begin with.

  16. The energy ball uses all your full ki bars. I’m talking from experience and testing, ALL your full ki bars are spent.

  17. (Just so we’re on the same page) you’re trying to communicate to me that once you use godly display, all of your ki will be depleted???

  18. All your ki bars that are full will be depleted regardless of how much ki you have.

  19. 🤣well i guess I wrong… ain’t that a bitch I apologize

  20. I’ve never seen anything like that, but I’ve learned over the years that turning your console off and unplugging The power cord from the back of the Xbox for 30 seconds always acts as some kind of hard reset… don’t get your hopes up, but maybe it’ll work

  21. Thanks sm, I tried taking the disc out and in again but it's constantly getting stuck at some parts and stopping install for no reason, any idea?

  22. So I’m guessing what I said earlier didn’t work you might have to restart the installation

  23. You must play on Xbox because it’s free on PlayStation right now (I have the game on both so we could run it if you want but I just got it on PlayStation, so I’m like level 7 but we could build our characters up together)

  24. Also which ever expert mission mentions malice it is the second easiest one and rewards 25 tp medals. But idk y u got the game xv3 is coming out soon

  25. was that actually ever confirmed by official source?

  26. Yeah it’s dumb he should only be put in packs that apply to what’s on the card (fuck what a passive says)

  27. Zetsu has shown more Jutsus and has had more fights than Iruka, Rin, Kushina combined. Hell, he even has shown more than most of the Jinchuriki. That argument is worth nothing.

  28. Well, my “argument” isn’t really that Zetsu shouldn’t be in the game over the people that you just mentioned (I don’t think we’ve seen enough from any of them to give a complete move set)

  29. It has to have CAC, if they want to make a new storm game with little to no new content to use they have no choice but to center the game around creating a character

  30. And another thing, I don’t want no desperate attempt at bigger roster by putting in characters that should’ve already been in the game

  31. I really want to see the Grand Fleet again (especially Cavendish and Bartolomeo) but I also don't want too many characters to clog up screen time and give us another Raid...

  32. Bro, honestly with the last arc coming up, I need to see Shanks go crazy

  33. I mean, he's already part of their fleet even if he's not on the flagship.

  34. He’s from an alternate universe where mami ends up with Kazuya

  35. Think about it, they got that my hero academia battle royal game coming out and it be really similar but with the built in mechanics of ninja storm

  36. It wouldn’t be anything new though… no Jutsu we haven’t already seen in storm 4

  37. So you want XenoVerse? Which doesn't sound like a bad thing honestly

  38. I mean let’s be honest here this would be the seventh installment of the game. It’s kind of crazy how we can’t create our own character and I know that the creators have thought about the idea of it because there was something similar where you could customize characters in storm revolution and (I’d like to think) that is what they were aiming for with shinobi strikers

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