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skipping school

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  1. Showed this to a girl friend: jaw drops a little "oh" in a moaning tone

  2. At 28 seconds her foot is on top of his fingers

  3. I don't see her foot till 35 seconds and she pushes his hand back with her foot as he's pulling it away.

  4. I dunno what to tell you. Everyone else can see it. I personally am not going to take the word of the dude defending racism regardless

  5. You seem to be watching this on mobile and the seconds are counting down towards the end of the video. If you watch it on a desktop, it counts up from the beginning. I think we were talking about the same spot. I still maintain she didn’t actually step on his hand. I have never wavered in my assessment that she is extremely obnoxious.

  6. A bigot calling me an idiot is like Hitler calling Stalin a tyrant.

  7. Um I think you might want to think about that once more through. 😳

  8. In the movie the monolith seems to give the primitive hominids the idea to use weapons so they bludgeon the rival tribe with bone clubs.

  9. My Heeler sustained an injury to his leg that was basically a hole the size of a quarter all the way to the bone. I was prepared to get bit during dressing changes. Nothing but kisses from my boy. The vet had to sedate him to examine his leg every time we went for follow up because he wouldn’t stop giving them kisses long enough for them to address his wound. He was on pain meds and in a splint with medical dressing for about three weeks and in that time I never heard so much as a growl out of him. He did, however, learn to use his splinted leg as a bludgeon to whack people when he wanted their attention.

  10. >>He did, however, learn to use his splinted leg as a bludgeon

  11. What problem are we trying to solve here? Genuine question.

  12. It’s not just waterways and oceans, micro plastics end up in our gut and fat tissue as well.

  13. si, im a lexus/toyota guy.. thats a trans, im dumb

  14. Honda guy here. You're not dumb but...All due respect to the brands but the front end of your car is most likely dumb. Just can't get over that style. :-]

  15. 98 sc300, front end is sex, fight me

  16. I was drawing my comment. Your car is sexy. I assumed you had something much more recent

  17. Peru's president tried to disassemble the country's congress in a coup attempt l, but he was ousted today and the coup was stopped. He was trying to escape to Mexico.

  18. If he was already President, it's not really a coup, is it?

  19. A sitting president trying to overthrow the other branches of government isn’t a coup?

  20. He mentioned in another comment he used a cnc with a surfacing bit.

  21. A big bandsaw could slice it in two and have two usable pieces.

  22. That hadn’t occurred to me but the 2 slabs would be <2” after surfacing and sanding.

  23. Gotta really strap it down though. I tried cutting rounds off a stubby log on a horizontal band mill and it flipped over and bent some stuff.

  24. I'm going to have to pull rank on you. There are no labels on these tacos.

  25. That's proof enough for most local news stations. When they quote "unnamed sources. They really mean construction paler taped to a window.

  26. No, they don't. What planet have you been watching news on?

  27. If I had to take a guess based only on that acorn, l’d say you were in California and that’s from a coast live oak, Quercus agrifolia.

  28. Was going to ask OP what CONTINENT they were on. For some reason people don't seem to think this is important.

  29. We are appealing for witnesses and information following a report of an incident in the B&Q car park in Farnborough last night (Tuesday 6 December).

  30. Thanks for the background, makes a lot more sense.

  31. OIC. So it was like a comet. Just not in an elliptical orbit. I thought it had flown through in a fairly straight line. Thanks.

  32. Well... a straight line that gets extremely close to a star becomes a very not straight one. I don't really see the point of the distinctions you're making.

  33. That's exactly the point, I thought it did not get extremely close to the sun. If it had passed through the orbits of the outer planets, tangentially, it would not get extremely close to the sun. It would not have gotten cooked either. That's what I thought had happened to it. Just didn't remember the facts straight.

  34. I thought it was concentrated in one giant garbage patch in the middle of the ocean 🤷 shit needs to be recycled not put into a landfill doesn’t make any sense

  35. People don't buy enough recycled plastic products to use all the plastic that's discarded. If you want to help with this problem, 1) reduce your plastic consumption, 2) reuse, 3) recycle, and last but not least, 4) buy recycled products.

  36. Holup to the power of holup...exponentially more holup.

  37. Yes that's more similar to what I mean. Time is still passing, but the object remains in the same state regardless of that: so is that object experiencing time? Frozen in time?

  38. OK so what if time DID come to a standstill for a few particles in a flask? The effect would only be for those particles or their particle-neighborhood.

  39. Oh yeah, seems like every month they increase the bill by 50 cents or so. It adds up eventually. You can get a discount by calling and asking to cancel your service because your bill is too high. Just be polite and persistent when they push back.

  40. We were paying about $190-200/mo several years back for internet and cable TV. Signed up for a deal where it would go down to $180 for a year, then to $200, then $220 and the deal would end after that. I asked the guy "So what do we do then?" This was sold as a 'loyal customer' deal since we had been there a long time. Anyway the third year went by and it immediately went to $260, then $280 and now it's about $310. Farkin ridiculous. Last time the wife called to get a broken set top box replaced, several weeks ago, she asked about doing something about the bill and they were like "Sorry nothing we can do." I guess we really have to threaten to quit. Or actually quit.

  41. I logged into my Mediacom account. It indicates any known service disruptions and has an outage map.

  42. So easy to soon as your internet is working...

  43. I don’t understand, what do you mean you took it seriously? I understand why you might not find it funny, but you couldn’t possibly think that wandering onto an explosive testing site is a possible risk factor for skipping school.

  44. Of course not. I just didn't find it hilarious. Quite the contrary.

  45. Also hilarious. It’s obviously meant as a joke that skipping school is a bad thing. It reminds me of Reefer Madness levels of absurdity except it’s not meant to be taken seriously here.

  46. I took it very seriously. There was way too much blood and guts for it to be funny. JMO

  47. "Are there no prisons? Are there no poorhouses?...If they would rather die then let them do it, and decrease the surplus population." - Scrooge

  48. Not sure, but it looks vaguely like the early LCD models. Since it says "insurance calculator" it could be a Business Analyst-II?

  49. Front sure looks similar but look at the thickness in the patent! I wonder if that's even part of the 'ornamental design'. What I find odd is that the Slimline came out in 1978 according to your link, but the patent was granted 6 years later and the documents supporting it were '81 and '84. Wouldn't the patent be able to show the slimmer design that actually went on the market?

  50. All depends on how the contractor is removing them.

  51. Consider filling the toilet tank with that water bucket. You have to have the lid off when you flush but if you pour water in as it starts to refill, it will hardly use any water out of the line before shutting off.

  52. That’s the sturgeon general

  53. It was used extensively in Australia and the main company was called Mr Fluffy.

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