Bikes left at Burning Man

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  1. Looks like Americans need to revisit the idea of building a northern wall before this gets too out of hand.

  2. Yeah, drag racing in insane. People make fun of it, but it’s awesome to watch.

  3. Who makes fun of it besides socially awkward Redditors who are just lonely and seeking attention because even their mothers don't love them anymore?

  4. Yeah, until it breaks. But they’re pretty good fixes without having to shut off potentially a bunch of peoples’ water. They are designed to be permanent.

  5. Are you sure the higher ups didn't just put out a boil advisory and call it a day?

  6. No but you idiots have been hostile to others for being truthful about China and Russia for the last decade. Now it's suddenly the next big thing and everyone is suddenly on board. What happened kids? It took Daddy Trudeau, a fucking politician, to convince you there's a problem? Finally in 2022?

  7. Seriously. This thread and others like it are just chockablock full of muskrats bending themselves into pretzels trying to defend their glorious leader. It's the best entertainment on the internet atm.

  8. You guys should probably hold your pogs since the turn around on this being a benefit is going to land around the time the grandchildren you never have will be raising raising their children. Until then, just get used to recession and shortages. You earned it.

  9. I see a whole lot of people pretending to care about one thing while they really care about something else, which is why nothing's going to change. But hey, at least you turds will make decent fertilizer when you reach the real destination of this ride.

  10. This is why I never became a mechanic.

  11. I thought about wading back in to specialize on a make, probably Miata, but then I met the owner of another shop who went that route and he was still kind of dead inside from a couple of decades worth of telling normies to use OEM parts for eight hours a day.

  12. You can't tell a Linux user what they can or can't do. They'll figure that shit out one way or another.

  13. I've encountered plenty of Linux users who would fall apart at the very moment that error in the post pops up. Also, the contents of this thread is ample evidence to that fact.

  14. To clarify, not mad at her or anyone for that matter. It's a fair play. My brilliant plan to ride my bike 6 miles to Costco and grab my weekend's worth of protein just didn't pan out. They said an hour before the next batch (cue arrested development sad walk meme)

  15. Why would a starving college student not buy a cheap bike from Walmart?

  16. I clicked his post history hoping for a dose of poverty porn, but the motherfucker drives a nice FJ cruiser, has a 3d printing setup, an expensive fly fishing rig, and a 2004 Cummins diesel truck. That's just the first 2 pages. I'm guessing OP made the totally understandable mistake of mixing up 'privileged' with 'starving'.

  17. Man this post has some of the fastest updooties I've ever seen outside the antiwork subreddit. That's so odd for this time of day since the 'murcans are sleeping.

  18. Yes! I think she looks at least a few million years behind current human development.

  19. Man, OP. You really nailed that comeback. I don't think I've ever seen a finer example of the male Redditor on display. Fucking numbered list and everything.

  20. Man, OP sucks for cutting the last 5 seconds off that video for no other reason than to make it look worse than it was.

  21. After seeing this I went to go look up what Burning Man was. Found this description:

  22. This is in Michigan right? I recognize a couple things here. Sending to my bud to verify, but OP might just have some explaining to do.

  23. Depends how much it costs. A year for super cheap ain't bad, a year for something I spent a lot on is bad. I'd rather be told "it's junk but it'll get you X years/months" and it's accurate, then be lied to and told it'll last me forever and find out it's anywhere between the first use and 10 years.

  24. That works out if you don't care about e-waste from your soap dispenser requiring batteries and being replaced on a regular basis. Meanwhile, I don't have a soap dispenser in this house that isn't 40+ years old.

  25. Not only did they achieve stability for 30 seconds, they achieved stability. They seemed to be able to keep it going longer except for hardware limitations (the containment vessel needs upgrades.)

  26. I feel like China is going to beat us all with something shrouded in some mystery and a whole lot of quality concerns.

  27. If I gotta hear one more story of a celebrity complaining they only made 25 million dollars I’m gonna lose my marbles. I think the actors deserve to be paid a lot because they bring a lot of the profits just by being themselves but I think if you make that much money for just a few months of your time and talent, and you’re still complaining you need to shut your face and realize how lucky you are.

  28. It works for those Jezebel-like outlets that will make any challenge into a gender or race issue, even when it's the 1% whining about how they aren't the 0.9%.

  29. A lot of the newer cars make it hard for simple repairs.

  30. There are also a number of new cars that are fairly easy to work on. Like a Mazda Miata, or a Corolla with the base 4-cyl or hybrid configurations. That shit is easy peasy to work on.

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