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  1. The same as in the game /she bullies me and I cry

  2. Communism REQUIRES constant repression to impose its anti-values.

  3. Absolutely is. The comment op is responding to only explains the difference between communism and fascism, and op comes in with "oh you love communism? Well I think communism sucks"

  4. Capitalism clearly doesn't work either, so what now op?

  5. As a person who was diagnosed at 21 after a lot years of misery and being put down by my family for "not trying hard enough" and "being lazy", and genuinely hating myself for being the way I am and not understanding why I was like this, I say the most important thing you can do here is try to understand her. Listen. Does she feel like she needs them? What does she want? Make compromises, maybe tell her that you're going to try a different approach to medication, take it slow.

  6. I'm on generic atomoxetine for a year and it's working well for me, though I'm still curious about stimulant meds, because I can't help but wonder if they're even better. I'm on 40 mg. All bodies are different, I'd just be curious to know what you got prescribed.

  7. IQ is not real. Intelligence is a very complex thing, and to think it can be summarised by a mere number is very silly. Not to mention the eugenics. Don't let go of your hopes and dreams because of a number. You're so, so much more than that.

  8. Mega cringe Relics of the past shitty system that only exist because some people felt like they were better than everyone else

  9. Actually ranked choice voting is giga based and strengthens democracy

  10. God, I relate to this so much. I work as a receptionist and I'm quitting today. I thought it would be fun because I would get to talk to a bunch of different people in different languages. Turns out that it's 80% administrative work, and turns out that working with somebody else's money stresses me the fuck out, since I'm so mistake-prone. Besides that, if there's not a lot of people you have to just sit around and do nothing, and I couldn't even play my own music because my boss wanted strictly classical music so the lobby would have it's own vibe. Never again.

  11. Are you trying to tell me that this is LEVI'S HANDWRITING????

  12. Oh my god, me I literally have to wear acrylics, otherwise I will bite my fingers till they bleed

  13. The poly ones are brilliant I mean, all of them are brilliant, but the poly ones especially

  14. You want anarchy and universal basic income?

  15. Yup, ideally living in an anarchist commune yknow

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