1. I keep the dust cover down when playing records. It keeps the dust and the cats off the records while they play.

  2. Upgraded to a white Rt83 recently from an old LP60 as well, big difference. Great album too, enjoy!

  3. Thanks. I actually received a message from the Fluance customer service, after I posted this question, and my remote uses a CR2032.

  4. Yup, I probably got an older batch. The manual mentions 2 AAA. Go figure…

  5. The Cinematic Orchestra, Ma Fleur (UK pressing): 3 additional titles that are not on CD or Spotify.

  6. My dream collection! I have to kneel before this :)

  7. David Bowie’s Outside cover was his own self-portrait

  8. Duuude Tunnel of Love on that one is so good. Definitely an album I'm buying when i run into it. Obviously it's the best version of sultans of swing as well but that doesn't need mentioning

  9. Yea, used to listen to the cassette in repeat when I was a teen. Always had a look at my local record stores but never found it… until today! Mint condition too :)

  10. Was looking for those two for a while: Alchemy for the nostalgia (used to own it on cassette, one of the best live experience imho) and the UK import of Ma Fleur (for some obscure reason, the US version has one track missing and the rest in a total different order). Anyway, so glad I found them that I’m sharing with you :)

  11. I use Discogs, it also gives me the value of my collection (not useful but nice to know).

  12. You could signup to Discogs, they have a built in map to locate nearby record stores.

  13. Thanks! Yes I checked that out but there are so many in both places. Was wondering if there were any that were particularly worth visiting.

  14. I have an audiotechnica turntable and I’ve only played 33s on it. I got a 45 but the only problem is that I’m scared to drop the needle myself, since the 33 length is automated. Any tips for dropping the needle?

  15. Try the 45rpm speed on a 33 record to see where your turn arm goes.

  16. Thx! I’m in Toronto. I looked on Discogs and found some for $20-ish, shipping included. I might give it a try :)

  17. Yes, they sell for 10-15$ here, so it figures. A lot of them were played on plastic kid turntables so the discs have a lot of static

  18. Looking at my own old records I have (when I was a kid), they are in pretty bad shape indeed. But it still may be fun to give it a try for 20 bucks.

  19. Congrats on the new Fluance, I have the RT82.. Only suggestion I have is get a stylus force gauge, that way you know exactly what you have instead of balancing the arm and then setting tracking force..You are prob pretty close but worth the check...cheers..

  20. Didn’t know about this kind of device. Thanks for your input!

  21. Yes, on turntables with limited adjustments, it wouldn’t be unusual for the stylus to settle into a position that’s not perfectly straight. I mean, it won’t look completely bent to the side like a broken stylus… I’m taking a very minor tilt.

  22. Had one for years, pretty basic but it served me well. Never had an issue with it.

  23. Yes, you will need a preamp for your RT83 and Ai41.

  24. I'd say get whatever you feel happier with; they're both very similar but the RT82 is definitely the better turntable in my mind.

  25. Thank you for your input. There wouldn’t be this 30% off discount on the Orbit Plus, I would probably pass. Hard to decide.

  26. Canadians will likely have better customer service experiences dealing with Fluance and Americans will likely have a better experience with Orbit simply based on where they're geographically located.

  27. Thanks for your help, I’m in Canada, indeed.

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