1. Nobody giving the skeeball any love. That's definitely where I'd be.

  2. That sounds like a self appointed nickname.

  3. The bible really glosses over Mary's weeks of labor.

  4. How hungover do you think he was recording that tape?

  5. Hold her down and sing right into her face.

  6. He also has uncontrolled diabetes and trouble walking up inclines.

  7. I remember having a red one but can't remember which, I did have the Michelangelo bowl though.

  8. Grandma better watch being so nice to him, might fall for her.

  9. Now that he's a legal tenant he's gonna start making demands.

  10. If it is actually supposed to be a sperm, they need a biology lesson. Tadpoles look like that, sperm have a long threadlike flagellum.

  11. Theres only one Teejays left right? On stringtown? The one on Brice and the one on Morse and high are closed.

  12. I'm getting Rolf from the Muppets vibes.

  13. That's what you get for pointing out the spelling.

  14. There's dozens of Wu members and they couldn't get one to play their own game?

  15. You could've said it was 1900 and I'd've believed it.

  16. Any gifs of him ham fistedly swinging these around?

  17. If your father had your tenacity your parents would still be together.

  18. Is Darkhold good? I'm almost finished with axe and need something new to get into.

  19. If powers are allowed I think Gamora could make the list.

  20. I remember playing one of these with tennis in it at Meijer, only hands on experience with the beast.

  21. Nuclear Wizard sounds like a cool RPG class.

  22. I'll bet this game lasts 1 or 2 rounds before it's just a full-on fuckfest.

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