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  1. I gave you an upvote for trying. But man, your guess was pretty wild 😂

  2. If u want loud and sounds good get resonated test pipes if u get plain test pipes will sound like raspy as shit, my full exhaust on my g37 is isr gt single exit 4.5 inch, isr y pipe, fast inventions resonated test pipes for exhaust

  3. Sheeshh... After that tune it's going to be responsive as fuck. That supercharger sounds hella expensive 👍

  4. except yours doesn’t have dead power steering

  5. You got warranty on it?. Mine is at 65k miles and I have to take it to the dealer because it's leaking from the rear main seal 😳🙄. I don't even know if the warranty is gonna want to cover it.

  6. I did yep. A little customization that lays over sneakers nice. I only did that to a couple of my ripped jeans cuz works with that look. No rips in jeans, I don’t do it.

  7. Shit man, this fit looks better than yesterday's. I'll give you a 10 for creativity on the jeans. I'm definitely grabbing a pair of scissors on Friday ✂️👖

  8. You people are seriously deluding yourselves. The lakers gave up 77 points in the first half and were down 23 points at half time. They didn't lose this because of Russ alone. The whole team played crap defense. If you suggest any other reason, you are dumb.

  9. Them clippers dumped all kinds of 3's.. fuckers where on fire, made me jealous and wishes we had players that shot like that.

  10. Here in Los Angeles, they charge tax and license fee on top of that price.

  11. I didn't drain shit, replaced the heater hose connector for like 10 bucks. Unless you get a better one from z1.

  12. Figured, it’s RWD and tires are about 3 years old. Do you think I’d be good just replacing the one tire with a similar tire type and tread pattern? Sorry first time I’ve had to deal with tire issues besides replacing the previous set.

  13. Nah, unless you drive a lot of miles and the threads are low.

  14. I have the same issue with the rain in L.A. right now. My carpet on the rear passenger side was wet, don't know how the fuck is getting wet only on that location.

  15. Well, OK. But that's not really the question I'm asking. Shooting anyone seems to have infinite downside and limited upside, in any scenario. I can't fathom what problem going out to shoot someone, or with someone who is going to shoot someone, is intended to solve.

  16. Maybe he's an egomaniac, I'm not sure but her mom said something along the lines of, she didn't want to talk to him.

  17. Comes with more crank HP, weights less... Is it stick shift?. Probably a faster animal with bolt ons and tune.

  18. Power is the same unless it's a Nismo. 330 for all VHR engines.

  19. Fuck. No these are actually just my pubes I glued on to get a feel for what it would look like. But alas, it’s not in the cards. 😂

  20. Not all opioids are derived from the poppy plant. Some like methadone and fentanyl are fully synthetic. Technically “opiate” is the term to describe opioids that derive from the poppy plant alkaloids. OxyContin is a formulation of oxycodone, which is a semi-synthetic opiate derived from thebaine, a poppy alkaloid.

  21. Guess the pants aren't too "baggy" for him. Looks aight to me, let mf rock what they want.

  22. Fr them kids on here always tryna be funny yet ik they aint gettin no bitches 🤣

  23. Just trying to make everyone feel as shitty as they do 😂.

  24. Please, and im trying to be as respectful as possible, go back to the mavs sub or whatever the fuck team you support

  25. 😂😂 insensitivecocksucka, more sensitivecocksucka right now bro. I've tried doing the same shit, but I always keep up with my fucking Lakers. Did that dinwiddie guy actually dunk the fuck out the ball twice, wtf man. Just throw boogies fat ass on him, fuck it. Frustrating fucking season's.

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