1. Blackpill is more than just lookism, I agree wholeheartedly with lookism it makes complete sense.

  2. I don't have issues with people having any thought. Just found "I disagree, because some other people think so" off-putting.

  3. Yea I don’t dispute the underlying facts of the blackpill they are definitely true I think I was better off saying I don’t endorse the incel worldview maybe.

  4. I don't think that the controversy is as much about looks not mattering as it is about women supposedly being attracted to aspects of looks that men cannot change, while the corresponding bias supposedly does not exist in men's assessment of women's looks, as something like weight can be changed, and some men are even into overweight women.

  5. Thanks for pointing it out, fairness is a human concept (and actually quite recent in history) it is not a law of nature or of our species, a lot of people moralise and idealise this into how they view dating and sexual dynamics.

  6. Eh I was predicted 6’0.5 I’m about 5’11-5’11.5 so kinda I guess

  7. If you’ve recently grown in height, I can assume you’re between 17 and 20. Your views on your body will change significantly. What helped me significantly was receiving affirmation from people in college even when I thought I didn’t deserve it.

  8. Yea I’m 19 started 3 years ago. I think I need to go outside more I have trapped myself in a loop where I’m constantly looking at people bigger than me.

  9. Your brain is still developing and hasn’t fully built out the reasoning structures. The only thing you have to do is take good care of yourself. Don’t hop on gear that destroys your body because you’re sad. I promise you with all my heart that once you’re just a FEW years older, you’ll be thankful for every patient health decision you made and regret the short term ones that harmed you.

  10. Something I always found weird was that in 2017(?) when he’d debate Andy Warski and that crowd, late 20s Steven said “Pedo shit aside, I’d never date a 19 year old because I’d have nothing in common with someone at that age”. Then early 30s Steve dates and eventually marries Mel.

  11. I mean I don’t wanna be that guy but have you seen how destiny and Melina met and got together? According to his previous position(s) in the Warski debate it’s borderline predatory. He’s backtracked a lot since I remember once he said it would be fucked up for a college freshman or sophomore to date a highschool senior due to the gap in experience

  12. That is now Destinys wife btw, no cap. Youtube

  13. Jesus Christ the “boyfriend” sitting in the room eating a vegan meal as destiny bangs his gf in the other room is something else to watch.

  14. At least from what I can recall, these are some of the people he's had public relationships with while he's been with Melina.

  15. Online dating market warps womens expectations and dating/fucking pool

  16. Unless they notify you the only way you can check is by commenting on there.

  17. Come on bro I saw them do it in Greys anatomy you gotta do it

  18. Tiktok bans the mention of steroids but these shit is ok lmao

  19. It would be a good meme but Nick has never been in a fight in his life.

  20. He fights his urge to fuck femboys and catboys everyday wdym

  21. I feel the same as you. It's something I noticed about the men around me when they talk about women (I'm a woman). It's depressing. More depressing is that these people actually get laid.

  22. Honest question, how do they still get laid if that’s the case?

  23. The same reason you don't have to be a "good man" to have a business, being respectful isn't a prerequisite for getting laid. If you have enough charisma/looks/humor/etc, some sexism isn't going to stop you from finding someone to sleep with you. This logic also applies with friendships. Being fuckable is really just about being a fun and attractive company.

  24. Ah I don’t think you “deserve” a punch for insulting someone

  25. It’s not bs because black people tend to have a greater percentage of type II skeletal muscle fibres. I’ve seen it countless times myself, black people just tend to have better physiques naturally. Link to the study:

  26. The study you linked is an abstract and the full study is paywalled. It looks at muscle fibre types and VO2 maxes it does not compare size or skeletal frame.

  27. It’s just a study, evidence to support a view. I see it in real life all the time. You don’t need a study to prove a certain fact. Blacks just tend to have superior genetics when it comes to muscle building.

  28. All those girls I would never approach based on looks. I know that type of girl from the club days. Nothing but burdens. I then I married one

  29. It’s also kinda more common and specific to Miami anyone who’s ever been there knows that those types of women are rampant there.

  30. Because the daliban preaches that women are perfect angels capable of no wrong inshallah

  31. 21 reddit awards on a post with less than 1k upvotes geez they really throw money at anything

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