1. I came for squeeze and stayed for the memes. This has been my #1 source of entertainment since the NFL has started to finish up this season.

  2. EOD PRICE PREDICTIONS? IM CALLING 3.29-3.40 🔥😎😎🚀🚀🚀😎😎🔥

  3. This guy reminds of my boss which makes me hate him even more.

  4. Unless I can make $60,000 tomorrow grandma's house is going to be listed for sale. F in chat please. It was a valiente attempt.

  5. ballsack forming on the weekly chart green rocket incoming

  6. Same shit different day. A $2.70 close on the horizon with the promise of tomorrow. Sprinkled in with some BK articles and CTB is xxx%! This whole sub is on an algorithm. Catch you losers in the Wendy's parking lot.

  7. Would be nice to get above $3 today, or any day for that matter.

  8. You’d actually have to be retarded to think that RC is just sitting back watching all this happen and doing nothing about it…like actually retarded

  9. He was coming off back to back MVP's and back to back 1st overall seed in the NFC. His performance and resurgance altered the front office's plans.

  10. Is there any chance we get no news tomorrow, and the stock just hovers all day, like it did Friday?

  11. 99.9% this is exactly what is going to happen. Just hope we can close above $3.50 tomorrow.

  12. The "proof" is a sketchy screen grab posted on imgur. It's just text - no proof of link or email or anything. You can literally create that in a word document.

  13. It was sent through our workload manager. Only thing I cut out from that message was the contact info for department head for project

  14. I hold out of spite. It's really all or nothing at this point.

  15. Everything about this is either genius level trolling or complete incompetence. No in-between

  16. So are we getting a bombshell AH or are is this going to drag out?

  17. Amazing what a good qb and good coach can do for you

  18. It's not clear if it's "bad," but it's almost certainly nothing good.

  19. I appreciate the thorough response. I figured that if it hasn't been filed at this point, regardless of potential M&A, then something is going on. The longer the delay the more negative sentiment grows.

  20. If you're stuck re-freshing the BBBY subreddit in any capacity. I implore you to get off and do something else. Nothing good will come of it. I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm just telling you what you need to hear. Over and out. See you Monday morning

  21. Sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn't. Just the fuckin' way she goes, boys.

  22. It turns out the real power hour was the friends we made along the way.

  23. I can’t count how many posts I read saying the stars were aligned for us to put a beating on their ass today. Rehsho, FTDs, CTB, share scarcity, the goddamn charts, the bull flags, etc., etc. I’m highly regarded, so to keep my expectations in line, I’d appreciate it if next time we could add: Oh yeah, but if the market’s red and they pump HKD, all that stuff we said before doesn’t mean shit.

  24. No one knows what they're talking about. Dates are always changing and RegSho means nothing.

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