1. Rip Nip…Munchie ain’t no buster but he talks too much. He had no shit to do with the nip or drakeo hit so what was the point of his tweets? Is he saying some higher force is with him or what. He must think he the Grimm reaper 😂

  2. Daam the Cuhmunity got the Harlem 30’s, Hoovers, Lantanas, South side CC’s, Insanes, Troubles…That’s a ill line up

  3. I think she gone leave if ☎️ be a pussy and still be friends with Adam. 😅

  4. Y’all keep on underestimating that girl, it’s fuck Adam, she don’t work over there, no need for her to tip toe around that shit


  6. This shit is wild, I just saw all the allegations and racist tweets he been doing. I don’t know how he been able to fly under the radar for that long

  7. Never underestimate dudes from other cities claiming LA sets, there are real dudes from every set and city.

  8. Why u crying all of a sudden cuz I diss ur heroes I’m a Adam supporter 😂

  9. This ain’t crying. This is genuine concern for the minors in your area. You a disgusting pedophile

  10. Nip gone he ain’t coming back. That don’t change the fact you being a threat to all the minors in your area you fucking pedophile.

  11. Dude from rollin 40’s was chilling, he even had the hood day outfit on.

  12. He ain’t Chris Brown no more, That’s Bhris Breezy from fruit town 🥧🦘

  13. Big U and Gunnatello is a crazy combination. I guess he no longer mad at wack100 for doing business with 69. Gunna said Yes mam to all them questions on camera….ain’t no way you can justify that. The only reasonable explanation gotta be that Big U is afraid of that Rico, He was attaching himself hard to them 60’s in YSL, he even claimed he raised some of em so I don’t know. This look bad tho, super bad.

  14. Lush the Bel Air Boogyman 🎃 Word on the street he got 3 crack head bodies…And was caught giving head to that billionaire who put a dog chain on him.

  15. Dude, it ain’t that deep.. They been knowing each other for mad long, this shit is regular in the hood, you gon see them back online next’s week

  16. Set you up…Y’all go to a place you think is safe and her pimp and his bros are going to rob you.

  17. 90’s are super weak, this ain’t cool, this some hoe shit.

  18. If you yourself stated that I said “IF THE STORY IS TRUE” .. which means we don’t know what happen.. which means I’m going of a possible narrative of “what if” the story is true and that being the only story we have even bricc baby who wasn’t there said that was what the word was in the hood… so if that was the case what’s the problem? Eric standing on 60 code of conduct correct ?

  19. No nigga I was quoting your ass, Your the one started with the “If the story was true” not me…We know what happend, it’s you that keep on speculating even when the case is closed…Nip calling him a snitch would have helped his defense, that shit never happend

  20. Lol I clearly said you was quoting me bra you can’t read nor comprehend… ok and what if that’s true.. in the gang culture Eric a real Nigga.. only person who saying it isn’t is cowboy who wasn’t even there where the shooting started … multiple people have came out an said Eric has no paper work which means if it is indeed true nip should Have kept his mouth shut.. he didn’t and Eric dealt with him according to gang rules.. so why you have nip pic instead of Eric ?? Eric was the real Nigga in that situation according to “gang politics”… I smell hypocrisy brotha…

  21. You can’t be serious and call me dumb when You just said “Cowboy was not there when the shooting happend” what does the shooting have to do with the snitch allegations, according to Eric’s lawyer , the snitch allegations was said prior to that, and cowboy was personally there for that conversation…and talking about people not there, you used bricc baby as a reference, that Nigga was in jail when this shit happend. Not only that, his name is Lil shitty, he was Erics big homie, not only that, prior to him going to jail, him and Nip had a falling out, that’s why nips homies don’t fuck with him. Smh You not even sure about your statement being true but you still out here calling people hypocrites, I clearly see your narrative, but you are using some mental gymnastics to get yo point across. You claiming Eric was a real Nigga, why ain’t nobody from that gang vouching for him, are they all hypocrites? Where are the people saying “Free Eric”…I see that you a troll so I ain’t even gon give you more respond, keep having fake outrage about gang culture✌️

  22. This dude did his time in Oklahoma on a level 2 yard but had the entire internet convinced he ran the woods with a iron fist. He ain’t right and nobody respects him

  23. He is right tho whether you wanna hear it or not

  24. Wanna hear what?? that the south siders are the deepest? no need for this fraud in Oklahoma to vouch for the obvious.

  25. LilTrey Ball gave the pass of a life time to Cuz.

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