1. Indian here. I know that Pakistan is going through a difficult time economically and looking for funds from other countries, which I suppose is understandable. What I don't get is why is your PM acting like this in public? He is not the first person to ask for help in the world, I don't think he needs to completely grovel and act ashamed like this so many times. And I don't imagine this is winning him any favours with the Pakistani people either. Can someone explain?

  2. This isnt top notch English. This is basic school level English. Knowing Hindi and English (isnt before edit) AIN’T mutually exclusive of one another.

  3. *Knowing English and Hindi AREN'T mutually exclusive

  4. Love is what gives you the courage and meaning needed to bear the tragedy and malevolence in life.

  5. Unless the woman in question brings a scrutinized document signed in the presence of her attorney stating she has interest in you, never for a second believe she has feelings for you.

  6. You could have skipped the /j and this would still be solid haha.

  7. If I were your partner and I had your consent, I would show you lots of love right now. You have such a kind smile.. but I still sense the pain behind it. Whatever it is you're going through, there is a person (28F) here in the US 🇺🇸 who is rooting for you!

  8. Wow! You are a really nice person. Thank you so much for having a kind heart.

  9. A very small minority of people in India. Like TINY. Most almost everyone) Indian people wouldn't even know what it is.

  10. Tum logo ko wo bhi milega tab bhi tum log kaat ke chale jaoge chutiyo

  11. That most men want to share healthy and happy lives with the women around us.

  12. Sorry, not following. Excuse me if this came off as a rant, it isn't.

  13. If this is not a rant then this is an absolutely stupid take.

  14. Saag literally tastes so bitter man. Ugh

  15. People will not get us, man. I have told the same thing to many people, and they fight with me, lol.

  16. Exactly dude. Idiots don't know know to cook and then go around branding stuff 'bitter' or 'oily' or 'sugary'. Like bitch your COOKING is oily, not your veggies or wheat.

  17. Why the fuck is a researcher soliciting data from reddit?

  18. To be honest, I'm new to this kind of work. I was having difficulty in finding about this stuff on the internet. Maybe you could help me with a better place to look for it?

  19. Haha you would be if I were getting paid for this. But bad luck for us.

  20. I hate women because I am not able to join the weekly review at the end of the day after tomorrow morning sir please find the attached file

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