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  1. Couperose skin cream is the only thing that works for me

  2. Thanks. I will scope out a store and see what I can find. I figured it's only going to get worse so might as well tackle it when somewhat minor.

  3. A glass of 5oz red wine has 4,500 histamines in it vs a 5oz white wine which has 130 to 160. Histamines causes rosacea too. You can take an anti histamine like benadryl, but I wouldn't drink on it unless I built up a good thing tolerance first.

  4. That's a huge difference! I will take my redness over the reaction from white wine! That is not physical, it's behavioral. Better yet stick to red wine and moisturize/deal with redness in another way.

  5. Whenever I got out for a breath of fresh air, it involves a joint.

  6. I drank my way through COVID too. Still kept my routine. WD plus being sick as hell? Fuck that lol. Such a shitty choice to make, but as you said, just alcoholism.

  7. Man, you are repeating yourself. You should get that checked! 😆

  8. Make the most of it! Congrats, your number came up in a GOOD WAY!

  9. imagine being an alcoholic that gatekeeps alcoholism. absolutely batshit wild

  10. Still have no idea why I was banned from the other one 🤷‍♀️

  11. All of us were banned in one fell swoop. Nothing personal, they just went private.

  12. Ya, I drank through any medication. I might have slowed down A BIT but that was all.

  13. I just drink a little less and still take the meds. I am only an evening drinker though so i could get through work.

  14. My "humour" might have been at the expense of others while inebriated but other than that, I tend to become quiet and then pass out. Never what I would call abusive. I'm working on keeping my cutting "jokes" to myself also.

  15. A guy and his family who own a knife which sole purpose is to cut their massive poop so they can flush them away.

  16. Lol, shit started hurting a decade ago. Could only imagine how much worse it gets.

  17. Will be 40 in March, my bday is right near st. Paddy's day, how fitting. Been "off the wagon" since march 2014, had 9 mos of normal drinking in that time when I was in a relationship with a weird nerd who was a teetoler basically. That ended badly, I got a back injury, had to work bc there was no one to cover for me, drank to function around the clock, got withdraws, emotionally I would have anyways either bc I hated my job, I hated where I lived, was spending all my money on lyfts for job I hated, had horrible anxiety in lyfts esp. so I always wanted to drink. The past three yrs have been shitty. Gotten a couple days here and there, a week, ready to dry out wish I tried harder in the beginning of 2022, just could not see clearly. Was totally lost in a fog and dealing w fucked up relationships.

  18. Just keep trying with your sober days/weeks whenever you can. 💗

  19. Hey guys! My dog has black nails and they’re quite long because she has very long quicks! Just wondering if there is anything you can do about this as in to recede them or something ? I always get comments that she needs her nails done but she gets them clipped every 12 weeks and is constantly walked on pavement/concreate daily. Appreciate any advice, thankyou 🙂

  20. I clip mine every 2 weeks, just the tips. It seems to keep the quick back a bit further.

  21. we’re hella understaffed in the department so it fucking sucks everyone is stressed and getting there at 5AM everyone is fucking tired and dicks mostly. one girl was so sweet though, she the only one who taught me how to do stuff but we both got in trouble cause they said i’m taking to long to learn the devices and all that

  22. Fuck that on day 1 or 2. Just get through your shift and get out.. keep your head down and don't make eye contact!

  23. Being retired is like a CA's dream lol. Good on you guys for trying to cut down tho. I feel like if I was at that age I'd just drink because I'd be towards the end of my life anyway.

  24. I'd go every day but I do know that is a path down. I have a new grandkid and another on the way. I'd love to say time to grow up, but I don't wanna!!!

  25. It is better. I’m trying to do the same. I’ve only gotten drunk once since New Years. Probably twice after today.

  26. Think of it this way, open bar, cute bar tender. You COULD go, make an ass of yourself in front of cute bar tender, black out, NOT REMEMBER any of it and fuck up your job.

  27. yep i’m on a .5 xanax and 6 pack modelo , i’ll be asleep in no time

  28. In about 1970 we would visit family who had scented patterned toilet paper. They had no kids so were very"fancy" and well off.

  29. We used a baby one piece bathing suit, tied over her shoulders. Hole for tail and done!

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