1. It’s such a flex to be an active rapper who worked with 2Pac or Big. Or those who worked with both like Method Man & Bone Thugs.

  2. Did anyone see Danny Brown on Legion of Skanks or Shane Gillis’ podcast? I know he’s been acquainted with the LA/Austin comedy scene for a while but it’s cool to see him do some East Coast podcasts.

  3. I am cautiously optimistic about this new Snoop Dogg album apparently called Missionary and produced by Dr. Dre. Snoop has made some decent stuff lately, but I’m not so sure about Dre. Those Kanye remixes were not it. Compton is a great album though.

  4. How big do y’all think Soulja Slim could’ve gotten if he hadn’t gotten killed? RIP, his debut album is as good as it gets

  5. I have an obscene amount of plays of this new Lucki album already. the 20’s have been incredible for music so far.

  6. I used to not really fw Thaiboy Digital but then my girl and I cracked a 50 pack of whippits while listening to drain gang and idk I really feel like I get his art so much better now

  7. im wondering if i should get it cuz his vinyls are hella beautiful but i wonder if he put in the same amount of work 4 a cd

  8. I’d say cop if you have $3 to spare and still buy the vinyl when it drops. This will boost his first week sales for sure

  9. that starker verse on the new morph album is the definition of scaring the hoes

  10. the verse is just him reading ur reddit post history

  11. I really hate the term “came & went” for an album. People say that about everything. Nowadays with streaming & shit, every album “comes & goes” as far as the discourse dying down after a week or two. But just because people in your circle aren’t talking about it anymore doesn’t mean no one is, or that people aren’t listening to the album still or it’s not good or whatever.

  12. Any specific examples that stand out in your opinion?

  13. Martians vs. Goblins he tries to rap like Odd Future Tyler


  15. Piracy may be against the rules but it’s not “bad”

  16. Chief Keef’s most underrated tape?

  17. Ab-Soul really droppin tonight huh . If OnThinIce posted bout him droppin it’s prolly real I woulda thought SZA’d be droppin before him

  18. Ab-Soul single this week and YG album in two weeks. About time I come out of my cave and listen to music again.

  19. It’s out in later time zones, confirmed

  20. Congrats, how’d you finally get it?

  21. What the fuck is wrong with y'all changing my flair to this shit?

  22. Long shot probably but Anderson .Paak? He used to be in Hellfyre Club and he’s a name worth teasing. Otherwise idk

  23. Y'all listen to music when going to sleep?

  24. I use airpods so I can’t, they end up lost in the morning. But I bought some wired earphones recently so now I do

  25. If you like 454 you’re probably already familiar with Pig the Gemini but I recommend her album A Rose Out The Concrete on streaming

  26. Orange man orange man yeah that’s me

  27. Feel like it's weird that OG Maco fell off and he/people blame the skin eating disease that ate half his face.

  28. I found out recently that he had Doja Cat & Larry June signed to OGG lol. I think he’s known Larry for years. Kinda insane. He was a surprise guest at a show I was at in like 2015 & it was really dope, I was always rooting for him.

  29. Favorite Studio Ghibli movie?

  30. The new JID album is great and his first really strong project imo. I wasn't a big fan of DiCaprio 2 and Never Story was good but unpolished. This shit is awesome.

  31. Last 5 non hip hop artists in your Spotify recently played? Curious what y’all are listening to. Mine are

  32. I can't be the only one who can't stand the beat on God Did right?

  33. First listen I didn’t even notice and second listen I was like “oh yeah this beat is gonna hurt the replay value”. Should’ve just got Justice League to produce it.

  34. Sade is so good. Diamond Life, Promise, and Love Deluxe are all easily among the best soul albums I've listened to, up there with the likes of Curtis and the Isleys

  35. Hell yeah, I even like her later stuff that no one seems to care much for. Babyfather is one of my fav Sade songs

  36. Wish that song on the Khaled album was just Ross/Weezy/Hov and no singers. Could be fire still but I was hoping for some straight rapping. Hoping Justice League produced it

  37. I don’t drive & I feel like my music listening kinda suffers as a result of that. I kinda miss out on the “late night drive while playing a new album” kinda thing. I used to go on late night walks & throw on music & that was cool but obviously not the same.

  38. what’s in the rotation today? As far as songs go, I’ve played:

  39. It’s been all Larry June. I’m trying to hear everything he’s put out that I haven’t already heard, and it’s a lot. So far I’ve heard 17 of his projects & I have a ton more. Honestly he doesn’t miss though.

  40. I can’t get over that Dreamin of the Past beat, can’t believe Ye made something so good in 2022 and he’s the only producer credited on the song. tbf tho, his production has never really faltered. KTSE is one of my favorite albums ever and that’s post-prime Ye too.

  41. I really want A$AP Rocky x LNDN DRGS (or just Jay Worthy would be cool too but I’d like to hear Rocky over a Sean House beat)

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