1. Depends what difficulty you’re on.

  2. I personally wish that your honour level would’ve had a more defined impact on the last few hours of the game beyond difference in cutscenes. Like the last choice you make (again trying not to spoil anything….) should’ve been determined by your honour level. Or generally the way Arthur behaves towards certain members of the gang, etc.

  3. I personally wish that your honour level would’ve had a more defined impact on the last few hours of the game beyond difference in cutscenes. Like the last choice you make (again trying not to spoil anything….) should’ve been determined by your honour level. Or generally the way Arthur behaves towards certain members of the gang, etc. Instead you can have maximum honour and spiel the whole “I want to help others” stuff and then still

  4. Two reasons I find low honour (LH) tougher:

  5. I’m probably going to get downvoted for saying this, but I was pretty impressed at how a game that was SO blatantly unfinished still managed to give me a really fun time.

  6. That's Sonic Team and Sega all over, though, innit? My understanding is that Sonic games are almost always underfunded and squeezed for time. It's very promising to hear them say that they're gonna be giving more resources to the follow up, though!

  7. Yep, it’s not the iconic platformer it once was back in the day so they’ve been given a back seat in terms of funding etc and it definitely shows.

  8. It looks like they were talking about Stealth being as hard for "gamers" to utilize and it's difficulty is akin to the Souls games.

  9. I mean the stealth in old AC games was definitely harder than the combat was but that’s still not saying much, especially with that enemy AI. That said some of the Brotherhood optional objectives were brutally hard at times.

  10. It was some dude on a post the other day. I have no idea why he brought it up. He was just talking about how there will never be a true AC game again because people these days prefer easy games like Elden Ring. I said that he couldn’t seriously believe that AC was harder than Elden Ring. He said for most people yes, it would be

  11. I mean the way you say it, it sounds like he’s trolling you, lol.

  12. Vanaheim is imo the first real difficulty spike in the game.

  13. That is on the cheaper side, but I remember the first couple of AC Valhalla DLCs were like ÂŁ20 each and had maybe 5-6 hours of content worth.

  14. I’d honestly start with 2. I replayed the entire franchise (except for the first one as I can’t play it on PS4/5) and it was honestly a blast, as well as giving you the full perspective of the lore and story and how the series has developed/changed since then.

  15. Huh, cool. Thanks for the education. I wish that explained why I struggled so hard with the sisters (berserkers) since they had green bars. There were only a small handful of fights that gave me any trouble, but those that did felt almost unfair, like they're was some gimmick I was missing. Gna just....ugh. So glad to be done with that.

  16. Yeah the Berserkers are a difficult one because even if they’re lower level than you, there are still three of them, and that fight in particular really did not suit the close camera.

  17. I did the phantom fight in the Crucible by constantly moving. Seemed to make harder for the adds to get a hit on me lol.

  18. I didn’t find the phantoms too bad, they were pretty slow to attack, and yeah I agree as long as you just keep dodging you should be ok. They also had a very repetitive attack pattern/cycled through like 3-4 attacks so they were pretty predictable also.

  19. Ideally should do it after both DLCs where you’ll be around Level 50-55. That’s it really. Everything else just play as normal.

  20. Thank you! Definitely going to buy the expansions anyway -- so I shall wait for NG+ =).

  21. You absolutely should, Hearts of Stone is hands down the best DLC I’ve ever played.

  22. For the most part I have stuck to the main quests. I think I've done 15-20 world events and have killed two Zealots. Maybe 3 order members outside of main story.

  23. I would finish the remaining order members, Zealots included, if you want the true ending to the story, as that’s a prerequisite and you’ll reveal the grand master of the order through that.

  24. I'm hopeful to platinum the game one day just working main story first.

  25. Ok. I would also at least get pretty far into the mythical quest lines before the ending (the ending prior to the order master reveal arc I mean), because it makes the ending make more sense.

  26. Yes you can. Enemy upscaling doesn’t affect trophies at all. In fact there are a couple of scenarios in the story where you need to turn off the scaling; specifically rats in the sewers that are supposed to be Level 2 and do minuscule damage to you, but at your level they can kill you in 2 seconds and they’re basically unavoidable.

  27. Congratulations. That was quick!

  28. Won’t happen because of Skull and Bones which is a similar-ish pirate game being released by Ubisoft in the next year or so.

  29. And it does not look promising at all. It’s shaping up to be a mtx ridden sea of thieves lite mmo which for me doesn’t hold a candle to Black Flag.

  30. Yeah after making the above comment I actually rewatched some of the gameplay footage from a few months back and it looks dreadful.

  31. As much as people complain about there being too many dungeons in Skyrim, some of the best times of my life have been exploring Blackreach, or the Dwemer ruins, etc.

  32. Skull and Bones is set to be released in the next year that’s also by Ubisoft. Not sure on whether it’s as well fleshed out as Black Flag, but I imagine it will be as it’s solely focussed on pirates.

  33. Yeah I remember hearing about it in 2016, lol.

  34. I can’t remember exactly but yes you can mostly avoid them for the main quest. I do remember them being present in a late stage quest so prepare for that, but they’re mostly in caves which you don’t have to complete as part of main quest.

  35. I can’t comment without seeing anything but unless you have an Ethernet cable, streaming is absolutely dreadful. I had PSNow and I’d get lags half the time, frequent crashes, as well as being logged out if I had to get a glass of water or use the bathroom, which for games with defined checkpoints is not ideal.

  36. Taking a break from climbing for 3 minutes at a time and reducing nation power for 10 hours at a time, lol.

  37. You have to find a mystic gateway and fast travel. You can’t leave on foot.

  38. I completely agree, maybe the reason i had fond memories of it was because it was one play through when i was 16. The area liberations did get a bit repetitive as well.

  39. Yep, especially the ones where you have to capture the target alive but it was irritatingly difficult to the point I just didn’t bother.

  40. Even as a Syndicate lover I agree and share this sentiment exactly.

  41. If you’re splitting strength and endurance then strength should theoretically be more to do with raw pulling or pushing power, like max weighted pull-up or dip etc for one rep. Anyone who can do more than 12-15 reps per set is verging on endurance ranges. Endurance can be either number of reps in one set or number of reps in a fixed time.

  42. I mean if you’re going for no weights then sure.

  43. In my humble opinion? Not really.

  44. Elden ring although longer is a different beast into what I mean, I guess I meant cutscene/heavy dialogue game.

  45. Ah I see. Yeah agreed, someone mentioned that one of the downsides of ER is that the world feels like it wouldn’t exist without the player character present, whereas there are a lot of self sustaining communities in W3 and the worlds feel properly lived in. The lore is very cool though, if not as well explained through actual cutscene dialogue.

  46. 1 and it’s not even close for me. The grungey retro future vibe fits the world so well. I still regularly listen to it to this day while on runs, or working. It just slaps, and really gave each world its own distinctive feel as well as the atmosphere of that world.

  47. Mostly just extreme bodyweight training, like doing pull-ups from 2cm ledges, hanging from bars as long as possible by alternating arms, laches (jumping from bar to bar), pinch grip hangs. And so on. Grip strength is prioritised quite a lot.

  48. Yeah climbing has gotten me vv interested in grip strength as you can imagine, what do you think the best way of training it would be? Hanging? Farmer carries?

  49. I do a mix of things. Hanging with one or two arms or added weight, and I do a lot of ledge pull-ups as well as plate pinches. Climbing will help too for sure.

  50. Are we the same person lol? I also love Syndicate and think it's seriously underrated.

  51. It’s a great game that I think people naturally disregard/didn’t sell well at all because it was collateral damage after a lot of the fan base gave up on the franchise after Unity’s release.

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