1. I thought feminism was about equality. Now you're saying feminism is about nonconformity. Those are very different things. Which is it?

  2. I'm sorry to hear you thought feminism could only ever be about equality as long as it didn't involve any degree of nonconformity. I imagine that would a very difficult feminism to enact, considering inequality was the norm and conformity means adoption of the norm.

  3. I can see you've misunderstood. I'm well aware that a movement can value multiple things. But there must be a single highest thing that they are about, or else they won't be able to deal with situations where their valued things are in conflict.

  4. I have to point out that this isn't exactly true. In a lot of countries years of training are needed and mental evaluations to see if you can become a cop. It doesn't stop people at all from trying to become cops.

  5. Yes but in other countries (not the US) they don't have the record for the highest percentage of population incarcerated, or the record levels of gun violence that we do (for a developed nation).

  6. Because those countries aren’t as diverse. Diversity leads to a higher crime rate. Let’s be real. It’s difficult to empathize with people who don’t look like you or share the same culture. Not impossible but it’s harder.

  7. How does that theory work? If more diversity = lower empathy, what does lower empathy result in?

  8. Why is Mayhem top center and Burzum top right? How was that distinction achieved?

  9. Why would you assume two people are fascists just because they're on the Jordan Peterson subreddit? Can't you see that the person who posted it was asking about the legitimacy of the issue and the primary thing that turned them away was people saying "it's inaccurate and overblown- see how they used the word genocide." That was a person asking in earnest, not a arm-banded Neo-Nazi.

  10. How are we talking about trans rights? What conversation have you been having?

  11. Yes, that wouldn't impact my vote at all, by itself. In fact, if they brought it up in the context of destigmatizing mental health issues, it would certainly be a point in their favor.

  12. Personally I think you're being a bit of a Dark Tetradic Cluster-B Dictatorial Post-Truth Nihilism-mongering NeoStalinist with this post, and Behemoth will crush your spine under its toe in the end of days.

  13. I couldn't agree more. All of those educators I appreciate so deeply, and it's an education I genuinely wouldn't know where else to find. I feel all aspects of myself (skeptic, agnostic, spiritual, hermeticist, mystic, folk magician, materialist, academic, literature enthusiast, appreciator of religion, poet, whatever) edified by all of their works. I could go anywhere and be anyone in this life and I would never stop benefiting from their work. Truly.

  14. It may have some grammatical errors speaking from a purely technical standpoint but it made perfect sense to me, so here's a version with some corrected grammar, maybe that will help:

  15. Am I to understand it can be summarized thusly? The original asker was trying to say that I have intentionally ignored the possibility of myocarditis caused by spike proteins being the result of vaccines while I'm busy mentioning myocarditis caused by spike proteins being the result of other common viruses?

  16. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that there's little to no evidence of any "grand" conspiracy, which is to say, many disparate powerful subgroups from different arenas all in on the same plot successfully pulling something off long-term.

  17. Vaush fan tries their hardest not to make a meta super fun funny haha joke about serious trending topic

  18. Of course they can. Testosterone dramatically influences your personality and confidence. High testosterone men carry themselves with pride and assertiveness, while low T men are often timid and shy.

  19. Then these women he's talking to aren't interested in timid and shy men. It's not the Testosterone they're after.

  20. Trust me I tried. I end up running, hitting it, then going back to sleep with a smile. Ofcourse when I wake up I'm filled with shame and self hate

  21. sigh. Yes, fine. All objective moral standards are subjective in the culturally relativistic sense. Whatever. He's a subjectively horrible person according to the traditional moral standards of what would be considered a reasonable person in most so-called "western" societies. But, you know, that's a little wordy. So we say "objectively horrible."

  22. Women have a lower threshold for sexual disgust, so it’s a reasonable assumption they’d be less comfortable being sexualized by strangers over all.

  23. Babylon Bee headline: Student identifies as Native American, contracts type 2 diabetes.

  24. I was exaggerating but honestly yeah I'm trying to be more friendly when arguing with people, I don't mind wrestling with pigs but I'm trying not to be the pig first if that makes any sense.

  25. I stopped screaming slurs when people disagreed with me, it's been a tough journey.

  26. Probably the same thing that happens to lots of online celebrities. He became what people rewarded him for being. Turns out being a professor of psychology is pretty boring. People like pithy political zingers and appeals to a sense of ancient archetypal masculinity. He also hasn't been the same since his induced coma.

  27. He's a youtube influencer and self-help author. The World Economic Forum is composed of world leaders, royalty, billionaires, and the like. I don't think that's happening.

  28. "Hey you know what would be really good for the advancement of society and the normalization of leftist ideals? Debates by people who make careers out of debating, attended by people who are there to be entertained by the debate."

  29. Counterpoint: dismantling caricatures and bad ideas though the debate medium help advance society.

  30. Genuine question, as someone who doesn't watch a lot of this stuff:

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