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  1. Ol mate I played footy with copped the nickname “scrotum” as an 11 year old and never shook it. 100% not NBA related but deserves to be remembered.

  2. The most Australian sentence I’ve read all day

  3. Like I had said, he had exploited the country’s issues in order to get into power. The masses were already in his pocket, and if they ever even considered a revolt against him anyways, the gun laws would’ve stifled their efforts. The Jews, like you said, couldn’t have been able to actually do anything as they made up less than 1% of Germany. I think I phrased the second part of what I said pretty poorly, as it made the gun control sound like a big reason why Hitler was in power.

  4. Sure, but just to reiterate, gun control laws were in place before the nazi party took power. Gun control laws were brought in as a part of the treaties signed post WW1 (laws came into place in 1920 and were iterated on until 1928) and the nazis didn’t take power until 1933

  5. Interesting. I actually didn’t know that. I think that proves just how much of the general populace the Nazis had in their pocket.

  6. Yes, It is interesting. Political parties often capitalise on the real feelings of disenfranchisement felt by their citizens to seize or maintain power. As an outsider we can see that they are being manipulated, but usually the people in the country don’t see it until years later.

  7. Idk what kind of morals says you can’t eat pizza out of a box

  8. Yeah everything else seems fine, but not putting pizza on a plate being ‘living like an animal’ is a wild take. Once I pick a slice up it doesn’t get put down again, I’m seeing that thing through to completion.

  9. Except she's not objecting to eating pizza out of the box, she's objecting to this man-child tearing off a piece of the cardboard pizza box and using it as a plate. Why not just use an actual plate at that point? Also, OOP is an unreliable narrator

  10. Ohhhh is that what “take off the lid” means? I thought he was just like sliding slices onto the open box. Which is pretty normal where I’m from. But I do agree creating his own makeshift plate is a bit weird and way more effort than just grabbing a plate.

  11. Uniqlo makes these super comfy oversized shirts right now. I want to replace all my clothes with them.

  12. I think all fandoms require some level of gatekeeping. It’s the gatekeeping where the toxicity begins🤔

  13. Why do you think it’s a requirement to gatekeep?

  14. About half the time I sign up to a free trial. You’d be surprised how often a place will refund you if you just email them and say you forgot to unsubscribe and you don’t want to stay subscribed. Honestly has never failed me.

  15. What makes you say they stopped? Directly after frodo is stabbed and they are driven back, aragorn and Co speed with all haste to Rivendal and thru chase over. Its not a lot of time for them to attack again there

  16. It took 14 days for them to travel from Weathertop to Rivendell in the books. Gandalf also told them to only travel under the light of day, so they stopped at night. They only started travelling at night once Glorfindel found them on the 12th day.

  17. Unfinished Tales has a chapter called the Hunt for the Ring, which is the Nazgul point of view of Book 1 that you should find interesting. Primarily though, Frodo being able to overcome their fear aura, wielding a dagger that was perilous to them (that he could only have gotten if he was able to have defeated the Barrow-Wights, a feat unto itself), almost stabbed their leader, and on top of that was yelling Elvish, a language he shouldn’t know. This just after going toe to toe with Gandalf. The dagger wound should have overcome Frodo very quickly, two or three days tops, so WK figured he had time to reassess the situation.

  18. Wow, had no idea this was a thing. Sounds really interesting and will definitely check it out! Thank you for sharing 😃

  19. My theories are 1) they were afraid of Aragon, and his use of fire. He beat them once before.

  20. Great point about them acting at a point where they knew the group would be. Which definitely makes sense based on them striking at a place where they can use others to see for them, like at The Prancing Pony and then at Weathertop, a likely stopping point on the way to the house of Elrond.

  21. We made plans, actually she was the first to tell me she liked me which honestly made me pretty excited though deep down I knew nothing would happen... It was a mix of things, including my social anxiety and insecurity, which I probably could've gotten over if the pandemic hadn't hit the way it did

  22. What’s she up to nowadays? Any chance she still feels the same way?

  23. I thought about it after the contact died down but she is not single anymore, which kind of makes me happy because she seemed to be in a tough situation, quite happy for her too since that guy seems to have a better life than I do + he's cuter

  24. Glad you’re not bitter about things and are happy for them.

  25. Don’t 🙅‍♂️ talk 🗣 to me 💁‍♂️ until I’ve 👀 had my 😍 coffee ☕️

  26. Three out of four of these or some of the most divisive statements possible. The other is about bitcoin.

  27. I thought we were posting unpopular opinions here?

  28. Do you have a significant other? If no, do you want one?

  29. My mans entire wardrobe when we were younger, he now dresses so much better in his mid-twenties than he did when we were teenagers.

  30. Ass crack showing when the pants slip down. Dirty clothes.

  31. Those last three are definitely fashion choices

  32. I used to be with 'it', but then they changed what 'it' was. Now what I'm with isn't 'it' anymore and what's 'it' seems weird and scary.

  33. No way man, we’re gonna keep rocking forever

  34. Probably a micro transaction that will stop you from spinning out is in the pipeline. The way this full price game is nickel and diming us is becoming offensive.

  35. How do you feel about him being there? Would you prefer he had the bucks at a non sexualised venue? Are you worried he’ll cheat on you at the club?

  36. 100% this, not only are you preventing a fire, it’s fun to watch all the lint stick together

  37. I’ve heard this one on tv and not being from the US means I don’t really get it. Why is this a thing?

  38. It just is. It’s like not wearing white or linen after Labor Day (unless you’re south of the Mason-Dixon line, in which case anything goes).

  39. But why though? Like we don’t have Labor Day in my country, so what’s the significance?

  40. Thank you! Yes the portraits are super striking and that’s what I was trying to find. I have the book boxed up as I’m moving house right now

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