1. Not necessarily. Shoe sizes can also differ with each manufacturer. A more accurate way for feet measurement would be imperial/metric, but rarely do people do that

  2. I totally agree there should be. However, as far as I know, porn is considered illegal in many countries, such as those of Middle East. Moreover, I am not sure if models from such countries use reddit. I know some fetish and BDSM models use OnlyFans and Twitter. But I did not see any of them in reddit.

  3. Closest ive found from middle east regions are Turkish models (surprisingly quite a few of them on twitter & IG) and several Iranian accounts that disappeared 5 years ago. I think reddit isnt too popular in those regions so no surprises

  4. I know as far as black models go vast majority are black American or British. There's some of Caribbean origin but I don't know of any directly from there. The ones from Africa (I've actually posted about this before too) I think is because a lot of Africa is very traditional and foot fetish is not exactly a talked about thing (to the best of my knowledge) although most African girls are open to foot fetish though at least when I was there. I don't want to blame it on development but that could be a factor too. I've never seen any Black Brazilian models though or Polynesian ones.

  5. Perhaps in most African regions, I can understand because porn is pretty much illegal (they probably do exist just very hidden). Meanwhile, the weird part for me is that there are several white South African models, but I've not seen black or mixed ones at all.


  7. Not OP, but glad to see another fan of her. Def one of my go to models. Her feet is exactly to my taste, posts quite regularly and knows how to use angles and poses

  8. Top of mind, personal favorites are models who go by fingertoesxo, pillifeetnas, kirasweetfeet & hanna_hcris. Ive got many more worth mentioning too but for now these are my top go-to's

  9. Hey Esther. Where are you from and what size are your feet?

  10. All 3 Ive been with have said its about 2 - 3 inches away from their sweet spot and girth wise, definitively said its far from ideal. They were all apprehensive to discuss this at first. Eventually, as they became comfortable both have expressly used the word "Disappointed", "unsatisfied", or "expecting more" when I asked for an honest opinion about my penis size.

  11. Its fine as long as you dont let your fixation affect your everyday activities etc. I also fap to feet exclusively, and when i see nice feet out in public it can completely derail my thoughts and just makes me all horny and unfocused. Eventually i didnt like that so i had to recondition my mind so as not to get easily affected like that. As for sex, be on the lookout as well if it has a negative impact on your partner / performance (eg cant get hard without feet etc)

  12. I got SPH fetish along with my FF, so this kinda thing really works for me.

  13. Kind of in that position at work. Ive fully seen the feet of many long time coworkers, but right now this happens mainly with newer ones.

  14. I only reveal to female friends I can trust & partners.

  15. Im in Asia so footwear at work (esp in and around the office cubicle areas) are more casual & free. Usually, people would switch out from covered shoes to flip-flops, slippers and the like.

  16. What shoe size do you wear and what's your ethnic background? If you dont mind me asking

  17. Do you remember where you saw this video? Sounds super hot and fun!

  18. Sorry for late reply, go look up Lelu Love JOI game on pornhub and look for the thumbnail with the description i gave

  19. Some women laugh it off, others laugh but blur just to keep their comment section and inbox free and others just think all guys are like that. Seriously, every time I see a barefoot female on social media I go straight for the comments and sure enough...

  20. Reminds me of one of my exes. Told her & interacted frequently around the fetish. One day, we were just having an innocuous convo and she sent me a vid of her chilling with her mom & sister.

  21. Hahaha oh wow! I mean, I get it to a point but it's like, there's a time and a place. Not every straight or gay person gets hard or wet ever time they see whatever type of person tickles their fancy.

  22. Well in my case, not everyone triggers my fetish. If she did that with her friends who got nice feet, i get it. I didnt think of her fam that way โ˜ ๏ธ

  23. I think exposure plays a huge part. By default I prefer Southeast Asian feet because Im based here and see them all the time. My preference has become more pronounced because for feet pics, SEA ethnicities are also highly accessible (a huge amount of SEA ff girls are Filipina, followed by Viet, Thai and every other subgroup by a much smaller margin).

  24. I just find topics like this pedantic. For me, the shape of the foot is primarily what makes it attractive... high arches, nice toes... etc. And either way most people tend to prefer their own race, but the next up would be white women and Asian woman.

  25. Spot on, usually if the person just focuses the pic on their feet and take out most other visual cues like face or wear neutral clothing, people wouldnt know specifically what ethnicity (or even the gender) of the model.

  26. Reddit (u/) fingertoes1985, yamsoles, skinnytwinkletoes

  27. I wrote on my feet because I lost a bet to my boyfriend once before we were dating !

  28. I personally don't like stuff on the soles. Cara Delevingne has a tattoo on her soles which while clever takes away from the appeal in my worthless opinion.

  29. Aside from shoutout pages requesting models to do so, I also found inspiration to this idea from girls who have sole tattoos. To me, it can add to the appeal if they know how to apply it in an aesthetically pleasing way. Cara Delevigne's makes her feet really unique

  30. Spent like 50 bucks for feet photos from very specific women in my personal life who are not sellers

  31. I love that each set of feet are unique to the person, so if your partner models hers then her feet will have a specific attraction thats uniquely hers.

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