I woke up today with a baby on my chest and a woman next to me. I am unmarried and live alone. Do I keep them?

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  1. For some reason the pilot of Justified sprang to mind. I don't recommend her actions, but I will say that when people lose the protection of the law they look outside it.

  2. This should be a larger conspiracy. These things manifest in every woodland in the UK, no one is ever seen building them. We assume scouts but why would you teach scouts to build such a piss poor useless shelter? This is some Blair witch shit. If you actually mapped all of these found across the country you'd find it actually shows a giant pentagram.

  3. Try being 6'4 290lbs and having this issue. I've gotten written up at work because I was intimidating someone. For voicing my frustration.

  4. 6'3" big and beardy here. 3 times now i've had police sent to my house because of things I've said to my psychiatrist. Just said. But because I appear to be a potential threat I'm treated differently. Literal thought police.

  5. Mic Dundee enters chat “That’s not a knife. This is a knife”

  6. Look, you're black and gay. So why don't you just take all the black and gay crimes, you know, the weird shit

  7. You probably got it backwards. How often are you redosing? Real H doesn’t get me tired unless I overshoot where I want to be, it should make you warm/euphoric. Bth is being cut with fentalouges nowadays and there are several different kinds out there, all with different potencies. I wouldn’t believe for awhile, but then I got this sick head rush while smoking it and the duration was shit. Felt decent tho for hours at a time, but I like all opiates.

  8. Is it possible this guys overshooting to try and match his fent tolerance

  9. She's gorgeous and sounds like you two have a lot of love going on. X

  10. Thankyou so much :) I'd like to think we do. My gf is her mum and spoils her rotten like a little girl. Whereas she's my little sidekick for adventures and fights

  11. There are a lot of people on Reddit just waiting to be offended - not seen it on this sub tho !

  12. Oh good, I don't post anything much And iv never managed to comment on a post without a argument from someone. I'm aware this is a pibble/bull love sub, but reddit doesn't seem to respect borders

  13. Trying to explain this shit to liberals is infuriating. They don't care about biden. No loyalty or connection. If you say if we should try trump then why shouldn't we try biden they just say 'try them both'

  14. I honestly don't understand the panic people have. Eating bugs is incredibly healthy, sustainable, high amount of lean protein. Half the world already eats them I want a maggotfarm but my gf says no

  15. I get the vibe that at least one if these kids isn't his for some reason. There's bit a single thing worded that way but something about what he says about forlllogins her when she got pregnant and particular dislike for the older kid

  16. The alma isn't big and muscular built like the descriptions of bigfoot. Almas are smaller than people, timid creatures and locals of some countries they exist in are said to treat them with a kind of pity, throw them some food when they see them squatting by the road. Lock up food at home or they may come and steal it in the night

  17. Difference is almas are quiet and timid. Floridman kicks your door in an screams about the food

  18. Sausage used as a breakwater between the beans and tomatoes - solid effort, Alan Partridge would approve

  19. You say that but the breakwater should be between the egg and the beans.

  20. Why do people tolerate this from their cats? If my dog did this to me I'd be giving it a slap and she'd be in her crate for a while. And before someone tells me I'm cruel I'd never hurt an animal unless it attacked me first. Same as I'd never slap my gf but.if she came at me with intent to draw blood I'd be changing my policy pretty quick

  21. Positive reinforcement works better than physical punishment. Animals don't reason the same way we humans do, and while they sometimes may understand they did something wrong, it won't change the behavior. Also, if your dog "attacked" you, it'd be wise to analyze what triggered the response in the first place.

  22. I completely agree. Physical discipline is not a way to train and animal. Besides it being cruel it also doesn't change their behaviour it only causes them to avoid acting out in your presence due to fear, the minute you leave the bad behaviour is back. I have never slapped my dog and you're right if she did attack me all of a sudden there would he much more to consider. Rhat cat however attacked amd for some reason we don't need to analyse what triggered that response?

  23. What's the flag on the left ? I onow the rest apart from the female sign/ fist one but I assume that's some feminism one

  24. I tried my hand at 'bokotor' in Cambodia As far as I can work out bokotor translates to 'old Asian man will hit you with sticks while everyone else laughs at the gangly white guy.

  25. Banh mi just mean bread/baguette. Any sandwich you make it technically a banh mi

  26. Well, it wasn't a room, he was standing next to a gas valve that was leaking. Natural gas is toxic to humans and if we inhale just a little bit we start hallucinating a lot.

  27. Hello gas company, how poisonous is your gas? Mhm, what if its in a well ventilated area? How could that be worse?

  28. I thought you said you were from Iran? No , I said I used to be a man

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